Mar 22, 2006

Episode 1 - "Rising Empire"

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I.S.S. Enterprise, Bridge

At an area of space known as Janus Ultima, outside Tholian territory, the Excelsior hailed the Enterprise.

- “Commander Chekov, you have our thanks,” a strong and appreciative Sulu opened.

Glaring at the view-screen, Chekov nodded, “I am a practical man, Captain.” It was a long and arduous journey fighting the Excelsior, only to realize his true enemy was the Terran Empire, “At least if I can get my Captain Sulu back, I will have an ally when the Empire comes after me.”

- “Don’t forget the Klingons and Romulans that just saved us, Commander. Perhaps you and your Captain Sulu should seek them out? With their help-- who knows? --Maybe the Empire could be yours...”

Chekov thought about it for a second, “At the price of an alliance with Klingons and Romulans?”

- “You may just find, Commander Chekov, that an alliance against evil will be more rewarding than your previous enterprise’s have ever been. I should think such an opportunity might have appeal for a... practical man.”

The Commander was finally intrigued by this logic, “Interesting idea, Captain Sulu. I shall consider it.”

The view-screen clicked off and both ships approached the Janus Vortex. After an accident a few weeks ago, an Excelsior from another Universe had switched places with the Excelsior from this Universe. Now it was time for this strangely ‘good’ Captain Sulu to return to his respective Universe.

The Excelsior and Enterprise approached the Vortex, whereas the Enterprise stopped. The Excelsior continued on into the large white tunnel, to complete its destiny. As Chekov watched, he began to grin excitedly, knowing the Terran Empire was in for a destiny of its own...

Pelios Station
90 Years Later

Aeon Ryku, a young Terran in his mid-twenties, followed FayeAcca, an Orion Female of the same age, into the darkened corridors of Pelios Station’s 4th Level Docking Ring. They were kissing, and making out... finally having found a secluded area of the station. As Aeon held her waist and pushed his body against hers, he led her immediately against the wall. It only aroused Faye even more, and she laughed at the fact they were just doing this out of nowhere.

“You know, you’re my first Terran I didn’t attract with my endorphins,” she said. But Aeon wasn’t interested in conversation. He just continued kissing her. “Are you a Captain?” she asked, in mid-session.

Aeon continued, “Huh?”

“A Captain,” she said before they kissed again.

“--Oh, no, I’m just an Ensign.”

Faye started talking as he went for her neck, “But I saw you talking to that bartender at the Entertainment Complex. He got really mad when he thought you were part of the Terran Rebels,” she inched a smile in amusement.

Aeon almost laughed - when possible commotion began to echo in the background. “Do you have a room?”

“A room?” she had to snap out of it for a second, “In the 8th Level Civilian Temp Quarters,” she said, getting back to business. “Passed the Mess Hall area--”

But as Aeon was kissing, he noticed the Airlock they were next to had a window on it. The window presented a view of space, and then suddenly a view of a Lokirrim starship in the distance. The nicely ochre coloured starship was docking a few Airlocks and a Deck down, according to what he could see.

Faye began kissing his lips, the both of them heating up fast, “I’ll give you the access code,” she insisted, hoping he would come to her Quarters now.

But the commotion in the background was from the footsteps of a group in search of Aeon. They were a group from the Entertainment Complex, being led by the heavy-weight Ktarian bartender. Aeon Ryku and Faye turned their heads to the direction the commotion was coming from. The group wasted no time being silent; they were loud and angry.

- “This way!” One of them said in the distance.

Aeon turned back to Faye, “Damn! ...Well, gotta go,” he said.

He turned and ran off down the corridor of Airlocks. “Wait! You never told me if you were a Captain!?” Faye called out as the group ran right past her.

Airlock 7

When Aeon reached the seventh Airlock down, he encountered a Vissian male - another worker from the Entertainment Complex - but didn’t stop running. Instead, Aeon just lept into the air and stepped off the Vissian’s chest with one foot, and then stepped off the Vissian’s forehead with the other.

The lift allowed Aeon to position himself up to the ceiling - he held himself up there between two architectural frames, expertly, while the impact to the Vissian was hard enough to have knocked the guy to the floor panels.

The group caught up to the Airlock and found their bewildered worker on the ground. “He must’ve gone this way!” One of them pointed down the corridor, and led the group onwards.

Aeon dropped to the floor and took the nearest Engineer’s ladder to the next Deck.

Airlock 16

As Aeon was arriving at Airlock 16, three Lokirrim aliens walked out in mid-conversation with each other. Before they could see the Terran, Aeon quickly hid behind the architectural frame of the Airlock.

The three Lokirrim were followed by two security escort guards, as they all continued on into the corridors of Pelios Station.

Before the doors to the Airlock closed, Aeon managed to sneak through and enter the starship. At the Airlock area of the ship, inside, a single crewmember was working at a console preoccupied with his calculations. When the door closed he quickly looked over his console, thinking he saw something.

Lokirrim starship, Chimera
Sub-Level Tubes

But Aeon had ducked under the visible range of the Airlock operator and snuck into the Sub-level of the ship... a sort of ‘Jefferies Tubes’ of Lokirrim vessels. These passage-ways, in fact, were full of open circuitry and conduits for easy access. The levels themselves had vertical pathways as well as horizontal pathways, intersecting.

Seemingly prepared in knowledge of the design of this vessel, Aeon came to his destination - a control panel, along a vertical path. He held himself in place and began tapping at the circular console, implementing codes and using information he was also prepared with.


A junior Officer, Feyon, was going through station protocols on a console when the lights throughout the entire ship began to blink defectively. Ranek, the Captain, ran over immediately in shock.

“Sir! ...It looks like the ship’s systems are losing power!” Feyon reported.

“Redirect to auxiliary power!” Ranek ordered.

“Unable to comply... The redirection program is offline,” Feyon responded as he worked the controls and received more information in a loss of hope - “We’ve lost the ship!”


Aeon broke out a hatch and found himself visible and on the corridors of the vessel. Nearby Engineers hard at work suddenly turned and saw Aeon.

“Intruder!” One of them shouted. A nearby Security Guard pulled out a disrupter and opened fire.

Aeon Ryku eyed the direction of the beam and dodged back. The beam passed over, prompting Aeon to run and jump at the attacker. The Security Guard outstretched his arm to fire again, but an incoming kick knocked him to the ground, hard. Aeon landed and was met by a side punch to his waist.

As the fist came in, Aeon locked his arm around it and then twisted that Engineer around. With increased speed, that Engineer was thrown off his feet and into a third approaching Engineer; to which they both fell in a clutter.

“Who the hell is this guy??” More Security Officers ran into the scene, aiming disrupter weapons.

A shorter Guard pointed, “He’s a Terran! An enemy to the Alliance!”

Vapourize him!” another Guard shouted.

But Aeon dodged to the side as a beam flew over him and hit another Guard across the way. Aeon jumped low in a twisting spiral, toward one group of Guards, eliminating their distance-advantage.

In close range to a few other Guards, Aeon grabbed the arm of one of the Guard’s extended weapon, and pulled him in. The Terran punched him in the chest and face multiple times with great speed, and then kicked him into the Guard next to him.

As more incoming Guards were realizing what he was doing, Aeon spun a Security Guard around and used him for cover. Disrupter blasts hit the body, to which Aeon flung into the group. Those that weren’t knocked down, blasted more disrupter beams that Aeon ran from, toward the wall. Running up the wall, Aeon flipped over and back toward the group, landing between the enemy.

Before they realized what was going on, the Terran began elbowing and jabbing all those in close range to him. He multi-jabbed one Guard, and fisted an upper-cut to one from behind. Three Guards hit the ground, and Aeon was left to force-kick the remaining Guard in the leg.

“Ugh!!” That guard fell to one knee in pain, realizing most of his team were knocked out. “You damned Terrans! No one will ever follow your kind again!”

Aeon flung a few more quick jabs into the Guard’s chest and shoulders, cutting off the blood flow, “Speak for yourself, Alien. Your kind had its rein in power for decades, and you wasted it! Now the Terran’s are taking back what is rightfully theirs.”

The Guard lost consciousness and before falling back, Aeon kicked him away.

“Our Empire,” he finished.


Captain Ranek was on the Bridge, tapping at the communications console repeatedly in response, “Computer erect a level 10 forcefield around the---“ but he was already too late. Aeon had made it to the Bridge and was knocking out Bridge Officer after Bridge Officer.

One Officer flew a kick for him, to which Aeon redirected with his forearm. The Officer landed and outstretched his arm into Aeon’s side. The Terran took the hit, but launched a kick into his opponent, and with the same leg, force-kicked the Officer in the waist.

The Officer took the hit in pain, but launched a jump-knee attack toward Aeon’s face. Aeon leaned back and grabbed his enemy in mid-air - he flung the Officer around for momentum and let go at Ranek’s position.

The two Lokirrim slammed into separate consoles in pain.

“Go... go ahead...” Ranek said, looking up at an approaching Aeon. “Go ahead and kill me. But it won’t end our conflict. The variance between our two people will continue to live, because it breathes violence... It depends on bloodshed.”

Aeon couldn’t care less what he was talking about, and continued to unlock the Tactical control panel as he intended. With that, he began a transporter operation to beam all the crew off the ship.

Ranek disappeared, and Aeon Ryku was met with a comm-call from Engineering.

- “ZKel to the Bridge,” a voice said. “We’ve opened the other Bridge controls in main Engineering. Sensors indicate everyone has been beamed out.”

Aeon nodded, “Release the docking clamps, and set a course.”

- “Yes, sir.”

The comm cut out, and Aeon went over to the Helm. He began unlocking the controls. Out in space, the Lokirrim starship broke free of Pelios Station and began rotating around. Aeon took control and activated the thrusters - as soon as he brought the ship far enough away, he jumped it to Warp.

Terok Nor
Central Core Area

Admiral Steven Chain watched as Admiral Brooks was pacing back and forth. The two were also accompanied by Admiral Dougherty, Cabinet Minister Nechayev, and Miles ‘Smiley’ O’Brien.

“What the hell are we supposed to do? What are we supposed to do??” Brooks grumbled.

“Would you please calm down already?” Dougherty said. “You’ve been pacing for almost half an hour already.”

“Well I don’t know about you, but this so-called Ion Storm is freaking me out. All our scans from the past month show increased vertionic energy. Three Alliance cruisers have been somehow infused with superior torpedo power, and its taken most of our Fleet to destroy them!”

“We did have Regency One to assist us in those battles,” Chain added in subtly, but was met with angered eyes. They liked him better when he didn’t intercede. “I’m just saying... A Lissepian tradeship was given the same powers last week and led a futile attack toward the Alliance itself,” he shrugged. “It can’t all be against us.”

“Wait, are you kidding me?? The new Empire is marked by these events! We could be the first to go!” Brooks reinstated. "Keep your observations to yourself!"

“Heh,” Smiley almost chuckled, with his arms crossed, “I’m certainly glad we’ve elected the level headed people we need for this new Cabinet.” He shook his head, in amusement, somehow feeling that things will be alright and then walked off.

“If he’d run for Emperor, we’d all have the calmness he has,” Dougherty insisted.

“He’s made himself very clear on his position,” Brooks said. “For now we’ve got bigger issues... like the Emperor Signing at the newly conquered Bajor.”

But before they could continue, one of the Lieutenants at the side console reported an incoming alien vessel.

Lieutenant Hawk scanned the ship closely, “Sir, I’m reading an alien starship! It's on a direct course for Terok Nor!”

“Arm the torpedoes, open f--“ but once again, before Brooks could finish, he was interrupted.

“--No sir; there appears to be two Terran life-signs aboard it alone, one of them is claiming to be Aeon Ryku.”

“Ggghhh...” Brooks gritted his teeth in anger, “Let him dock.”

After a moment of tapping, the ship was allowed to dock at the space station. Aeon made his way through the docking ports into Terok Nor, where he would take a lift to the Central Core.

As he was entering the Core of operations, the Admirals made effort not to lash out at him in anger.

“Commander,” Dougherty greeted. “You leave us without warning or any notice at all, and come back like this?”

“I actually did give you guys a memo. I told you I was going to Pelios Station to find a starship,” Aeon refuted.

“This is unacceptable, Commander Ryku---“ Brooks began.

“Upt-- I prefer Aeon,” he held up his hands in defense.

“--Commander Aeon...” Brooks finished with the utmost annoyed tolerance. “You’ve proven to be the most troubled Rebel Officer in the entire Terran Fleet. With the stunt you have just pulled, you’re going to be stripped of your rank and duties almost immediately!!”

“Let me remind you, that mutiny on the Phoenix was not my doing. I just went along with it, so I wouldn’t get killed. I did get you that ship back, didn’t I?”

“In a state unsalvageable, and with its entire crew dead... including some of the best Rebel soldier’s I’ve known in my whole life!!” Brooks growled.

“Mine aswell,” Dougherty added.

“The Phoenix was our most advanced ship next to the Defiant... Now we’ve been put back into production of another version of it. Alien vessels, and lower class Terran ships are all that our Fleet consist of at the moment,” Chain stated in a fact-mode.

“Which brings me to my latest endeavor... my ship,” Aeon gestured at the view-screen which showed a view of the starship. “I prepared myself a month ahead of time to steal this vessel... and I did with just two men. You know I’m one of the best there are out there, and no one-- I mean, no one could have done what I did. I’m good, Admiral; and I’m requesting my own command and a boost of rank to Captain.”

“Oh, you’re good...” Brooks mimicked, “But you’re also the youngest most immature Officer in the entire Terran civilization! None of us trust you, and there’s no way any of us would vote to give you command. Heh, it’s almost laughable!”

“You need me,” Aeon said. “With the Terran Fleet falling to the hands of... whatever the hell that Ion storm thing is out there, the coordinated efforts to fight off those empowered ships won’t last long. Not to mention the reinstating of the Empire will need their best Officer’s at command of their own ships!”

Brooks raised a finger and was about to continue disputing Aeon, for mostly channeling his rage, but was held back by Dougherty. “--Wait,” Dougherty said. “He’s right.”

Nechayev glanced over, having been watching along side Chain.

“Although Aeon’s disruptive record with the Fleet, he would still make a good addition to the ranks,” Dougherty completed. “He’s not exactly conventional, but when have we ever resorted to mere conventional ways, especially during the Rebellion?”

“Don’t do this, Dougherty,” Brooks turned. “This is not your concern...”

“Nechayev, I would appreciate any advice from the new Cabinet,” Dougherty turned himself toward her.

After a moment to consider, she spoke, “From what I hear, Commander Aeon has broken far too many rules. But he may be just need getting used to the reinstating of the new Starfleet. The truth of the matter is, the new Starfleet hasn’t completely been reinstated yet. So half of Aeon’s record is negotiable.”

“You have got to be kidding me!” Brooks said.

“Good effort, Brooks,” Aeon patted him on the back with a smile. “I at least commend you on that.”

Brooks knocked the arm off him, “Mark my words, Aeon. I’m watching you... You're not going to get away with anything from now on.”

“In fact, we’ll all be watching,” Nechayev restated in a tone more to subdue Brooks than anything. “Let’s not forget what really deserves our protection against,” she said in reference to the Ion storm that was sitting between Terran space and Alliance space.

After that Nechayev walked away to get back to other business, as did a grumbling Brooks, and a subdued Chain. Dougherty walked over to Aeon and looked at him.

“Prepare your ship... err,” he began.

“It’s a Lokirrim vessel,” Aeon said.

“The Lokirrim... were they involved in any conflicts aswell? I can’t seem to recall.”

“Actually, they’ve been pretty neutral. They come from so far away, that they have no relevant political stance in anything. The most use they’ve been to anyone is targets for pirates and looters.”

Dougherty nodded, with not much knowledge on the race as with most Terran officers. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve got your ship, and I’m giving you a few days for your crew to be assigned to it. How they’ll be able to operate such a vessel, I don’t know.”

Aeon crossed his arms in confidence, “The technology is quite similar to our own.”

Dougherty raised his hands in defeat, “Very well. The Crew Assigner will assist you, and as soon as any missions come up, I will get in contact with you. You can guarantee they will have something to do with this... Ion Storm entity.”

“But isn’t that Brooks’ job---“

“Trust me. You don’t want Brooks to be your mission scouter,” Dougherty said before turning and walking away.

Aeon was left alone for a moment, to think about what just happened. He opened his arms to himself in apparentness and satisfaction, “I’m a Captain,” he said with finally being able to know that it was true.

The officer at the console above him, just glanced over in awkward silence.

“Lieutenant,” Aeon addressed him. “Contact the I.S.S. Descent-- that’s the ship that just docked, and tell ZKel to begin preparing it for crew.”

“Aye...” the Lieutenant paused, “Captain?”

Aeon nodded in acknowledgment and then left the Central Core area. ‘Captain’ was right, and the new Terran vessel was soon to be launched. He had chosen, and stolen the starship himself - with great skill, he might add. All it needed now was a crew.

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The Badlands - I.S.S. Haufniensis


Henry Silentio, pilot extraordinaire, was a having a problem with his controls. Three Klingon Vorcha Class cruisers were on his tail and his helm controls were cutting out on him. Henry quickly opened a computer casing to find out what the problem was. A burnt isolinear chip.

"Moller, I need a replacement isolinear chip NOW!"

After the Terran Empire captured Terok Nor and moved their flag there, the Badlands base was used as listening post to monitor Alliance activity around Terok Nor. However, the listening post went silent a week ago. Henry was ordered, (actually paid), by the Terran brass to investigate the base's silence in the Badlands. George Moller, a Terran ensign, was ordered to help Silentio.

The ship he was given was a Maquis raider, the I.S.S. Haufniensis. Miles "Smiley" O'Brien told Henry, it was a ship design they took from another universe. Henry couldn't care less where it was from as long as it handled well. As they were approaching the base, three Klingon vessels ambushed them.

"Moller, where's my helm?? I'm flying half-assed here!"

Moller quickly replaced the damaged chip and Henry got full helm control back.

"Great, hold on!!"

Henry engaged at full impulse and criss-crossed around the plasma storms. One of the Klingon vessels wasn't quite quick enough in avoiding the storms and exploded in a blaze of glory.

"Yeahh, take that sons of bitches!" exclaimed Moller

"We're not out of this yet" yelled Silentio

Just then, Henry detected an asteroid. He decided to use a risky tactic that his mentor Tom Paris once taught him. He headed straight towards the asteroid.

"Moller, power to the torpedoes!"

"Lock and Load!"

Henry fired. The four torpedoes exploded the asteroid and the Haufniensis flew through the debris. The front Klingon vessel wasn't quick enough to move out of the way of the debris. The debris impacted the Klingon vessel and disabled some of its systems.

Upon leaving the badlands, Henry set a course to Terok Nor. The lone Klingon vessel engaged in pursuit.

En route to Terok Nor

"Don't those Klingons know when to give up?" exclaimed Henry

The Haufniensis and the Klingon Vor'cha cruiser were heading at warp toward Terok Nor. The Klingon vessel could not catch up with the Haufniensis before it reached Terok Nor. Henry wondered what the hell they were doing. Just then, Moller pulled a disruptor and aimed it at Henry.

"What the f-"

"Shut up."

Moller reached for the comm and opened a channel to the Klingon vessel

"I have Silentio. I demand double the payment or he dies."

"Fine. Drop out of warp." growled a Klingon.

"You sonuva-"

"Oh please, you'd do the same to me if you were offered the chance. Now drop out of warp."

Henry didn't plan to go without a fight. Swiftly, he disabled the ship's structural integrity field which jolted the ship. Sparks were flying, the ship rocked, and Moller lost his balance. Henry punched Moller, grabbed his weapon and killed him.

Henry scrambled to regain SIF, the ship was starting to fall apart due to the warp stress on the hull without SIF. Luckly, he was able to regain SIF and the warp field stabilized.


The Klingon vessel had gained some ground and could overtake the ship. Henry calculated that the Klingons could intercept him four minutes before he could reach Terok Nor.

"This should be interesting"

Terok Nor

"Sirs, we're detecting vessels incoming. It's the Haufniensis and a Klingon vessel."

"Battle stations" exclaimed Admiral Brooks


Aeon was on the I.S.S. Descent, looking over the weapons console, when Terok Nor hailed. Admiral Brooks spoke, condescendingly, to Aeon.

"Aeon, the Haufniensis is in trouble. Be a dear and handle it will you?"

Brooks closed the channel without giving Aeon a chance to respond.


Even though the Descent had a skeleton crew, Aeon felt confident they can take one Klingon vessel.

"Take us out and intercept the Klingon vessel"

I.S.S. Haufniensis

The Klingons were attacking the ship; Henry scrambled to evade and attack when he had the opportunity. Henry took the ship and phasered away on the vessel. It was so small and so close to the Klingon vessel, it was like a pesky fly attacking a person.

Henry fired some lucky shots at the Klingon's main power core and it exploded!

Just then, the Descent entered the area. The Klingon vessel retreated, limping away.

Aeon hailed

"Tough little ship"

"It's a fine ship. Oh, by the way, Moller's a traitor, so I killed him. Do what you will"

Terok Nor

After the debriefing, Henry Silentio relaxed in the local bar and drank some Saurian brandy. Aeon came by and sat down.

"I'm impressed. You handled yourself well."

"Yeah thanks."

"How would you like to be my helmsman. On the Descent?"

"What's in it for me?"

"Does everything have to be about gain?"

"I'm in it for myself. That's what Paris taught me"

"Look. We're going to investigate this Ion Storm thing that is threatening our empire. Some Alliance ships have been outfitted with advanced weaponry. I need someone good on the helm. If you don't want to come, fine. Then tell me where I can find another."

Ion Storm. He remembered Paris talking about something happening and he was going to go investigate. Henry wasn't paying full attention to what Paris said that day. "Damn" thought Henry; that day of all days.

Henry wondered if this was what Paris was talking about. He hasn't seen Paris for a while now...

"Fine. You have a helmsman."

"Thanks Silentio. Oh, we have room for the Haufniensis in our shuttlebay, if you'd like to take her along."

"Yeah, sure."

Aeon got up and left. Henry took a gulp of brandy. It was a great vintage.

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Planetiod somewere in the badlands

Tom was sitting in small room in a local bar near Kalhi Providince. Their were two other men there. One Terren the other vulcan.

"I'm willing to pay you 30,000 credits, to put your talents to use." The terren spoke

Tom replied back "Whats the job?"

"We need a alliance Commander eliminated"

"whats so special about this guy? that you want him gone?"

"There really ins't any concern that you know. All that matters is will you take this job and not f*ck it up like you did last time."

"That was not my fault. I had Alliance patrols on my ass, I had to dump the med supplies. I don't fancy sitting is a goddamn prison or worse exacuted."

"YOU were careless."

"YOU gave me bad intel you son of a bitch, so you either shut your mouth or I'll put a goddamn hole in your forehead." Tom Theatened

The vulcan who before this point remain silent "Gentelmen This will not get us any were. Will you take the job, Tom?"

"What the hell sure."

A year later, Shuttle Abyss

Tom sat in his small shuttle he was enroute to a station called Terok Nor. He heard word of a new ship needing a crew. He hadn't had a decent paying job in weeks. His shuttle was starting to fall apart, and his fuel was at 25%. No onerecently had a need for some of his talents. No assanitations, raiding or normal theiving. If he took this job he'd be siding with this rebellion. He really didn't pick sides in this battle, but if the alliance won his line of work would be almost gone.

He had the shuttle on Autopilot he was remodulating a old MACO assult rifle. It was old but it was effective, along the starboard wall was several different weapons hanging. A Cardassain Phaser rifle, romulan disruptor pistle, EM-33, Mek'leth, a old earth Automatic rifle called a M-249 (He liked this one were energy weapons don't work), and other misc weapons.

As the shuttle aproached the Station he noticed that the station had his weapons locked on him and ready to fire. Tom Opened a channel

"This is Shuttle Abyss, Permission to dock?"

The screen popped on

"Send over full Id papers"

Tom punched in the computer and transmitted his ID

several minutes later

"You've been cleared to dock port 7 outer docking ring."

Tom set the sutopilot to do a autodock with the station. He preached over and took the EM-33 off the wall and holistered it, along with a 7-inch knife, and a small projectile weapon called a P-22.

The shuttle docked with a thud. He opened his hatch to see a nice welcoming party of five security officer.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Your weapons please." One gaurd demanded.

"You can go to hell you son of a bitch, I'm here for work, about a postition on that new ship you have."

"You will give us your weapons you we will shot you down"

Another gaurd raised his eyebrow. "Your Tom Calaway arn't you?"

Tom responded 'How the hell did you know that?"

"You assinated that prison commander on Adarak Prime. because of that a revolt happened and i was one of the fell that esaped off alive."

Tom replied scarasticly. "No shit"

After this little conversation the lead guard finally allowed Tom to procede with his weapons.


Tom sat down in the bar, he ordered a Scotch and a Beer. It'd been a while since he had any most bars rarly have terren beverages.

A Large Nasacuan walked in the bar behind Tom

"Your in my chair Human!"

Tom turned around "Is that so, well looks like you'll have to find another seat."

The Nasacuan was ready to pick up Tom and throw him across the bar.

"Ok i'll get up."

The alien gave him a decent push off when tom was getting up.

Tom walked back a bit. and slipped a pair of brass nuckles on his right hand. He walked over and blasted the Alien in the back of the neck. He fell forward almost stuned.

"You are one dumb human" the alien screamed.
Before he could reach for his weapon Tom pulled his Em-33 and fired a bolt into his leg. The Nasacuan yelled in pain and fell.

Tom kicked the downed alien and yelled "If i ever come across you again I WILL finish the job you understand that" Tom gave him another kick in the gut and started to walk off. The Nasacuan started to reach again for his disruptor. Tom spun around and fired his weapon. The bolt struck the Nasacuan in the shoulder. Leaving a burning hole. The Nasacuan passed out. He wasn't dead.
Tom sat back in his chair and finished his beer. after he finished. he gave the bartender enough credits for his drinks, and for the mess he caused.

The whole time the bars patrents were staring at Tom.

Tom walked out to a turbolift. His destination his Guest Quaters on the Station.

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Captain Aeon Ryku - Terok Nor, Morn's Bar

Aeon got up from the chair and began to head out of the bar. He pulled out a padd and was tapping at it. I'm glad being straight out actually worked. It was a shot in the dark, but it worked, he thought to himself as he began inputting Henry Silentio's information on the padd.

"He appears to be a pretty good pilot too," Aeon said in reference to witnessing Silentio's tactics with the Klingon's.

But as he was speaking to himself, an angry human walked passed and took a seat at the Bar. The human, Tom Calaway, ordered a scotch and a beer.

The Captain was about to leave, thinking nothing of it, until one of the large Nausicaan's from the Nausicaan Trade Organization walked over in an angry tone. "You're in my chair Human!"

Aeon turned to see what was happening in the distance, finding that Tom was confronting the large alien. After a little banter, Tom was shoved as he was getting off his seat prompting him to punch the Nausicaan across the back of the head. Sufficed to say, it lead to a few energy shots by Tom's hand-held weapon... possibly an EM-33 by Aeon's observation.

The Captain shook his head on a side-note, "Security was supposed to de-arm anyone who boarded the station."

But before he could go to talk to the other human, he found that Tom had left already. Morn, the bartender was walking by with a tray in his hands, but was stopped by Aeon suddenly.

"Morn! Did you see where that guy went?"

The Lurian was about to say something, but Aeon decided to brush him off.

"Never mind. I see him over there," he pointed and then walked passed. Aeon could see Tom walking across the Promenade and entering a Turbolift.

Deck 8

Tom was about to enter his Quarters when he noticed Aeon was standing next to them, holding a padd.

"Are you Tom Calaway, of the Shuttle Aybss?" Aeon asked, reading the padd.

Tom stopped before his Guest Quarters and Aeon, "What is it to you?" He asked in an angry tone. It was apparent that he had had enough for today.

"I saw the way you handled yourself at Morn's Bar back there. Quite... oh, what's the word I'm looking for... aggressive?"

Tom went directly to the control panel and opened the door. He intended on just going on through, ignoring the Terran Rebel.

"You see, the thing is, I want you to be my Tacitcal Officer," Aeon said stopping Tom. "I'm short on crew, and I've got to use anyone I can get."

The human turned, "If you don't leave me alone, I'm going to--"

"--It's just that I had heard you were interested in joining my ship, you know, the Descent?"

Tom immediately knew who Aeon was suddenly, "You're in Command of the Descent?"

"Yep," Aeon replied. "So what do you say?"

Tom thought for a moment, "I'm interested."

"Great! I'll put you into the system," Aeon quickly went back to his padd, tapping in Tom's details. "I'm sure the financial situation can be worked out with Command. They do have that Payment Program thing. Just don't expect it to last, the way things are going at the moment."

He finished inputting the information on the padd and looked over.

"Excellent. You're in! Now if only I could get find a credible Engineer..." Aeon trailed off. "Oh you're excused," he said in practice of his Captain position.

Tom went back to his Quarters and Aeon continued down the corridors. The crew manifest was looking good.

Posted by: Queso Mar 26 2006, 10:04 PM

Secondary Bridge, ISS Razor
The Ensign stepped into the secondary bridge. At first glance there seemed to be no one around. Then he spotted a pair of long legs poking out from the Ops console.

He went over to the Lieutenant. He was for some odd reason nervous. The woman he was approaching was considered to be a bit eccentric. Most of the Engineers on the ship stayed away from her unless they absolutely had to.

"Excuse me, Lieutenant?"

For a moment there he didn't think she had heard him. Then with a graceful ease she pulled out of the console. She studied the Lieutenant for a moment then raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

"Umm, Captain T'kelv wishes to see you."

Dela K'Vari nodded then went back to fixing the console.

"Umm, ma'am he made it clear that he need to see you ASAP."

A dangerous gleam was in her eyes as she pulled back out of the console. "ASAP means as soon as possible. Not immediately contrary to long held belief, Ensign. They want this bridge to be operational as of yesterday. This is the last station to become operational. Tell the Captain, that I will come when I am done fixing it. " Her voice was a quiet, just above a whisper. It scared the Ensign more then if she had shouted at him

"Aye, ma'am." he scooted of the bridge and into the turbolift quickly. She was psychotic.

Dela shok her head and went back to fixing the Ops station.

She could care less about what people thought about her. She'd been transfered to nearly every ship in the fleet. She didn't care that people found that strange. She just hadnt' found the ship that she fit in with yet.

Putting the final connections in place, the young woman slid out from the console and tapped the readouts on it. There. Now she' go see the captain. she tossed her tools into the box and headed for the turbolift.

Captain's Ready Room, ISS Razor

Dela studied the Vulcan across from her as he talked. She was being transferred. Again.

"You'll be on the ISS Descent."

Dela blinked. "There is no such ship, sir."

"Is now. And you're going to be an engineer on it."

Dela gave a one shoulder shrug. Well, no duh, she was an engineer. WHat else was she going to be?

"Where do I meet it?"

"You'll take a shuttle to Terok Nor. Dismissed."

Lt. K'Vari nodded then left without another word.

Captain T'kelv shook his head. He pitied the crew that got her. He pulled up her record. She was one strange and dangerous Betazoid.

Two Weeks Later, Terok Nor
She walked one bag over her right shoulder. Black eyes studied the shifting scenery. The woman stopped to study the Descent. She was slightly impressed. Turning on her heel she went to find food.

Posted by: Saphirdrache Mar 28 2006, 11:57 PM

Shan Thoer Station, Jen-ro Jindi's Bar

The noise was deafening. The crowds scuffling and yelling around the various gaming tables was the stuff of both nightmares and dreams. The bar's reputation of being the best gaming house in Shan Thoer Station was never questioned in Linza's mind. Only the bit about it being perfectly safe to hide amongst a noisey crowd of rough housing, half drunken miners, seemed a tad dubious.

Linza forced herself to relax, burrowing into the sagging upholstery of the booth's seat. She looked up, watching the bustling gamblers from under the brim of her well worn miner's cap. The red ore stains dulled the grey of it's cloth like camouflage, and it stank of sweat and beer. It matched marvelously with the rest of her ensemble.

She sighed, despising how she'd had to liberate it from the sleeping miner who'd previously worn it. Although, he wouldn't be sleeping if he hadn't attempted to assault her when her back was turned. That was the good thing about being a little mindreader, not much comes as a great surprise. The idiot was out cold before he could blink. Linza smirked to herself as she sipped her borova, 'Well, that's what happens when someone jumps infront of a hypo of Morpazine.' With luck, she would be off this damned station and bound for her new freighter assignment before Mr. Charming awoke from his nap. Or before CMO Ogira's lackeys found his inert form stuffed inside a conduit wall in triage #2.

"Linza Medaltha?" came the shy voice into her mind. She could all but taste the contact's nervousness as he tenatively touched her consciousness. If he weren't careful, his body language alone would give them away.

"Of course I am Linza. Relax before you get us both arrested, we're on a tight schedule, and you're late Jalloc. Have you the item?"

Jalloc said nothing, but slid into the booth next to her in a manner that would have gotten him headbutted into unconsciousness in any other circumstances. She ran her hand over his thigh, making it look a little too authentic, but giving a perfect place to trade items unnoticed.

His hands shook, as did his body. Inwardly she growled 'rookie!', and didn't care too much if he heard her. His carelessness would be his own undoing before much longer, and the last place she wanted to be was hanging around when he tripped up.

"Make it look like you're enjoying yourself or I will permanently remedy your situation Jalloc. Your ineptitude will get us both killed!"

He gulped and closed upon her lips far too cautiously, still trembling she noted with ire. Linza grabbed his hair, yanking his head back and kissed him so forcefully that several appreciative whistles sung out from some of the bystanders.

"I said make it look like you're enjoying yourself. If you don't they will suspect something."

"Y..yes Lady Medaltha.."

Linza pinched him fiercly, her eyes smouldering pinpoints of anger, though she continued to kiss him just as fiercly, "You don't know me Jalloc, don't try to. That Medaltha is dead, she stays that way. Now go, the viral implant is embedded under your tongue. Get that to the medical facility in the Leitan colony quickly."

He shuddered and held her close, his mind a little more focused than before. She only hoped he would contain himself until the colonists could get the medicine she'd just poisoned him with. If he could get there in time, they would remove the implant and detox him before it's effects overtook him. If he couldn't, then he would only be the first to die from the virus' effects. The colony would be lost, and her line and house would be utterly dead.

He stood up from the booth, no longer shaking, but pulling her with him. She knew what he was doing, they had to leave together. Perhaps he would survive the assignment afterall.

As she slid past some of the gamblers, a stinging slap rocked her backside, the lewd intentions of the man's mind was terrifically clear. She simply punched his throat and continued on her way, the jeers and laughter of his mates fading behind them as they left the bar.

Soon Jalloc and Linza were outside, and sliding through a tight crowd of miners coming off shift from the corridors beneath them. This would slow them to the point of uselessness if they couldn't get to the port corridors in 30 minutes.

Jalloc turned and winked at her. His intentions were clear enough, hop an ore proccessing car and shave off about 10 minutes of the trip. If they were lucky, they could get off before a line foreman saw them and drafted them into some unknown group for a new shift.

Jalloc froze for a moment as a drunken, staggering Klingon miner stumbled into their car. She roughly shoved the Klingon out of the way, his jeering comments slurred into idiocy as he fell to the floor, daggar in hand. "Jump!" she shouted into Jalloc's mind, as they both flung themselves from the orecar and into a side corridor on the other side.

They ran down the long corridor, their footfalls echoing grittily on the deckplating as they neared the port section of Shan Thoer Station. They rounded the corner and stopped to catch their breath in a small alcove in the wall.

"Go Jalloc, get on your way, we can't be seen leaving this area together."

He nodded, still not quite recovered from their run, but looking a little more confident than when she first met him. In moments he was gone from sight, the ill-repaired corridor's lighting leaving many dark spaces to run and hide in on his way to his ship.

Linza stood up, listening intensely. The corridor was far too silent. She honed her mind to listen carefully as she began a casual, but expiditious stroll toward the frieghter's berth. If she could just make it to the decrepid freighter safely, then in a few moments, she would be rid of Shan Thoer Station and it's seedy life. Soon she would take her position as CMO there, and if she was very lucky, on her way elsewhere to a better position within the Terran Fleet.

Posted by: Hawku Mar 30 2006, 10:42 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Terok Nor, Corridors

Aeon had grabbed some random Engineer who was working on a side panel in the corridors. The Ensign was slammed into the wall in pain, by the angry Captain.

"Why didn't you apply for my ship you filthy piece of patheticness!" Aeon shouted.

"Please don't kill me, sir!" the Ensign cried in fear. "Remember the new philosophy of the Empire!"

"Then report to the Descent as my Chief Engineer, or I'm going to---!!!!!" but as Aeon had his fist clenched ready to punch the guy, he heard a beeping coming from his Padd. Aeon dropped the Ensign and checked it in curiosity, finding that someone named Dela K'Vari was just assigned to his ship. "---Oh nevermind."

Aeon tapped at the Padd in content.

"Looks like the Scheduler just gave me a new Chief Engineer."

The Ensign scrambled to his feet and ran away, leaving his tools behind. Looking up, Aeon found he was suddenly approached by Dougherty.

"You seem stressed as usual."

Dougherty shook his head, "It's just the damned Emporer signing. First they want it in Dahkur, then they want it in Jalanda. To make matters worse, they want the Emporer to sign a Treaty with the People, stating that in times of peril, the Cabinet may overrule her command."

"Uhk. Politics was never my thing," Aeon replied.

The Admiral crossed his arms, "Now there's word that someone is challenging her position-- an alien Captain from the second Rebel Fleet."

"An alien Emporer? I couldn't imagine it."

Dougherty uncrossed his arms, "Well we've hadn't had an Emporer for a long time. We were a slave race, remember, and now we are into new times... new philosophy's."

"Yeah yeah," Aeon gestured away. "I've got to get to my ship. I'll talk to you later."

I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

Aeon left the Admiral and made his way to the Descent. It was filled with crew putting parts together, trying to make sense of the alien technology, and making it compatible somehow. He crossed the Bridge and entered his Captain's Ready Room.

Inside, there were personal items everywhere from the previous Captain. On the desk sat pictures of the previous Captain's children and wife - on the walls hung medals of honour and certificates of education. The chair had a jacket hanging off its back.

"This place is a mess!" Aeon went over and knocked the pictures away. He took the jacket off the chair and debated throwing it accross the room. "Hmmm..." but instead he decided that he would try it on.

The console on the desk beeped before he had his first arm full into the sleeve. Aeon threw the jacket asside and sat at the chair. He activated the small viewscreen on the laptop-console.

"Captain Aeon here," he said.

- "This is the Docking Master. You are ordered to move the Descent out from Upper Pylon 2. There are plenty of other docking ports for you to re-dock."

"What? Why??"

- "We will be recieving a Freightor of goods from Shan Thoer Station. It is a large freightor and requires special attention at that dock."

"No way! This is where the Descent is docked, and I refuse to move for some stupid Freightor!"

- "Captain please move your ship immediately!"

"The only way you're going to move my ship is if you get out here personally and push it away yourself. Even then I'd activate my thrusters so that you'd be incinerated upon impact!"

The Docking Master de-activated the view-screen in anger.

"Hmm. I hope he didn't take that personally." Aeon shrugged and got up from the desk. He took out his Padd and continued tapping at it. He now had a Helmsmen, Tactical & Security Officer, a Chief Engineer, and ZKel was going to be his Commander... as untrusting as ZKel always was.

All Aeon needed now was a Doctor. He wondered where he would get one, as they were very scarce in the Terran Empire. His Padd beeped again, and he noticed that he had recieved an Ops person. "Oh good. I'd better go meet with him, and my new Chief Engineer."

Posted by: Albertus Mar 30 2006, 01:47 PM

The Geltan Ship - Creevar

Lea brushed her hair in front of the very small mirror in her quarters. The ship, and she, were on way to the Kelvor Conference in a neighbouring star system. She was to give a presentation of her thesis: Ethics and War. Lea was excited and scared at the same time.

She had based her thesis on the works of Rotosnaveknstatorseii's epic work: Victors and Victims. Her excitment was to present her ideas, her fear was to present her ideas. She contradicted Roto in some fundamental areas.

She brushed her hair with more vigour.

A loud 'bang' sounded, as if the ship had hit something, then a klaxon began wailing. Lea stood up and listened intently. She could hear the sounds of fast feet and high, panicky voices.
She put her brush down and moved to the door of her quarters. Pressing the open button she was assailed with the noise and urgency of people unable to escape a situation that they didn't understand. Lea closed the door.

She took severeal seconds to decied what to do.

She made her list:

Escape the panic
Take only what was needed
Employ the three Roto principles of war:


She stood, all 1.99 metres of her. Willowy and lithe, a coiled spring. Lea reached up and removed the ceiling cover to one of the internal maintainence shafts. As she raised herself up, a slight bluish light could be seen around her fingertips as she touched the alloy conduit. She seemed to almost float upward.

After some time crawling around in the dirty shafts, watching, the story was clear. The ship had been hijacked. All of the passengers had been herded into the airlocks and evacuated into space. This had been done in the first 20 minutes, long before Lea knew what was actually happening.

She now knew that the ship was en route to a planet called Terek Nor and the hijackers were looking to join a ship that would make them rich.

Lea Tor hunkered down and waited.

Posted by: BSA Dave Mar 30 2006, 02:28 PM

ISS Decent, Deck 5 Crew quaters.

Tom had several large bags with him. Some were clothing, others were personal effects. He had to find a way to get all his weapons onto the ship without people seeing what he all had.

He dropped the bags on the floor of his new room. it was smaller than he expected but much bigger than the shuttle. Which he also needed to talk to Aeon about bringing his shuttle onboard.

In his room their was a standard twin size bed, It's still bigger than that air matress he had. He had a small replicator which he wasn't sure if it even worked. He had a small desk with a laptop viewer on it. And their was a meduim sized closet in their too. He needed a place to store his weapons, and ammo for the projectile weapons.

He sat down at tthe desk and starting disemsembling His P22. It needed cleaning, other wise the powder residue will cause rust in the barrel.

After thirty minutes he finished.

He tapped the computer's interface
"Calaway to Aeon"

Aeon responded.

"We need to talk about bringing some of my other personal effects onboard and about my shuttle."

Posted by: Emerald Knight Apr 1 2006, 08:39 AM

Denorios Belt

Henry Silentio flew through the Denorios Belt in his Maquis raider, I.S.S. Haufniensis. After receiving repairs and some upgrades after his skirmish with the Klingons, Henry took some time off to enjoy his R&R while Aeon staffs his ship, the Descent.

Suddenly Henry picked up a very faint distress signal from the belt. Henry followed the signal and encountered a damaged alien vessel, a ship configuration he hadn't seen before. It seemed small, could only hold one or two persons. The hull was scarred with multiple weapons fire and was on the verge of collapse.

Silentio opened a channel

"Alien vessel, this is Terran space, identify yourself"

Through the static and crackle of the channel, Silentio could only hear three words.

" Tosk....."

Suddenly the hull gave way. The ship exploded in a ball of fire. Silentio scanned the wreckage and found an flight recorder or some kind of computer module. After retrieving the recorder he found it was incompatible with his computers.

Silentio continued on his flight. He wasn't going to report this to Aeon or the Terran brass. Information like this, he doesn't give away just like that. Maybe this device contains secrets, powerful secrets....

Posted by: Hawku Apr 1 2006, 10:14 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Corridors

Aeon was on his way to meet his Ops person, when he was contacted via commbadge. The communication devices were a new design and upgraded technology. He tapped his and responded to Tom Calaway's call.

"Personal affects and your own shuttle?" Aeon repeated.

- "That's right. The items I have may not pass the new standard carry-on limits by the Terran Fleet."

"Hmm. Are you saying you have weapons you want to bring aboard?"

- "In a manner or speaking."

Aeon scratched his head, "I'm not sure I can let you take those on. If they're against the new regulations, that is."

- "I assure you, they will benefit us if in a tight situation. What difference is it that I break a minor rule, when you have stolen this vessel on a larger more rule-breaking scale?"

"Interesting point. But one I'll allow you to make this once. You can bring the weapons on board via your Shuttle craft. The Regulations Keeper shouldn't be drawn to there while everything else is going on." He stopped to think for a second. "I think there is a Weapons Locker on this ship somewhere, although I'm not sure where."

- "I will find it. Calaway out," Tom's voice replied, and he cut the comm signal.

Aeon almost continued his walking when he was contacted by voice communications again.

- "Brooks to Aeon," Admiral Brooks' voice opened.

"What now? Didn't you have your fun when you sent me after those Klingon ships?"

- "I did. And now there's a Geltan ship heading for Terok Nor. We can't have these derelict vessels approaching the station all the time. I want you to go tell them to go away, and if they don't listen - use force."

"This is just a ploy to get me to undock Upper Pylon 2 for that Freightor from Shan Thoer Station, isn't it?"

- "It's both. Now go."

The comm cut out, and Aeon sighed. He decided to make a call himself this time:

"Aeon to the Bridge. Please prepare to undock the Descent again and set a course for the Geltan ship. It should... uhh, be on sensors somewhere."

- "Looks like your Helmsmen took a ride, Captain," a familliar voice said.


- "Silentio decided to take a freeflight to the Denorios Belt on his Raider. This crew you've chosen doesn't seem to be all that disciplined."

"Don't start with me on the whole 'bad crew choice' speech. If it's any of your business I, uhh, told Silentio to take a cruise. Yeah, that's right. Now set that course, ZKel!"

- "As you wish."

The comm cut, and a minute later Aeon could feel the ship unlodging from the space station and heading out.


The Descent didn't have to go far, because the Geltan ship had already begun to approach Terok Nor. Aeon entered the Bridge just as the Descent blocked its path.

"This is Captain Aeon of the Terran Empire, please respond Geltan vessel."

- The screen clicked on to the Bridge of the opposing ship, showing nothing but Tellerites on board. "We've hijacked this ship in good faith toward our Terran friends. It is a token for the consideration of our people joining the Empire."

Aeon just looked at them and blinked in surprise. "You? Want to join the Empire?" It was too weird a situation for him. "Weren't the Tellerites enemies of the Empire a long time ago? Why do you want to join now?"

- "We've heard of your new... ways. Specifically the one where you have cancelled the use of slavery. Since that is no longer a factor, we have nothing to fear in terms of you turning us into a slave race."

"What'd you do with the Geltan crew?"

- "We blew them out into space."

Aeon nodded awkwardly, "I see..." He thought for a moment. "Return to Terok Nor with me, and I will introduce you to one of my superior officers. His name is, heh, it's Brooks." He almost had to hold back from smirking in amusement.

Terok Nor, Central Core Area

A group of Tellarites were speaking with Brooks at the main control circle. Aeon was watching from a good distance, as something one of the Tellarites said caused Brooks to shout out back in anger. Apparently, the Admiral was having trouble relaying that stealing vessels was not something the Empire did anymore - the fact that the Descent was the latest hijacking wasn't clearing things up any easier. Aeon couldn't hold it in anymore and slumped his body over a console, laughing.

"Hahahahahahahaha!" He began slamming his fist into the console repeatedly in hilarity-- "Hahahahahhaha!" --when he was met with ZKel.

"Something funny?" ZKel asked.

"Yeah look at Brooks, he's---" but he broke out in laughter again before he could finish. ZKel stared at Aeon, not finding any humour in a group of Tellarites angering Brooks. Aeon got up and caught his breath, "hahahahaha ...heh heh... What?"

"The Geltan ship is docked with the station, and Starfleet crews from other ships have begun searching through it for parts to add to thier own ships. I suggest we get down there too."

"Very well."

"One more thing. Silentio returned from his trip, claiming that there was nothing of it. But our sensors indicate that he had destroyed an alien vessel. We think he's hiding something, but he refuses to speak for free."

"Hmm. I'll talk to him later. In the meantime I'll be on the Creevar."

The Geltan ship, Creevar

Aeon stepped over piles of fallen debris, making his way around teams of Starfleet crew. Some were breaking panels apart, and some were scanning warp coils. As Aeon searched, he could find nothing of value. He had sent some of his own crew over to find anything useful, but it was turning out that they were too late.

Looking over, Aeon could see Captain Edwell patting the back of one of his Engineers in appreciation for thier good work. They had deciphered the computer system and downloaded its operational algorhythms.

Dammit! Aeon thought in his head. He continued looking around the darkened Bridge, thinking of giving up. It wasn't often that a ship was free for salvaging. Aeon stopped in his tracks and decided to turn back. Damn Tellarites!

Posted by: Saphirdrache Apr 2 2006, 11:14 AM

Infirmary, Heavy Freighter Bilitra

"Medaltha to Captain Nakeis."

"What do you need doctor? This better be good, I've a situation here!"

Linza smirked softly at the freighter's rather angry Bajoran Captain. When she responded, she purred.

"Well, it seems you do have a situation Captain Nakeis. Please report to the Infirmary."

"What?!" He exploded, his face suffused with rage, "I don't have time for this!"

As Linza watched, her smirk never changing, Captain Nakeis began to look rather ill, slumping in his command chair. Officers rushed to his side, trying to revive him, but he was dead. In moments, every officer who had touched the body of Captain Nakeis was slumped to the deck, also quite dead. The smart ones had hung back, seeing the fate of the others and waited, apprehensive and unwilling to repeat the mistake of their crewmates. Linza spoke to the still open comm channel in a calm voice, all but emotionless.

"Infirmary to Bridge, respond."

"Bridge!" responded a young Bajoran ensign.

"Ah, ensign Rann. You will note the time and situation in the bridge log. Captain Nakeis has been judged medically unfit for duty, and therefore removed from that duty. Reason for this action: the Captain is dead, as well as the rest of the command staff. I have taken command of the Bilitra. Anyone wishing to contest this, may find themselves in need of a"

Linza stabbed the comm off, steepled her fingers and smoothly turned to face the sole Vulcan aboard the ship, Nurse Selar.

"And that my dear student is a lesson in tactical command. There is a reason for there being so few of our profession. Towards that end, one must always protect ones self."

Selar tilted her head in an appreciative nod, and returned to her duties.

Linza turned back to the console and tapped in a short message. In moments her contact confirmed the receipt of the Bilitra's ship manifest.

"Medaltha, I do not know exactly what you are up to, but you have some nerve. How am I to find this.. Jon Falqon? I've never heard of him!" Linza despised the man who was screaming into her mind, but she knew she must deal with the awful example of her species.

Linza closed her eyes and sent the image of Falqon to her doubtful contact's mind. "He is here, and under your nose my friend. And, that you do not know what I am up to only speaks to your weakness, Delkan. Do not pry in my business, or you may join the ranks of the late Captain of the Bilitra. Besides, I would hate to loose such a charming Betazoid when there are so very few of us about. Get the manifest and message to Falqon. Fail to, and there will be a consequence."

There was a long pause, when Delkan answered, he actually sounded piqued.

"Linza, I know you don't like me, but you didn't have to insult me. I will find this Falqon and give him the manifest and your message. Farewell."

She closed the comm channel to Delkan and contacted the Bridge again.

"Captain Medaltha to ensign Rann."

"Yes Captain."

"Transport the bodies from my bridge and into the aft torpedo tubes. I want you to jetison them at that damned ship that blocked our docking earlier. Perhaps the captain of the vessel appreciates a touch of irony."

"Yes Captain!" Rann said, smiling widely.

Linza closed the channel and leaned back in the chair and sighed very heavily. Life often tossed her some very hard situations, and somehow she always seemed to get through them. She deeply regreted taking lives like this, it fought against her convictions, her heart, and all she stood for. But life has always been 'eat or be eaten', and she was certain she didn't want to be eaten.

In the background of her mind she sensed this Falqon, she knew he was there, but just not quite within her mental reach. Once again she tried to touch his mind, and once again he faded away.

Posted by: -Q- Apr 2 2006, 05:41 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon - Terak Nor, Corridors

Jon roamed the corridors, furious about something or another, when he heard the noise of a phaser charging, and sensed open hostility towards him. He grabbed an assassin, who was of course your classic Ensign, all too eager to try to knock someone off, but not skilled, or intelligent enough to do it efficiently, or even correctly. He shook the idiotic ensign quite roughly, "WHY THE HELL DID MY SHIP LEAVE ME?!?!"

"... um.... Don't kill me." was the Ensign's only response, as he shrunk into himself

"Feh, Rookie! Why the hell should I kill you? What have you got that I want?"

"Nothing sir honest you don't have to kill me!!!!" he replied in a hasty, incredbly unbroken sentence

Jon just walked on after the encounter - if you could call it that- and headed towards Morn's Bar


Jon took a seat in the most obscured booth he could find. He heard his name being spoken. He readied his phaser, and spoke calmly into the mind of the person from which his name was spoken I am Jon Falqon, what is your business with me

What?! Jon Falqon?! Where are you?! I have something to give you.

Never you mind where I am, you won't find me unless I let you, Now, Tell me your business with me

I already told you! I have something to give you!

Right... Have you any idea how many people have used that line, only to mean a phaser shot to my chest? Jon asked rhetorically, Maintaining his calm Now, I shall ask you but once more, For what do you seek me? Fail to answer me properly this time, and you shall find yourself outside, and running out of air

I am supposed to bring you some message and a manifest from- The other person communicated, before Jon interupted him

What do I want with a manifest, I am not the Ops officer of this station?

Well, if you would let me finish...

Wait a second... Linza Medaltha sent you, didn't she, come I am in the booth in the corner, the dark one, you will know it once you see it

Jon sat and waited for a good ten minutes before Delkan arrived.

"I was watching you wander about like a blazing moron for the entire time, did you know that you walked past me six times?"

"Falqon, listen, if I wanted to be scolded, I would just talk to Linza. Now shut up and take this, before you end up outside with no air!"

"Listen, little mister liason, you screwed it up... it is: "before you find yourself outside, running out of air" Now give it to me, and go AWAY!"

Jon reviewed what Delkan had given him, a message from the very person that had been within his mind for quite some time now, and a Manifest of cargo, meant to be used a a sort of payment.

Posted by: BSA Dave Apr 2 2006, 07:32 PM

Shuttle Abyss

Tom just arived to his ship, A decent sized shuttle. He had the Abyss for seven years.The ship could do Warp 4.75 and max at 5.2 for 12 hours. He wasn't about to leave this behind. He had all his random weapons pulled out. He was piloting his ship into the hanger bay of the Decent. Once the ship docked in, he didn't want to make several trips with all his "gear" carrying 25 different weapons through a ship might get him noticed. Once he entergized the transporter, Beaming all his gear into his quaters. Thinking to himself.
"No way in hell I'm putting this is a weapons locker."

Before he walked out of his ship, he shutdown all the computer. putting a a code sequence in. Only he could operate his ship. He was ready to walk out he walked by a small locker by the aft hatch.

"Can't forget these." He pulled out 12 type-7 Photon Gernades.

He placed them in his backpack, and walked off the ship. Sealing the hatch.

He walked to his Quaters to start putting his stuff away.

Half way through unpacking he found a old bottle of Scotch. He looked at it. "Oh what the hell, one shot."

He downed two shots quickly. And put the bottle away.

He figured he'd better finish unpacking.

after two hours

Tom decided to take a walk about the ship. He was tactical officer. He was more hoping a role as just a assian but tactical officer might be a interesting job. Maybe a look in the torpedo bays, might do him good. Get familier with the ship. He always carried his EM-33 around on his hip. It never left him. he'd actually sleep with the thing on him. He sheathed his knife and loaded his p22 backup side arm. And walked out the door.

outside the Torpedo bay

Tom rounded the corner and was ready to walk into the room. their was a guard posted at the entrance.

"sorry this are is restricted" He spoke.

"Excuse me I am the tactical officer, these are my torpedo bays." Tom said with a raised voice.

"Captain orders not to allow anyone near."

"You got to be shitten me. Your not going to let me in are you."

The gaurd spoke in a scarstic tone "Nope."

Tom was not happy, he figured he could just stun the guard, but that might piss off his new "Captain" He could just deck him, seems how things kinda work around here. Or he could call the captain, making him look like he can't do anything by himself.

Tom walked to the guard. Fists ready. The Guard raised his Rifle

"One more step and I'll shot."

Tom thought "Shit this one ain't Stupid."

The he remembered that ID card he recieved when he signed on and reported to the ship.

"Would this card work?" Tom Asked

"You have clearance, Sir."

Tom walked though the door. He'd like to blast the little punk with his fist but it would matter much and might land him in the brig.

He looked at the torpedo bays.

"Jesus Chris, Quantium Torpedos. I wish I had some of these on my ship. Wonder if I could borrow a few on my ship? Ah later I'll worry aout that."

Posted by: Hawku Apr 3 2006, 09:27 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - The Creevar

It was always the Tellarites... Aeon thought racistly, as if they were the only ones anywhere who caused trouble. But the mood would fade quickly, as Aeon never really maintained a vicious nature for too long unless he was feeling it.

"Uhhh..." came a sound from a nearby fallen corridor. It was a female's voice.

Aeon went over to a toppled bulkhead and pulled it off a Geltan individual. She began to realize what happened, that one of the shafts she was in had collapsed out of place and into the corridors sometime during the Tellarite take over and the Starfleet salvage operations.

"Who are you?" Aeon demanded.

He watched the girl as she began to come out of her weary state and into a calculation of her situation. She began working out if she was able to escape, or even fight back this individual.

"If you're thinking of getting away, it would be highly unlikely," Aeon said. "What's your name?"

"Stay away," she said backing up. She noticed a long spike to her left on the ground, that she could pick up and possibly attack with.

"You obviously have nowhere to go. And if I know the Tellarites, they may attempt to annex your homeworld next... now that they know how easy it is to take over one of your ships," Aeon scratched his head. "I'm not saying that's a certain course of action they'll take, but it's a possibility. Either way, you seem competent and out of place around here." Aeon then thought of something... "I know! Why don't you join my ship? It's the Descent, and I've already taken one non-Starfleet officer as my Security. Maybe you'd be interested in joining?"

She just looked at him.

"Either way, you're free to roam the station. I have a feeling you might want to petition your case to the Empire, of getting your ship-parts back. You could attempt that, but I bet it'd take a long time and lot of legal processing. You may need a Starfleet rep to represent you." Aeon shrugged, "See you around," and walked off.

Terok Nor - Morn's Bar

Aeon returned to the station and decided to get a drink at the Bar. It was taking longer than he thought to assemble his crew, and he needed to get going soon. If Command starts to think I'm incompetent, they'll begin salvaging my ship!

He went to the Bar and ordered a drink. Looking around the place, he found it was quite busy. He noticed a girl sitting at the only table occupied by one person, eating a meal. Just then, Aeon remembered that one of perks of being Captain was having a Captain's woman. If he could pick a girl up for his ship, he wouldn't have to worry about waiting until he got to the next space station or the next ship encounter.

Aeon went over to the table and attempted to get the girl's attention, "Hey," he said, "mind if I join you? There's practically nowhere to sit around here."

The girl continued eating, obviously ignoring the Captain and wanting to be alone.

"Hey," Aeon said. "Hey." The girl continued eating until Aeon threw in another "Hey."

"What part of me not responding to you do you not understand?" She said without looking up.

Aeon decided to take a seat himself as the conversation finally picked up. As he sat, she glared at him. This woman was obviously not one to mess with.

At a second look, Aeon recognized her from one of the crew bio's in his padd, as Dela K'Vari.

"Wait a minute!" Aeon took out his padd and went through it, "You're my Chief Engineer."

"You are Captain Aeon?" she stated in more of an unimpressed tone. Her telepathic senses could already tell it was true.

"Hey I didn't realize who you were either," Aeon replied. "I want you to return to the Descent and begin prepping the Warp Engines. You have to familliarize yourself with the technology."

She then went back to her food. "When I'm finished."

Aeon then looked at his padd, and noticed that her record was different than most. She was constantly being re-assigned due to difficulties with command and crew. Heh. I did tell the Scheduler to send me someone like her, Aeon thought. She's perfect for my Chief Engineer! - Captain Aeon then got up. "Very well, Chief. But if you disobey orders again, I'm going to have to put a repremand on your record."

She shrugged slightly as if she didn't care, and Aeon was approached by Admiral Hayes.

"What is going on, Aeon? Why haven't you contacted Command yet about your status?" Hayes said. "Why is your crew not completely assembeled yet? I've been going over your roster, and it looks like it's full of cut-throats and thieves! You've compiled the most troublesome officers in the fleet!" He then looked over. "Who is she? Is she one of your crew too?"

"Uhhh, no sir. She's just some random person," Aeon replied. "Look," he said walking into another area of the Bar, "I had the Scheduler give me those people on purpose."

"Why the hell would you do that??"

"Because these people are the best of the best. They're not like the conventional officers of the Fleet. They're actually the type to get the job done without fear - and the type to get it done right."

"Well you'd better get your job done without fear fast, because Command wants you to take your ship near Alliance-Federation borders to assist the Bozeman in escorting the Hathaway to Bajor for the Emporer signing." Hayes looked at Aeon intently.

"You didn't happen to talk to Brooks lately...?" Aeon speculated.

"No. Why? He's been busy all morning."

"Uhh, no reason."

"You've also got a league of dead bodies floating around your ship. You've apparently angered the Commander of the Freighter, Bilitra!"

"Really? I was just playing around earlier," he thought in amusement. Then he noticed the Admiral glaring at him in anger. "Huh? Oh yeah. Sir, I'll have my ship ready within 24 hours."

"Very well. And stop trying to pick up girls!" Hayes ordered before walking away.

Aeon watched him leave the Bar, being approached by Morn. He waved Morn off for there were more important things at the moment. Hmmm. Silentio still has that possible information from his flight. I wonder what uses it could prove, Aeon thought and walked off.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Apr 3 2006, 11:17 PM

I.S.S. Descent - Hangar

Henry Silentio docked his raider, I.S.S. Haufneinsis, in the Descent hangar bay. He saw another shuttle craft in ajoining compartment. Interesting vessel, Silentio thought, since it reminds him of an old bounty shuttle that he once had. He was planning to go on Terok Nor and use one of the station's computers to decrypt the alien computer module. It'd be too obvious if it was done on the Descent; Terok Nor uses an old Cardassian computer system and Silentio is more experienced in covering his tracks on Cardassian computers.

Terok Nor - Silentio's Guest Quarters

Silentio placed the module on his computer terminal.

"Computer. Scan interface and report"

After a few moments, the computer replied with a bit mumble jumbo about high level encryption something-something, incompatible format, yada-yada-yada. Silentio ordered the computer to convert the data to Cardassian format at once.

Just then, some one chimed in. Silentio rushed to cover and hide his module.


Aeon walked in.

"How was your trip to the Belt?"

"Not bad, love the new improvements to the raider, made it very smooth."

"So, did anything interesting happen while you were out?"

Silentio felt uncomfortable about where this was going. Perhaps the station detected that explosion. Gotta think of something....

"Well, I detected a small Klingon craft. I guess some of those Klingon bastards tried to spy on us. I put them out of their misery."

"I would have appreciated a heads-up on that. Why didn't you report it in?"

"It was a minor thing I took care of. It wasn't worth mentioning, and anyways, I don't like that ZKel guy."

"Next time I expect you to report any unusual activity, no matter how minor"

"Yes sir" exclaimed Silentio, feigning obedience

"Alright, report to the Descent bridge as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with the helm controls."

Aeon left, albeit Silentio knew Aeon didn't completely trust him. No matter, Aeon was at the least of his concerns.

"Computer, lock doors and resume decryption"

After about 20 minutes, the computer finished decryption. It was a library database, it didn't have any sensor data about how Tosk's ship came to be in the Denorois Belt. Silentio read about two alien species called the Tosk and the Hunters, about their society, how the Hunters hunt Tosk. None of this interested Silentio, until he read two things: these species come from a far distant place (Silentio looked up a star map and found these guys come from the Gamma Quadrant) and, more importantly, that the Hunters have some kind of weapon that can reverse the polarity of a vessel's shields and allow troops to board that ship. It also included technical manuals that seemed to Silentio, prima facie, that an engineer could use to duplicate this technology.

"That's a spicy meatball!"

This kind of technology can be extremely useful ... and dangerous in the wrong hands. He didn't know who to trust. Aeon? The Terran admiralty?

Silentio encrypted this information and stored it into an isolinear chip. He'll store in his raider for safekeeping.

"Computer, delete and purge all transactions made in the last hour"


After erasing all traces of his activites, Silentio took his disruptor, set it on the lowest setting as to not trigger any alarms, and fired at Tosk's computer module. It turned to ashes.

After cleaning up, Silentio left for the Descent.

Posted by: BSA Dave Apr 4 2006, 05:32 PM

Torpedo Room ISS Decent

Tom was looking over all the systems withen the room, when his communicator went off. It was a alert of a incoming personal message, Text format. He walked over to the computer screen and input a code to view it on this view. He read the message when he finished he had a smirk on his face and let out a small laugh.

Morn's Bar

Tom sta at a table on the upper level, waiting for his friend. He came walking up the stairs.

"Lacer, It's good to see you again. What do you have for me now?"

"Lets have a set" Lacer spoke

Lacer has a Bajoran in his mid twenties, he worked with Tom on a few jobs here and there.

"I found this peice of weaponary a few months ago, I figured you'd like it."

Lacer Showed Tom a PADD with a picture and some information about the weapon.

"It's called a Poloran Plasma Rifle. Some race called the Jem'Hadar use it."

"Jem'Hadar, who are they?" Tom asked

"I not suprised you havn't heard of them. I got this from a friend who got it from the other side."


"That paralle Universe, the one with everything the same but different. The weapons has a semi and automatic mode's three settings, Stun, Kill and Vaporize. It's very durable and light."

"How much?" Tom asked

"4500 credits."

"Do you have it with you it's back in my ship."

Tom's Quaters

Tom looked at his new addition to his collection.

"A weapon from the other side, it's my lucky day." Tom spoke to him self.

He wanted to test it out but his quaters wasn't the proper area. He looked on his viewer, he saw the layout of the Armory. Their was a small weapons firing range in there.

"This will be perfect. Now how do i get it to their ithout anyone noticing."

Tom Placed the Rifle in a medium sized bag, he placed several other compoents in their to look like it was full of maintaince things.

After 35 minutes doing target pratice, he was extermally happy with his purchase.

Tom's Quaters one hour later

Tom was going over some of the system in his shuttle that needed repair. He wondered if he could get Aeon to have a maintaince team fix it up. Their was a matter of more importance. The ship only had 25% antimatter left. He needed more. Would Aeon allow him to have some antimatter of would he have to steal it. Stealing it from the ship might be risky. The station maybe not as hard.

Cargo Bay 24

Tom was able to get in a bay with a surplus of Antimatter. ALl he wanted was enough to get his ship up to 50% he didn't want to draw too much attention.

He connected a cord to a large container, the other end was into a antimatter storage cell that his ship used. He turned on the unit.

He heard some foot steps above, Someone was watching him. He pulled his pistol, set to stun. He saw a shadow move. Behind him a second person fire a weapon. It missed him.

He spoke to himself "Damn, Security is better than i thought."

He saw one of his attackers, "It wasn't security, it was someone else. Probally wanting to steal something. This might work out after all. Blame these poor bitch's." Tom muttered to himself.

He aimed his pistol at one of the attackers he fired striking him in the chest. He darted across the cargo bay firing at the second person. He grabbed his storage unit. and activated his personal transporter. He rematerilized in a service crawl way. He placed the unit in his back pack, Crawled out of the crawl way and walked to the Decent.

Tom's Quaters

He walked through the door.

"Piece of cake. Now how do I get a torpedo on there?" He sighed

Posted by: Albertus Apr 5 2006, 06:09 PM

The Geltan Ship - Creevor

Having such a long body, Lea realised that she could not remain in the access shafts for very much longer. She was getting cramps in her limbs and her long back, she had no way to really stretch. That meant she had to move back into the ship proper or she would be crippled by the time they docked.

She was concerned that the hijackers may have been looking for her. She was on the ship's passenger manifest, but they made no search to see if she was present. Her hot, and uncomfortable transit through the constricting shafts revealed over time that the hijackers, as thorough as they were in eliminating the passengers, did not extend their efforts to checking how many people should have been on board.

That was her cue. She simply did not exist to the hijackers. Her 'mantra' kicked in.


Lea decided to 'rejoin' the Creevar as an unofficial crew passenger. And her time in the shafts had served her well, she knew the ship inside out.

She also now knew that Terek Nor was not a planet but an artificial, orbital facility. That gave her pause. The hijackers talked about it as a planetary body. She was confused.

15 days of travel was taking its toll on her patience.

After a few hours of listening to the Com's trafic between Terek Nor and her ship - and she increasingly thought of it as such - the hijackers went to sleep, Autopilot engaged, they were home free.

Lea decided that she had to be reckless. She could have 'removed', a euphimism for kill, the hijackers easily, but she needed to know their purpose and listened intently to all their conversations.

As the Creevar approached Terek Nor, Lea let herself down from the main Bridge air shaft, silently, onto the Command Bridge. She tiptoed around the lone, dozing, crewman and began to downloaded the computer records onto a holographic data store she had swiped earlier, incase she didn't survive. Lea had wanted to record her last moments - even if they were never seen, they were still out there.

It took 2 minutes for the data to download. When complete, she returned to the shafts. But before she closed the cover, she let out a peircing sound that slid into the mind like a white-hot knife.

Lea then sat just a little away from the opening of her escape and smiled.

She knew the best was to come.


Posted by: Albertus Apr 5 2006, 08:17 PM

The Creevar

"Who are you?" Aeon demanded.

Lea looked up. Her vision was blurry and there was a pain in her side. She thought that one of the murderers had found her. Her eyes darted side to side, seeking a weapon.

"If you're thinking of getting away, it would be highly unlikely," Aeon said. "What's your name?"

"Stay away" she said. She felt foolish thinking a couple of words would protect her.

She had concussion and she knew it. Her mind wandered as the man spoke, but she heard the names 'Tellarite' and 'Descent' and she focussed more closely.

And she heard his invitation.

Lea watched the man walk away. Her heart was beating fast and her hands were curled into tight fists. Her instincts were to run, but her training kept her sitting amid the wreckage until she could think rationally.

Her high, sonic, ululation had the desired effect. The bogus Creevar crew had woke in an instant and in a panic. Like Rever birds, with their heads cut off, they ran around making a mess of everything they did.

The Creevar had crashed into the docking pylon. Lea thought that they would all die.

Apparently, she was wrong.

Posted by: Hawku Apr 8 2006, 02:08 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Terok Nor, Corridors

Aeon was walking down the hall going through his Padd with great focus. It was taking way too long to get his crew together, and he wondered if the longer he stayed at Terok Nor, the more plausible that Brooks would send a hitman to take him out just for being on the same station as him. (In fact, it was no joke. It was very plausible.)

"Gggghh. What the hell is taking so long?" He said to himself as he came by an Ensign working at an open panel in the Corridors. "Huh? You there! Officer! What's your name?"

Aeon recognized the Bajoran as the Engineer he encountered, and threatened, earlier. "Uhhh, my name is Ensign Dan, sir," came the fearful reply.

"You're my new Doctor! Report to the Descent immediately."

Ensign Dan dropped his tools, "But I don't hav---"

"Did I stop for small talk? Report to my ship!"

Ensign Dan then ran off in fear for the Descent, just as another Engineer was running in from the opposite direction. The other Engineer, Chief Argyle stopped at Aeon.

"What the!? Where's he going?? We need him at Upper Pylon 3. It's been totaled by the Creevar out of chaos!"

"He's been re-assigned to the Terran-Alien ship the Descent. So you're going to have to learn to work without him! Deal with it, beard-face!!"

Argyle just stood there in shock. "Well alright then. You didn't have to yell, you know."

The two men then found themselves at an awkward moment. "So, uhh. The Upper Pylon's been destroyed huh?" Aeon made small talk. "Man, that sucks for you guys. I mean... man, that's a lot of work for you." He tried to feel as much empathy as he could.

"Yeah," Argyle agreed, finding himself thinking about all the work he was going to have to do, without one more man on his already small team thanks to this Captain.

"Man, I'm having an awkward moment. Well, gotta go," Aeon shrugged and walked away.

As he continued down the Corridors, reading his PAdd, he suddenly ran into Jon Falqon.

"Hey!" Aeon called out, recognizing the man from his picture.

Jon turned around in anger, as he felt he had much to deal with already. But upon recognizing Aeon's rank, Jon quickly acknowledged.

"According to the Scheduler, you've been assigned to my ship as my Ops & Science Officer..." Aeon said while reading the Padd. "I want you to report there immediately," Aeon suggested, in actually not a harsh tone.

Someone else was on his mind at the moment, and all he wanted to do was brush his new Captain off if possible. "Yes, Captain, of course," he nodded and attempted to continue on.

Aeon nodded and let him go. Jon had a few things to deal with before he would board the ship. In fact, according to Aeon, everyone on his senior staff was doing something else for themselves at the moment. His Engineer was at Morn's Bar, his Helmsmen was in station Quarters, his Tactical Officer was smuggling weapons aboard, and his future Security Officer was lost as to what to do with herself-- Hmm. Yeah I think I will make that Geltan a Security Officer, he thought out of confidence that she would somehow end up on his ship-- somehow.

The Captain then thought of his crew, and how they were all doing nothing for him at the moment. Most Captain's would be outraged in anger, but Aeon was different. Yep! That's my crew; completely focused and not boring-with-no-personal-goals. Not like Captain Edwell's crew... peh. He's on thier backs like every second, telling them what to do and how to think. They have no lives, and in turn, no souls! What crew would put thier lives on the line for thier ship when they have had none to begin with?

Stepping onto the Lift, Aeon made his way to the Descent. He still had one more matter to deal with.

I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

"Enjoyed your leisure time while the rest of us was at work?" ZKel said quite abnoxiously.

Aeon rolled his eyes. He was tiring of ZKel's annoying ways, but had to have an XO none-the-less. "What's the situation?" Aeon asked to change the subject.

Lieutenant Commander Tom Calaway entered the Bridge and took the Tactical deck behind the Command Chair's. Followed by him was Lieutenant Henry Silentio, who crossed the Bridge, nodded to his superior officers and then took the Helm control.

Tom was previously alerted of the bodies floating around the Descent and was ordered to beam them onto Terok Nor as soon as he got to the Bridge. He clicked on the view-screen, and began transporting body after body.

"The Bilitra has given us a surprise Birthday present," ZKel replied.

"Who does that Commander think he is? Hail him!" Aeon ordered, as Tom had transported the last body back onto the station.

"Uhh, sir. It looks like one of the bodies I transported was the Commander... a Captain Nekeis," Tom read from his control deck.

"What??" Aeon wondered what was going on. "Oh I see what they're trying to say," he turned back to the view-screen. "Hail whoever is in Command of that Freightor now."

Tom nodded and reactivated the view-screen. A Betazoid Doctor came on and glared at the Bridge crew. "My name is Linza Medaltha. I noticed you recieved our gesture of goodwill," she opened sarcastically.

"You did that?" Aeon said in shock. "...And you're the Doctor?"

Linza glanced away for the moment, "Look I don't have time for this. If we have a problem here, I want to resolve it now."

"Actually, I'm not even mad. That's quite impressive for a Doctor. You're good. I mean, you're really good," he admitted in recognation. Linza just gritted her teeth in impatience. "Listen," Aeon opened his arms, "I'm going to be honest with you. Terok Nor has a lock on you, and there are about three other Starship's here preapred to take you in for an insult like this. If they make a move, that's really up to who's in Command on the station right now. But if they do, and there is a good chance on that-- you'd be pretty much in for it."

Linza rolled her eyes, "And you have a way to help me?"

"Join my ship!" Aeon shrugged. "I need a Doctor, and as we can see, you're good. I mean, you took out your Commanding Officers."

She smiled, "And what would stop me from doing the same to you?"

"Hey," Aeon shrugged again, "I just put the offer out there. To be honest, I like your style. Join me, or you know, whatever."

Linza didn't know what to say, she just deactivated the view-screen. She didn't even have the desire to fight the Descent anymore. This Captain is practically a teenager! She thought to herself. But her empathic abilties told her he was sincere.

Meanwhile, back on the Descent, Silentio reported that the Bilitra was pulling off. Tom recieved a hail from Terok Nor.

"Captain, it's Admiral Dougherty," Tom reported.

Aeon nodded, It must be about the Bilitra's command crew, "On screen."

- The Admiral blinked on, "Captain we've just got word from the Hathaway. There's an Alliance ship heading for them and it seems it could be infused with that power from the Ion Storm... We want you out there as soon as your ready to go."

"Alright then... but what about the other ships here?"

- "All thier Engines are in repair! We want you out there! This is what you wanted-- to command your own ship-- so get the hell going!"

"Yeah yeah. I'm on it," Aeon replied casually. "Have fun dealing with those Tellarites." Aeon nodded to Tom to deactivate the view-screen.

"Let's get going. Silentio--" ZKel started.

"Wait!" Aeon interrupted. "I still want that Doctor, and there's a Geltan on the station I want."

"Are you kidding me? We've got to get over there now!"

"I said Wait! We will go. But I just need an hour!" Aeon disputed in anger of him.

ZKel threw up his arms. "Uggh! I hope you'll be happy when Command destroy's us for idiocy!"

Aeon just ignored him and waited. He knew the others would come around. Besides, he wasn't even sure his Engineer or his Ops guy was on board yet.

Posted by: Albertus Apr 8 2006, 03:47 PM

The wrecked Creevar Ship

After a few moments, Lea stood up shakily. She quickly realised that she was truly on her own. She needed somewhere to recoup. A safe harbour in an unknown land.

Lea followed the man silently as he made his way through the Station. He stopped occasionally to talk to a number of individuals on his journey. Eventually, he reached one of Terek Nor's docking ports and disappeared into the vessel tethered there - presumably, she concluded, the Descent.

She waited for a few minutes, but she knew she had no choice. Stooping low, Lea cycled through the airlock and entered the Descent. A stocky, square-faced man greeted her with a weapon not quite pointing at her.

"Can I help you?". His voice had a deep, rolling-boulder quality. She saw his eyes flick over her long form - searching. Lea's height must have unnerved him somewhat as the grip on his weapon tightened and he then pointed it squarely at her.

Lea looked down at the uniformed individual with a steady gaze.

"Please inform the Captain that Lea Tor, of the Creevar, is reporting for duty."

Posted by: Saphirdrache Apr 8 2006, 04:54 PM

(redoing, appologies!!!)

Posted by: -Q- Apr 8 2006, 10:11 PM

Lt. Commander Jon Falqon

Jon was busy in Ops when ZKel came in. Jon had just met him 2 hours ago when he got onboard the ship. First Impression was that he was an ass, but Jon was nothing but nice to him when they first met.

"Surprise inspection, Leiutenant! Gather your officers! Prepare for a full manual Inventory of the ship!" he barked snobily

"Listen, First off, I just got here, secondly, I am a Lt. Commander, you shall address me as Commander. As for my officers, they have yet to report into me. And for your manual inventory... shove it!" Jon snapped back at ZKel

"What was that, Lieutenant? Did you just tell me to shove it?"

"Yeah, I did bitch, now get the hell out of my office."

ZKel was taken quiet aback by this, his subordinates have gotten a bit mouthy back every once and a while in the past, but never like this. "Listen, Jon! This is my ship, and therefore MY office, I don't know exaclty how you got to be here, but I think that you don't belong here"

"ZKel, Watch your back. And get the hell out of my office?"

"Get the hell off of my ship!" ZKel screamed at Jon

"Commander ZKel? I have a question... Do you think that you are better than me? Do you think that you are the best?"

"That is it! I am going to take you out!" he said in the middle of Jon's questions "Wha?"

"Listen up, kid, I am better than you, and I shall prove it" He held out a knife for ZKel to use, "Take it, I shall fight you unarmed, the least I could do is give you a chance to kill me... or at least to step me from killing you"

ZKel took the knife and took one swipe at Jon, with all of his anger. Jon easily took the knife from ZKel, angry people do not fight as well. "No no no, that is all wrong, s'posed to be done like", and Jon swiped the knife across ZKel's chest "this." Jon watched the Commander twist in anger, and fall in death

=/\="Commander Jon Falqon to Captian Aeon"=/\=

"What can I do for you, Commander?"

"Well, I have to report that Commander ZKel had an accident down here in Ops, he is dead. I, as the one responsible, demand that you give me his position, as Executive Officer of the Descent, and a promotion to full Commander"

"Okay, XO, your first responsiblity is to notify the kin of ZKel that he is dead."

Four hours later, XO's Quarters

All of ZKel's belongings had been removed and Jon's in their place by now, Jon paced back and forth, he could not get that Betazoid, Linza Medaltha, out of his mind. Between the offer and the fact that they seemed to have a connection. He knew of her, and she of him... "I am going to contact her, and tell her that I accept her offer. Now that I am the XO of this ship, I can be of more use to her"

He opened a secure channel to the Biltra, "Linza?" he asked, seeing the beautiful young Betazoid looking at him through his viewer.

"Jon Falqon?" Linza replied, equally stunned from finally seeing the face of the one who was seemingly connected with her.

"I... I was just", Jon began to speak, a barrel of nerves, finally meeting this Linza Medaltha, "I was just calling to inform you that I accept your offer, and grant you the rank of Lt. Commander, Position of CMO, on the ISS Descent, of which I most recently became XO.

Posted by: Saphirdrache Apr 9 2006, 04:53 PM

Captain's Office, Heavy Freighter Bilitra

"Captain Medaltha, incoming message for you." Jiem spoke softly, clicking the channel over to Linza's office. Linza looked quizzically at the console for a moment, then opened the channel. A familiar face appeared, surprising her.


"Jon Falqon?" she replied, trying not to sound as surprised as she felt.

"I... I was just", Jon stammered, then regained himself, "I was just calling to inform you that I accept your offer, and grant you the rank of Lt. Commander, Position of CMO, on the ISS Descent, of which I most recently became XO."

Linza sat for a moment, once again trying to seek his mind, but still she found herself blocked.

"Well, I must say, you do like your secrets Mr. Falqon." 'Considering you like to keep me blocked so completely from your thoughts. That's your choice, I will not promise not to contact your mind again, but it is tiresome to find ones self constantly blocked in this manner.' She mentaly shot back, ascerbic and didn't care much if he noted it. "So, my contact finally found you did he? One never knows these days if help is as good as advertised or promised."

She strummed her fingers rythmicaly on the console desk, "Very nice offer Mr. Falqon, I was about to give up on you, and offer the Bilitra's cargo to your captain, which I still might for your tardiness."

She watched the perplexed expression on Jon's face, and continued with a steel hard edge to her voice.

"Seeing as your ship was responsible for blocking my docking here earlier, which in turn led to me being responsible for jetisoning some... expressoins of recognition at your Captain, I now am in a situation with Terok Nor, or shall be shortly. Take ownership of the Bilitra, do with it as you will, and I will accept your offer and beam over within the hour. Deal?"

Commander Jon Falqon - XOs Quarters - ISS Descent

"It was hardly my ship when you were being blocked, I wasn't even on it! I just got here a few hours ago." Jon said "And in regards to your contact, he is a moron. A human born Betazoid, if you ask me. Oh, and we have a deal. Report to my Office as soon as you beam aboard, and we will take care of the required formalities. Welcome to the Descent, Commander Medaltha" Jon ended the communication, and proceeded to the Bridge of the Descent.


Jon approached Captain Aeon, "Captain, I have found us a new CMO, she will do the job well and she shall be here within the hour."

Aeon responded, "Who is it that you found? Is there someone that I missed when I was looking for a good CMO?"

"Yes, you missed someone right under your nose, the new Commanding Officer of the Bilitra, well the new FORMER Captain of said freighter." Jon said calmly =/\="Falqon to Ops"=/\=

"Yes sir?" The new OC responded

"I need you to clear cargo bay 4, I have some supplies waiting to be delivered"


Posted by: Hawku Apr 11 2006, 06:40 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent

So she really did come, Aeon thought after having that conversation with Linza. Just then, Ensign Dan came onto the Bridge to begin medical scans of the crew. The young Bajoran came up to Aeon and opened the new technology tricorder.

"Ensign Dan," Aeon opened. "You're relieved of duty!"

"But sir, I just spent the last five hours learni---"

"Did you hear what I said? Now go!" Aeon pointed to the door. He would decide where to put the Ensign later.

In the meantime, he actually had a real Doctor. Not only that, but a new Commander as it appeared. Crap. That Jon Falqon is doing things the old way. How do I explain to him that that isn't how you move up in command anymore? Aeon shrugged. Oh well. For now we have a mission.

"Silentio," Aeon turned forward. "Set a course and engage."

An officer whispered something into Jon's ear, and Jon went over to Aeon.

"It sounds like a Geltan is on board and saying you let her on, Captain?"

"Ah yes. Show her her Quarters and have her introduced to Security & Tactical. That is going to be her new job," Aeon replied. "I didn't think she was going to come around, but I guess she did. Nice."

Jon nodded and went off, leaving Aeon to wonder just what the heck was in the cargo he recieved. He turned to glance at the view-screen.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Apr 11 2006, 09:00 AM

I.S.S. Descent - Bridge
"Silentio, set a course and engage"

Hmm, thought Silentio... where the hell did Aeon want to go? After Aeon finished talking to Jon, Silentio asked Aeon where to go.

"Oh... hmm...Out there... thataway"

Whatever, thought Silentio, who proceeded to set a course to the Chin'toka system, a sector near Alliance and Terran space.

"I'll let you know specifically where we're going later" said Aeon.

Posted by: Saphirdrache Apr 11 2006, 02:24 PM

Captain's Office, Heavy Freighter Bilitra

Linza finished the transport instructions, watching the manifest slowly thin and disapear from her cargo holds and into the belly of the Descent. In some odd way, she could almost feel the old freighter groan a sigh of relief. It had trully been packed beyond it's safe zones for quite some time.

She closed the screen once all the cargo had been confirmed received, and sat for a moment formulating her thoughts. Jon Falqon, it seemed was indeed the stealthy fellow, but she knew he would succeed much in the same ways as she had for that strength. The fewer people knew of your plans, the better for the plans overall.

She sighed and called Ensign Rann into her office. In moments the nervous Bajoran was there, looking a little stiff around the edges. She sighed and spoke into his mind, 'Relax Rann, I won't bite.. much.' It amused her to see the jolt of momentary terror in his eyes as her words filtered through his mind.

"Yes Captain."

Linza stood and walked over to him, watching him stand straight and nervous before her. The silence seemed an eternity, which she mercifully broke after watching him a few moments.

"Ensign Rann, as last act as captain, I give you command of the Bilitra, I am stepping down. Choose your command staff wisely, and congratulations Captain Rann. May your successes be overwhelming."

The newly appointed captain stood jaws agape, speechless. Though his thoughts were running like insane race horces through his mind, and just as unruly. Linza chucked him on the shoulder trying to knock him out of his shock, and grinned at his astonished eyes.

"Captain Rann, this vessel is in the ownership of one Commander Jon Falqon. He will avail himself of the profits of this vessel, as I assume he shall, in his good time. In the meantime, make the most of your command. I believe you will find him a much more benevolent owner than the previous one.. or myself."

Captain Rann stood there quite speechless. "Well," she muttered softly, gathering her duffle bag and a few small cases, "once you can speak again, I will be found onboard the ISS Descent, should you have any communication needing to be done. Have a great day Captain!" And with that she walked out, her duffle and cases jauntily slung over her shoulder, waving behind her to the still very speechless new captain.

Linza walked into the freighter's empty transporter room, leaned across the console from the wrong side and layed in the coordinates to the Descent. The thing seemed stubbornly inert, not one light blinked to life. She growled and walked around to the proper side of the console and repeated the coordinates. The antique machinery answered with more silent protest. "Damned, freaking ancient piece of..", and whacked the console hard with her fist. As if being awoke by a stinging clout to the head, the console lit up and complied with all her requests. She shook her head and strode up to the pad, taking her place as the shimmering effect began to engulf her. Very shortly she appeared standing on the tranporter pad of the Descent, a bored transporter crewman gazed through her with half closed eyes.

She stepped up to the man and announced herself.

"Commander Linza Medaltha." she spoke to the nonplussed crewman. She grinned ferally at him, "Heh, meet your new CMO shorty. Report to Sickbay at the end of your shift, you're the first to get the mandatory physical, and certainly not the last. Have a nice day!" She grinned as she sauntered from the transporter room and into the corridor.

As the doors whooshed shut behind her, the transporter crewman groaned and bonked his head repeatedly on the console, "No.... no no no... not that doctor!"

XO's Office, ISS Descent

Linza found the office as quickly as possible, and stabbed the button at Commander Falqon's door, "CMO Medaltha reporting." she drawled. She scrubbed at her face, oh how she wished she could find the practice range and the bar, if this ship even had them. 'Feh, I'de be happier with a long hot bath!' she grumped to herself, waiting for the Commander to allow her inside.

Posted by: Albertus Apr 12 2006, 12:28 AM

Lea waited whilst the armed Ensign contacted the bridge.

"Someone will be here shortly to provide clearance." He began to look a little sheepish. "Sorry Miss, I wasn't informed you were coming aboard".

Lea hunched down, resting her head against the bulkhead wall. "That's ok, neither was I". She smiled. Her mane of hair followed her body, flowing down like a copper river, until it settled around her shoulders.

Minutes passed.

Lea heard the footsteps.

Jon Falqon appeared. He was almost as tall as she was.

"Are you Tor, Lea Tor?"

Lea stood up. "I am"

Falqon turned to the armed Ensign on duty and thrust a PADD at him. "Here are her quarters and when she has to be on duty. Make sure she understands." Falqon looked at Lea once more. "Welcome aboard." Falqon, bowed slightly, then turned on his heel, walking away.

The Ensign looked confused. Lea took his arm and said, "Perhaps I should look at that." she said, indicating the PADD.

Three minutes later, the Ensign (his name was Lyle Carter), agreed that Lea knew how to get to her quarters without his supervision. He was happy to escape his 'duty'.

After finding her quarters location and when she had to be on duty, Lea went walkabout.

ISS Descent - 'Crew's Mess Hall'

After a slow walk around the deck, Lea found a small area with tables and chairs and Replicator outlets close to her quarters. She didn't recognise the meals on offer, so selected at random. Trying to decide if what she had got was actually food or something that was used to repair plasma leaks, she pushed the offending dish away from her, hunger driving her to contemplate peircing her brain with the pronged eating utensil that came with the dish.

Her revereie was cut short when a very small, stringy human sat down opposite her. His tray was piled up with 'mush'. He began eating.

Wiping away some imaginary food from his lips, he spoke to her.

"Sorry, I should have asked if I can sit down here". His spoon never wavered. "But I find if you ask that question, people invariably say no". His utensil stopped moving, he looked up at Lea, and his face burst into a sunshine grin. His spoon, and conversation recommenced their strange, symbiotice dance.

"My name is Connan McCloud.", he stated squarely. "I was named after a mythological warrior...Connan, I mean, not McCloud. My surname is an old name. I traced it back to 1815, Earth calender. Pennsylvania, America." Once again, he stopped eating and smiled as if he had revealed the secrets of the universe.

"So, enough about me." He looked up expectantly.

"My name is Lea Tor"

"That's a very short name for such a long person". Connor grinned impishly, a spoonful of food hovering before his mouth.

Lea considered her next words carefully.

"You are very strange".

"So I am told"
He ceased eating. "I apologise, I didn't mean to offend you." McCloud looked genuinely contrite.

Lea smiled. "I am not offended. I think you are strange - and funny." She leaned forward and propped her head in her hands. "To be honest, everyone I have met so far seems very...". she thought for a moment, "...Intense." "You don't seem like that."

Connan prodded at his meal with his spoon for a few moments. When he spoke, his tone was subdued. "These are difficult times for people. Levity is a luxury. Don't judge them too harshly. When you are in need, it is the people on this ship that will come to your aid - even die to save you, or anyone else that stands with them. They will expect the same from you."

Lea's large eye's had turned a deep blue.

McCloud stood up suddenly. "I have to go". As he walked to the exit he stopped, turned and waved. "See you again!!!!", he almost shouted.

Lea innored his outburst and looked at what was left on his plate. This day cannot get any worse, she thought. She picked up her fork and tried a little of the meal Connan was eating. She had to wait till she left the dining area before she spat out the mouthful of McCloud's meal.

She had twelve hours grace to 'acclimatise' before she was on duty. She had wasted six. Lea decided to just get some rest before she really screwed up. But she needed to eat as well. But there was no Geltan dishes in the replicator.

When she returned to her quarters she ordered up:
Two litres of water and a selection of vegetables.

Munching on a pale stalk of some unknown flora, she fell asleep.

Posted by: Queso Apr 12 2006, 03:03 AM

Dela studied the engines of the ship and shook her head in disgust. She never under stood it. Slowly she turned and studied each of her staff. It was kind of hard to believe she actually had a staff. One that answered to her.

She fixed a gaze on her assistant. A mental tap on the shoulder had the man whirling around. Startled his gaze met hers, she crooked a finger in his direction.

Catching the hint he came over. He'd heard some things about this lady. It was rumoured she was about as crazy as aTerran loon.

A very faint smile touched Dela's lips as she caught the dirft of his thoughts.
"Mr. Donovan," she started softly, "these engines are not up to par. I expect them to be working at 150% efficency with in 6 hours."

He blinked. "But Lieutenant.."

He trailed off as she fixed black eyes on him. "Do it. Pull double shifts."

She turned on her heel and left the human sputtering behind her.

Lt. Dela K'Vari shook her head as the turbolift doors closed behind her. Humans. Odd creatures. Then again she was 1/4 human. Maybe that accounted for her oddities. For as long as she could remember the "traditional" ways of the Betazoids: peace, emapthy, had never come as easily has it had for others. SHe prefered soltitude to being with others. She prefered engines to people. Then again she never used her powerful mental abilities with any regularity until about 2 years ago.

She sighed as she stepped onto the bridge. She needed to in form her Captain, which he barely deserved the title of in her opinon, that she was here. And that they'd get along long as he left HER engineering department alone.

Posted by: Hawku Apr 13 2006, 12:05 AM

Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

The Lokirrim class Descent sped at incredible speeds toward the Chin'toka system. An area of space Aeon was glad Silentio had the instincts to go to. So he can anticipate what I'm thinking. It's nothing personal, but I prefer my Helmsmen to be able to anticipate before I give an order-- this especially related to combat situations. The concept wasn't too far from the mind knowning the body, in martial arts.

Staring out the window of an office that he stole, Aeon began to think about his motives. He began to recall his personal feelings toward the Terran Empire, and what he actually believed in.

There's one thing.

He thought to himself.

I believe in the power of one man.

It was strength and agility that he spent much of his life involved in. One of the driving forces was the notion of how far a single person can go in the universe. He'd proven this through himself when he stole the Descent at Pelios Station. He was right; the power of one man can be strong if he wills it that way.

This all came from the ancient stories he had heard about. One man, long ago, pulled the resources within his grasp and took what he was capapble of taking. Ironically, this was a man who was banished from the Empire. A Human... Aeon thought in awe. A Human started the Alliance all those years ago. - This knowledge wasn't completely known to everyone. Aeon had spoken to some interesting aliens in his time, and came to some interesting truths. But the word-of-mouth was all the same; the Alliance was pushed into strength by a banished Terran.

"The power of one man," Aeon said to himself. The fact that this man was able to alter the balances of kingdoms in the Quadrant was enough to be impressed by.

But before his thoughts could go on, the door chimed and Aeon turned to look at it.

"Come in."

Dela K'Vari stepped in, his Chief Engineer, "Captain Aeon Ryku."

"Oh, Dela. Hey."

She kept a straight face, "Reporting for duty."

"Welcome aboard. Your rank is Lieutenant Commander. You should be proud to be on the Descent. It's a great ship! ...At least I think it is. I've only actually been on three Decks so far."

Dela glanced to another part of the room, "I'm here. That's enough."

"Huh?" Aeon glanced at her in confusion of her tone. "You're here to do a job, and what I request from you in Engineering," he decided on one of his own.

Dela looked at Aeon, "Let's just get one thing straight. You stay out of my way, and I stay out of yours, and we should have the ship running smoothly because of it. My Engineering doesn't need your ineptitude at its beck and call."

"Your profile hasn't been lying. You really don't care, do you?"

She just continued looking at him, annoyed at even the question. "I care about my job."

"Erm--" Aeon interrupted himself. "Of course," he nodded to recover.

Dela turned to exit, having not expected such an easy-going reaction. She had heard rumours of Aeon's reputation for violence, and this meeting didn't display any signs of that. Either way, she was finally aboard this ship. But for how long, she didn't know.

Aeon scratched the back of his head in confusion as she left. He wondered what her deal was, but more importantly was impressed at her strength. He knew someone like her was way better for the Engines than some blank-faced Starfleet officer from the new Academy. --Now that he thought of it, there may have not even been a first graduating class yet.

Shrugging, Aeon decided he would go check out his ship. He'd studied its layouts, but never actually took the time to see what it looked like. There had to be more than just the three Decks he'd visited.

Cargo Bay

Throughout the ship there were Quarters and rooms with other people's stuff in them. People everywhere were getting to know thier new living Quarters with personal alien items inside.

Aeon decided to check out the new Cargo, for a lark, and had entered the Cargo Bay. As he began walking past crate after crate, he began to approach an area of the room with a more miscellaneus feel of scattered items. Glancing at it, Aeon found that he saw a strange shape... or at least something that caught his eye.

Reaching over, Aeon pulled out an awkwardly shaped box with ancient engravings all over it. Opening its compartments, Aeon was brought to see the treasure inside. It was a glass ball with a strange spool-shaped material inside. It almost had the sense of dark-matter, or something. With the object in hand, Aeon decided he would bring it back to the science-lab for testing. He would also check the cargo-list to see what it was - merely an "Orb," it would describe.

Aeon then left the Cargo to head for the labs, when he realized he didn't know where they were. Instead, Aeon decided to bring the Orb back to his Quarters. He thought he may be able to examine it himself in better, there. The Captain approached his Quarters and entered the realm of the unknown.

Posted by: Hawku Apr 21 2006, 10:34 AM

Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Aeon's Quarters

Inside the realm of the unknown - Aeon's new Quarters - were female clothing all over the place. Apparently, whomever's room this was before the hijacking, she never cleaned up. But Aeon wasn't interested as much in the state of the room at the moment-- he was more interested in what the object he had found meant.

He sat at his table, with the object he found sitting across from him... staring... staring...


Aeon just continued to stare at it, hoping the mystery would unshroud itself. But suddenly the Red Alert went off all over the ship, snapping the Captain out of his trance.

- "Bridge to the Captain," came the voice-over of Commander Jon Falqon.

"Aeon here," he replied.

- "Seems like we have an unexpected visitor. The Alliance ship, sir."

"I'm on my way," Aeon tapped his commbadge and went to the Bridge. The strange box-like object would have to wait.


Out in space, a Galor Class vessel dropped Warp and turned to face the Descent. Tom tapped at his controls, reading the registration of the enemy ship. "It appears to be called, the Kraxon. Lifesigns show that there are a crew of Cardassians on board... and a Human," Tom said.

"Is the Hathaway and the Bozemen in the system?" Aeon asked quickly, before anything could happen.

"Yes," Silentio confirmed. "We are just outside the Chin'toka System, and both vessels seem to be in it."

"But they don't look... healthy," Tom added.

Aeon took that as a sign the Kraxon had something to do with it. The Kraxon suddenly opened fire onto the Descent-- shaking the ship violently. Aeon gritted his teeth and focused toward the view-screen. "Evasive manouvers... Return fire."

The Descent sped past the Kraxon blasting torpedoes across thier hull. Apparently there were no shields, and at every hit to thier hull there was an electrostatic illumination. Tom read thier hull damage, "Enemy hull at 97-percent."

Jon and Aeon glanced at each other in confusion at this. "Dougherty did say this ship was infused with that Ion Storm power..." Aeon dictated.

Commander Jon Falqon nodded in acceptance and then stepped forward, giving some of his own manouver tactics. - The Descent and the Kraxon were circling each other, until the Descent angled on its side and flipped over the dorsal plain of the Kraxon on purpose. While passing over in extremely close range, two torpedo tubes were dropped out into space and onto the hull of the Kraxon.

The Descent pulled off and blasted two active torpedoes at the carefully placed tubes, causing a bigger explosion that was over 4-times the power of a normal torpedo. Luckily, Silentio, Tom and Jon Falqon had studied the torpedo-layout of the Descent. BLAAMMMM!!!!!

The power of the explosion tossed the Descent spinning back and away, until Silentio stopped the spinning for a view of the Kraxon. As the plasma and fire was dissipating, they could see that minimal damage was done to the ship. "What the!?" yelled Jon in surprise.

Aeon peered on. All they could see was the illumination of what seemed to be a supernatural electrostatic illumination. The Kraxon hailed the Descent, and Tom put it on-screen.

- "Greetings Keptin," came the introduction of a Human man. "I'm afraid that your efforts are useless."

Everyone's eyes widened in shock, as they all realized a Human was on the side of the Alliance. Aeon merely thought the Human Tom had reported was a prisoner. But apparently, it was the other way around. The visual on this Human suddenly clicked in Aeon's head. He recognized him from a bio he read. It's him!!!! Aeon thought.

- "The name's Chekov," he said. "Keptin Chekov. I wanted to meet you face to face before I destroyed you."

How can this be possible??? Aeon thought. He was the man Aeon admired. The one who took it upon himself to unite the Alliance all those years ago. But what was he doing alive now??

- "I would have destroyed your other wessels, but I found them to be... sort of a boring challenge. You on the other hand, have spirit. You have succeeded in-- denting my ship."

"I'm... I'm... Captain Aeon..." he managed to sputter. His crew glanced at him in confusion. They had no idea what his problem was. Aeon was just in too much shock at this.

- "Well Keptin. I am a sportful man. I will allow you and your crew some time to come up with a strategy against me. You... mortals... may be a little bit slower at figuring out what to do. But I know from first hand, that it just takes some thought." He apparently was hoping for a worthy fight.

The screen clicked off, and the crew had no idea how much time they had. The senior staff decided to meet in the Briefing Room.

Briefing Room

Taking thier seats around the big table, the crew found that there were half-filled and empty glasses all over it. Aeon went to the head of the long and big table, and picked up his glass. There was still a liquid inside, and he wondered if it was alcoholic in any way. Shaking his head he put it down and addressed the occupants of the meeting. Around the table sat Jon, Tom, Silentio, Dela, and Linza Medaltha.

"That goddam ship is indestructible..." Jon muttered in anger.

"No kidding," Tom replied.

"It's got to be from that Ion Storm thing," Dela said, her voice dark.

"What do we know about that Ion Storm?" Jon asked in general.

"What everyone else knows," Silentio said. "It's been around for months and has been empowering random ships with supernatural power-- none of them Terran. Looks like they got another Alliance ship."

"I suppose the Terrans are happy no one has tried to take over thier happy new Empire," Linza said.

"...Chekov," Aeon shook his head as he stared off into nothingness. "It was him. He started the Alliance 90 Years ago."

Jon laughed, "And I suppose he dances at the Ferengi Circuses aswell!"

"I'm serious! I've spoken to many species in my time away from the Terran Fleet. It took some digging, but every story painted a picture of this man."

"We've all spent our time with the same people, Captain," Silentio said. "We haven't heard of a Human starting the Alliance."

"Its been kept a secret," Aeon replied. "A dark secret..."

"If that's true, then how'd he live that long?" Linza wondered skeptically. "He's obviously not an old man."

"I don't know," Aeon wondered the same thing. "Maybe... maybe... it has to do with the Ion Storm..." He shook his head.

"While this history is all fascinating," Jon said sarcastically, "I'd love to get on to our tactic for defeating this low life!"

Aeon turned to Tom and Linza, "You guys might have something..."

Tom nodded, "There may be something I can do." - Aeon wondered whether it was a weapons modification or something Tom brought aboard.

"If you can increase our fire power, then..." Aeon hesitated, but came back in full confidence as he knew this was the only way, "...make it so."

Aeon didn't have the time to go over everything in the Cargo Manifest, but he wondered if there was anything in there helpful. Probably not. It is afterall, just cargo, he thought.


Meanwhile, out in space, the Kraxon patiently awaited for the Descent to be ready. Chekov smiled as he stared on through the view-screen. He was broken off from the Alliance in reality, and had nothing to do with them anymore. A strange glow flickered around his eyeballs, indicating something more deeper within his soul... something strengthening him.

Posted by: BSA Dave Apr 24 2006, 07:40 PM

Breifing Room ISS Decent

"Ok ths is what we have to do. It won't increase our firepower, but it will destroy those bastards. We send over a strike team, Plant Enriched Utritium Explosives on their warp core." Tom was about to finsish when Jon intrupted.

"How in the hell are YOU going to get on their ship. Unless I'm mistaking their sheilds are UP!!!"

"If you'd shut the hell up I'd tell you!!" Tom Continued. "The team is going to have to be small. A Galor class cruiser has a standard crew of 450. But it looks that this whip has only 120 on board. Yes their Sheilds are up. But I've confrnted one of these ships with a Full Crew before. We're going to use the same tactic we used. We are going to send the transporter signal through the communications array. Now thats alot of data so only a 4 or 5 people will be able to go at a time. We use the main deflector dish to amplify the array. Since you can send Comm Signals through sheilds there shouldn't be any problems. But there is 2 hitches, 1 transport take 12 seconds longer than usal, 2 we have to encode the signal to reroute it self to their transporter room. And fight our way to the engine room."

"I have several of these explosive devices, and we should send over 4 teams of 4. Any questions?"

Posted by: Saphirdrache Apr 25 2006, 09:33 AM

Breifing Room ISS Decent

Linza listened intently, Tom was definately onto something.

"Hmmm... that might indeed work. And I believe I have something to help distract the situation a little, giving your team a better chance." Linza turned and looked into Aeon's eyes. "Captain? Have you noticed anything.. peculiar about the cargo manifest I sent you?"

Aeon started to retort, but Linza read his boiling thoughts before he could spit out the first sputter, "Ah, I see not. Allow me to ellaborate." she turns to Tom and smiles wickedly, "Have you had any experience with a Tri-Cobalt Device and it's components? If not, then this is your lucky day Tom. The Descent is now in possesion of such a device."

"Wait! That's illegal ordinance, anywhere! Though it would kick some serious assage... 'now in possession'?" Tom started to ask a question but tossed it aside for later, for now he was turning over many scenarios in his busy mind. Linza swiftly sifted his thoughts, he would make the right sort for the TCD.

Captain Aeon blurted out what Tom didn't, "I don't get it, how'd the Bilitra get from station to station without it being confiscated?"

"Simple." Linza sighed, "Took it apart and stored it in three seperate sections scattered across the main and medical cargo holds. In those forms it is completely inert and apears to be junk. But being that it is a bio-tech device, once all three parts are connected, it 'comes to life', all it's power sources exponentially generated on the cellular level."

Linza looked at Aeon intently, "Captain, I strongly recommend Tom be the interface for the TCD. He has the right personality to control the weapon successfuly. His mind is very focused, and he's a warrior from the inside out, it won't succeed in overtaking his personality."

Dela mentaly nudged Linza. She'd only heard rumours of this Tri-Cobalt Device, and it didn't sound healthy.. especialy being overtaken by a semi-sentient bio-tech device.

'He is too stubborn a human, and too focused on survival and warfare to allow the TCD to permanently overshadow his personality. Tom will be far more in control than the average being would. Linza explained.

'It's not even from a race we know anything about! What if Tom can't fight it off and retake his personality once the battle is over?! Dela shot, her irritation growing by the second.

'We are Betazoids. You, I, and Jon are the most powerful. Should Tom get into trouble disembarking the TCD interface, we overtake his interface. Three Betazoids can easily break the connection. Besides, the TCD personality isn't designed to control simultaneous personalities. I doubt we have to resort to this, but that is a trump in our favor should we have to.

Dela nodded silently, the conversation uncomfortable, but informative. Linza turned and looked at Tom and Aeon, her eyes eventually falling on Jon, his mind once again shuttered from her. She sighed and looked away.

"Time's escaping, shall we get to this Captain? I know where to find it all." Linza hoped that no one had pilfered through the cargo, mistaking the TCD for junk... one missing part at this juncture could be quite unhealthy for everyone.

Posted by: Hawku Apr 28 2006, 12:18 PM

Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Briefing Room

Aeon glanced to the side, processing all this. "Just as I suspected. We do have something." But is it wise to give Tom all that power?

"The Tri-Cobalt suit your are mentioning, does not sound too unlike the Tri-Cobalt warheads the Tholians use on thier starships. I wonder if the suit shares the same subspace effects," Silentio said.

"Good question. But one that'll have to wait." Turning back to the crew, Aeon adressed Jon and Tom. "Commander Falqon, prepare a team with Tom on your list, to take aboard the Kraxon. Doctor Medaltha and Calaway, go to the Cargo Bay and begin retrofitting the suit-- that is, if you're up for it, Lieutenant Commander."

Tom Calaway nodded.

"Lieutenant Commander Dela K'Vari, see if you're able to transfix a transporter signal through the Kraxon's communications array. The estimated person transfer is four or five, but you will have to confirm the true amount. Will Tom's suggestion of the main deflector dish amplifying the array work?"

"I will have to look into it, but the concept seems plausible," she replied. "If there are any precautions I'll let you know."

"Alright," Aeon wondered if the Geltan female, or Silentio would be a part of the team, but it wasn't important at the moment. "Something about this Chekov guy isn't sitting right with me. When I spoke to him, he referred to us as 'mortals' - as if we were somehow lower than him in status." He turned for a second and then back. "He may be stronger than he looks, which is why that suit may come in handy..."

He paused for a moment, a bit disturbed. Jon, Linza, and Dela could sense what he was thinking. That he wanted to lead the Away Team himself and don the armour.

"You want to be on the mission," Linza predicted.

Aeon knew they could sense his thoughts, "Yes. But my place is here on the ship. It was my choice to Captain this ship," he said as if he was just deciding his boundaries at that moment. "I don't know you guys that well, but I know we all share similar dark traits... the same we've used to get this far in our lives. I trust your abilities." He paused. "Let's do this thing."

Everyone got up and began heading out the Briefing Room.

As they were leaving, the three telepaths suddenly sensed a powerful wave of supernatural emotion. The power was unlike anything they'd sensed before, and they knew it was coming from the Kraxon. Something big was awaiting the Away Team.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Apr 29 2006, 06:45 AM

I.S.S. Descent, Briefing Room

As Silentio was about to leave, Aeon stopped him.

"Silentio, you've been pretty quiet. Do you want to join the away team?"

"Well, captain, I'm a pilot, not a crusader. I think my abilites would be best suited on the Bridge, where I can take this ship out of here fast if anything happens."

"Hm.. how good are command abilites?"

"Fine, sir. Tom Paris mentored me on the finer points of command. More recently, I took command of the ISS Dasein when its captain was rendered unconscious."

Silentio saw the look on the Captain's face. You don't need a telepath to tell you, although he said otherwise, he wanted to lead the away team. He knew the captain wanted to find out what happened to Chekov.

Silentio spoke. "Sir, I am quite capable of taking command of this ship, if the need arises... sir."

"Dismissed, Lieutenant Commander"

As Silentio left, Aeon thought about his subtle offer....

Posted by: -Q- Apr 29 2006, 12:38 PM

I.S.S. Descent, Breifing room

Jon thought for a moment, careful to disguise it from the other Betazoids in the room Hmm, Perhaps I should allow the Captain to Join the Away Team... if he got killed, there is a promotion opprotunity, and that is quite the lucrative occurance. Of course, Jon liked Aeon, and would fight to save him if anything occured, so it was mostly a passing thought, he quickly shook it off.

Jon looked to Linza, "Commander, I do not know what may occur over there, and I may need your medical expertise with me. We cannot risk dropping the shields to get any injured over to your sick bay. You have 15 minutes to prepare and meet me in Transporter Room II"

Jon then spoke to himself, "I have Myself, Linza, and Tom, I need a fourth member..." He turned and spoke to Dela, "Commander, you have the Engineering knowledge that I will need on this mission, you are my fourth team member, go ready yourself and be Transporter Room II in 15 minutes"

Jon walked off to the Transporter Room, There he sat and waited, well armed and ready for the worst. Linza arrived 10 minutes early, also well armed, also carrying and emergency medical kit. Jon struck up converstaion with Linza, he got right to one of his points: "Tell me more about this Leitan, I am curious. And it is not an order, merely a request"

Posted by: BSA Dave Apr 29 2006, 07:58 PM

Breafing Room, Tom Calaway

"Hey I thought this was MY mission, I don't want no f*cking XO on it. I know how to lead the team and I know my way around the ship alot better than anyone else. Rememebr Me and my Friends blew one these up the same way, well without the suit. I don't need Him breathing down my goddamned neck" Tom said with force

"My discussion is final Tom. Now get suited. " Aeon said with force.

Tom hit the door panel hard and walked out of the room cussing.

Tom acompied Liza to were she has this suit. Tom thought if I could get my hands on this raiding would be much easier.

After severl minutes, Linza Gave Tom a quick run through of all the suits system's and he got suited up.

Tom walked in to the transporter room. And gave a evil look in Jon's direction. He steped up on the pad awaited the "Team leader to begin."

Posted by: Hawku May 3 2006, 08:49 AM

Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

Aeon stepped out onto the Bridge, thinking about what Silentio had said. Maybe it wasn't too late to join the Away Team, and perhaps put the armour on himself. But then there were issues such as Tom Calaway. If Aeon was in the Rebellion at the moment, he would easily kill Tom for his outbreak... not anything personal, but simply because he was an obvious emotional risk to the ship.

I wonder if he should be killed... Aeon stopped for a moment, then shook his head. No! That's the old way of doing things. The Terran's are more enlightened now. We have a Starfleet Academy with rules and behavioural routines.

Aeon went behind Tom's station and clicked the screen on. The Kraxon was in clear view, and the Away Team was just about to beam over.

- "Falqon to Bridge. We are ready to beam over."

"On my mark, Commander," Aeon began tapping at the controls. He glanced down at Silentio, who had momentarily turned to make eye-contact with Aeon. The Captain nodded, as they were both ready. Normally, a sub-ordinate of Tom's would take over, but Aeon didn't trust anyone else who didn't have the expertise level-- or at least anyone who didn't prove that they had. "Engage!"

Silentio trucked the Descent forward, passed the Kraxon in surprise. Aeon tapped at the tactical deck three times, firing three Photon Torpedoes along the port side of the Kraxon! Thier shields illuminated, as the Kraxon returned fire without moving. Silentio held the Descent in mid-space, swinging it around in rotation to face the same port side of the Cardassians. When in clear view, Aeon fired three more Torpedoes into the same area of the shields, weakening them.

Transporter Room 3

Down in the Transporter Room, Dela had been tapping at the transporter controls and dealing with a temporary engineering console next to it. She had altered the signal, and then ran back to the transporter padd with Linza, Jon, and a suited Tom.

- "Energize!" Came Aeon's voice over the comm.

Dela activated a Terran tri-corder in her hand and the Away Team dematerialized.

Posted by: Saphirdrache May 3 2006, 11:20 AM

In Transit from the Descent

Linza looked over at the sparkling essenceses of the away team members, noting the incredible energy glowing in auras around Tom, as the transporter effect departiculated him in myriads of energy and coding. His visage was visibly altered by the suit, and the not so subtle changes in his personality were also as apparant to her. As it surely must have been to the other Betazoids on the team.

Linza looked foreward, facing what was to come with an expressionless glare, and began to speak to Commander Falqon mentaly.

'Leitan is my family and house's homeworld now. Many Nobles live there in the hopes of some privacy, and to rebuild our lineage in the relative safety of the Klingons, who share the colony with us. The Klingons keep to themselves for the most part, except for the occasional festival and for socialising. And sometimes not so benevolent reasons. It is usualy a very symbiotic relationship. Mutual protection, in some respects. Why do you ask Commander?'

Linza fell silent, she knew that soon the conversation would be over, and she was not entirely certain of the mission's outcome. Though she hoped for a chance to speak in more relaxed circumstances, once the job at hand was done.

She gripped her weapons, both medical and conventional, and concentrated on the forming images of another ship's interior, the transporter effect resolving already.

'Showtime.' she muttered mentally to no one in particular, and everyone in general.

Posted by: Emerald Knight May 3 2006, 08:11 PM

I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

Silentio evaded the incoming weapons fire with relative ease. "Ha, and I'm not even trying" smirked Silentio.


A barage of weapons fire managed to hit the Descent and the Bridge shook.

"Pay attention you f*ck!" exclaimed a redshirt ensign

"Ah shaddup" as Silentio deftly manuevered the Descent around the Kraxon and its weapons.

Aeon fired two barrages of torpedoes at the Kraxon. The shields weakened just enough for a transporter signal to get through.

"Aeon to Away Team.... Energize!"

As soon as the away team boarded the Kraxon, the ship powered up all of its systems. Any damage that was inflicted by the Descent was apparently repaired. The Kraxon proceeded to head out of the system.

"Pursuit course" yelled Aeon

"Captain!", exclaimed Ensign Heidegger who was manning Ops. "Long range sensors are picking up several Cardassian vessels entering the sector. They'll be here in 47 minutes!"

"Confirmed, captain" agreed Silentio

"Damn" exclaimed Aeon, "It was a goddamn trap!"

Posted by: BSA Dave May 3 2006, 08:20 PM

Kraxon transporter room

Tom materilized, Phased Poloran Distruptor raised. He Shot the cardie who was at the station in the chest. The Cardie had a suprised look to see invaders on the ship, before he vaporized.

Tom yelled "Hurry up, I got point."

The boarding party ran out of the room firing at any cardassain in the way. They met stiff restince a desk above the engineering section. They knew the Rebels were on board. A Baracade was set up, nine cardassian soldiers were behind it firing blindly in fact of them.

"Time to see what this suit can take." Tom spoke softly

At the end of that sentance Tom walked in front taking several phaser blasts, the suit absorbed all the energy. Tom fired his weapons striking five soliders. Jon fired his weapons striking 2 more of the cardassian's. Tom now ran right into the cardassian, shooting one with his Disruptor. He let go of the rifle, the sling caught it as it dangled from his chest. Pulled his K-Bar Knife stabbed the remaining cardassian int he chest. He pulled the knife out and thrusted several more times in the upper chest. His finale blow was into the skull of the cardassain. The team behind him was in shock at the complete Brutality of tom's action's. It seemed not to phaser Tom one bit.

"Move one." Yell Tom

Posted by: -Q- May 3 2006, 11:24 PM


Jon paused for a moment. He was the ranking officer on this mission, and Tom was barking orders in Mercenary fashion?! "Leiutenant Commander Callaway! I am in command of this mission! Now, I don't mind you giving orders, as you seem to know what you are doing, but stop talking like a damned Merc., Hell, I am not even certain that I know what you are trying to say! Now talk so that my people can understand you!" Jon screamed at Tom.

"Now, are you going to be useful, and give commands so that we can all know what you are trying to say, or do I have to send you back to the Descent?!" Jon said, then calmed, "Now that this is settled, let's get a move on, and disable this thing!"

Posted by: BSA Dave May 4 2006, 12:04 AM

"Jon, this is my mission, I can up witht he plan it's mine your tagging alonng don't mean shit. Fine I will put this so you dumbasses can understand." Tom Continues to speak but very slowly is a very scarstic, and down talking aditude. "We are going to move on to the engine room. I will lead. Is that better?"

Jon retorted "I don't like your aditude or you disrespect."

"You don't like it your welcome to try and change it." Tom said with shear anger, also holding the bloody knife up in a threatening way.

"Lets move on." Tom Spoke

The teamed followed Tom through the coridor's picking off Cardassian Soliders as they saw them. Tom noticed the suit's starting too loose some power. He thought it might not take to many hit's.

They walked in the engine room the restince in there was less than Tom figured there would be.

"Ok set the charges on the Dilithium storage chamber, the matter/anti matter reaction chamber, Plasma Injectors, and the rest we'll place in the Nacelle's. it'll be a nice light show. Jon what would you say is the Apporite time until detonation. You want to blow it up or me to go kill that sonbitch adn then blow it up?"

Posted by: Hawku May 4 2006, 09:24 AM

Aeon Ryku - U.S.S. Descent, Bridge

"Damn," exclaimed Aeon, "It was a goddamn trap!"

The Captain slammed his fist against the deck of the console. He tried to think for a moment and then looked up--

"Fall back," he changed his mind. "Set a course for the Hathaway and engage!" He then remembered what Tom had reported about the ship; that it was in unhealthy condition... unheathly, but still okay. The Admiral wanted us to escort them to the Emporer signing, which must mean: "Dammit! The new Emporer is on the Hathaway."

He tapped at the controls and hailed the Hathaway. A Human female blinked on-screen.

- "Having a little play time?"

"Ma'am, we---"

- "That's Empress Bacco to you. I'm supposed to be at Bajor right now, so I want your ship to come here and give us one of your spare plasma coils."

"Want some Cardassians with that? Because we're just about to be surrounded by them," Aeon replied.

- "Son of a bitch! Our long-range sensors only go so far. Then I order you to get here faster... and then when those bastards enter the System, we're going to fight our way out."

"Yeah but---"

- "There are no 'but's about it. If I don't get to Bajor, then the Terran's won't have an Emporer. Well, they may have that alien fool who competes with me, but you don't want that."

Aeon thought about it. If he lost the Empress in this mission, then the Admiral's would defintely have him killed... new ways or not. He had pushed the boundaries against them far enough over the years. Then again, if I became renegade, I wouldn't have to abide by thier rules... He put the thought aside for a moment. Perhaps not until I know my crew is good. I mean, they're good, but they can't be as confident to fight a war against the Empire.

"I was already coming," Aeon replied.

Then he revelled at the thought of fighting a fleet of Cardassian ships.

A smirk curled up the side of his mouth, "Have your Engineers ready," he said but with more pleasure. He deactivated the screen without saying so, and called out to Silentio. "Watch the Bridge-- you can stay at your Helm if you want-- but I'll be in Engineering."

Kraxon, Bridge

Chekov sat in his chair laughing, "Hahahahahaha! Oh I would have liked to have been the one to destroy him. But perhaps another time."

One of his subordinate Cardassians approached him.

"Sir, the Kraxon is boarded. There are Terrans on board and are killing Cardassian-Alliance officers!"

Chekov relaxed in his chair, looking at his half-opened palm. In it he played around with a surge of plasmatic power. Currents of energy danced around his hand by his command. "Yes I know," Chekov said. "They intend on destroying the ship."

"One of them is wearing an armour suit. All our disrupter hits to it are rendered useless!"

Chekov got up in anger and blasted the surge of energy at this subordinate. The Cardassian went flying over a console and slammed against the back wall across the Bridge. "Enough!! I said I already know. I can sense them, you fool!"

But the Cardassian he hit was dead, and unable to listen.

Five more Cardassians came around and obeyingly awaited Chekov to address them. "There you are. The Obsidian Order. There's a reason why I've bestowed upon you my power. It's because you are a level more intelligent than normal Cardassians. You five are the only Obsidian Order operatives on this ship, and are capable of what I'm capable. Heh. Not to the extent of my power, of course, but in comparison to mortals, you're powerful."

He paced and made eye contact with each of them.

"Ghedel, Saudren, Hekken, Milaen, and Trell - you know that I have survived for the entire Alliance occupation and the Rebellion-- 90 Years! I've had the best of the best come after me, only to fall to my feet in pathetic ruin. If you five wish this status, then you're going to have to kill the Terrans aboard this ship. Understand? Not only that, but I want thier decapitated heads on the floor of this Bridge when you're done."

Chekov stopped walking around and smiled.

"Another thing. This vessel is the most powerful ship in the Quadrant. The Ion Storm reinforced it with power itself, so it can't be that easy to destroy," he paused. "Heh, heh. Dismissed."

The five Cardassians left the Bridge and made thier way through the ship. In the meantime, the Kraxon passed the fleet of other Galor class ships heading into the Chin'toka system. One of the vessels slowed and met with the Kraxon.

- "Rekalr to Kraxon. We are ready for transport."

"Very well," Chekov said, finding the thought of the Alliance a complete frivolity. But alas, he was there in its beginning, so he would be there until its end. "Energize."

A second later, Chekov was transported off the ship; the five soldiers of strange and unexplained power trudging through the Kraxon in search for thier prey.

Posted by: Saphirdrache May 4 2006, 11:06 AM

Kraxon - Engine Room

The place was eerily silent, the Cardassian resistance was suddenly gone. Something about this seemed very wrong to Linza. She stretched her mind, but something was interferring with her ability to sense things. However, one thing was certain, they were about to meet with something very different, and the one very strong presence in her empathy had gone quite mute, Checkov.

"Commander. Something's changed. And we've got Company coming." she said as she set the last charge in her pack, and looked around at the team members.

Jon turned and looked at her, a feral expression on his face. "I know. Dela?"

The younger Betazoid shook her head without a word. Things were not right to her either, nor was she able to sense any more than the rest of them.

Linza readied the rest of her arsenal. She only hoped the lethal concoction she'd thrown together was strong enough to stop whatever was coming. The trick was Tom. She knew his cellular power sources were recharging. And she knew it took only a small amount of time for the bio suit to recharge, but there was no knowing how long that took!

"Tom, how ya feeling?" She asked pensively, hoping he was feeling the effects of renewed energy in the short time they'de been setting charges.

Posted by: BSA Dave May 4 2006, 11:52 AM

Kraxon-Engine Room

"I can feal the it loosing power from each hit it took. But it feals a little odd now. Does this thing recharge?" Tom answered Linza's question and ask one if return. "Because it kind of feals it is."

"If we're about to have company we need to set up a defensie perimeter. Quick move those crates." Tom ponted to some storage crates. "we'll split the team in half, half behind the crates, and the rest on the second level that way we'll have two fire direction on them. I can get a better sniper postition if I'm on the second level."

Posted by: Hawku May 8 2006, 07:24 PM

Captian Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Engineering

Aeon had made a quick stop-off at his Quarters. Although he was personally ready to start battle, there was one side thing he intended on starting first. He carried the box-like object to Engineering, where he would hopefully find the Lokirrim tachyon scanner.

Entering, he found that some of the crew were surprised to see him.

"Sir-- uhh, is there a problem?" One of them asked.

Aeon shook his head, "Not if you keep the ship in good condition. We're about to enter extensive battle."

"Yes, sir! I will not let you down!" The man of equal or greater age made a salute.

Aeon nodded in understanding. There may be favour for this one. If I meet him again and recognize him in the future, he won't be as looked down upon as a mere subordinate as most crew would be. He paused for a moment-- That is, if his work in Engineering is successful.

The Engineer went off to get back to work.

Captain Aeon turned to a console to check the Engineering systems too. He wanted to make sure the ship was in good condition himself. "Perfect," Aeon smirked an evil grin. The Descent really was ready for battle.

Still holding the box-like mystery he had found earlier, Aeon searched the room for the tacyon scanner. The device was around the corner in a Science's division of Engineering. He placed the object onto the scanner padd, and turned it on. He programmed a low intensity sensor sweep onto the object, hoping to find out anything. As the scans ensued, the box-like object began to glow from inside.

The Captain stared at it for a moment. It would take another few hours or so to complete the tachyon scans. In the meantime, he pulled out two locking grips from the side and ensured that the box would stay where it was. An Ensign was walking by, to which Aeon grabbed by the shirt.

"Stay here and watch this. When we enter battle, I want your top priority to be to maintain this thing--" Aeon paused for a second and thought about what he just said. "...Unless your superior officer is killed by an exploding panel. Then you should maintain Engineering systems."

The Ensign nodded in fear.

"Very well," Aeon let go and left Engineering. It was an eerie and strange place that he wondered how Dela enjoyed working there. The Captain shrugged it off and continued on. He wondered how his crew was fairing on the Kraxon. He somehow knew they could take care of themselves. Meanwhile, the Descent would soon reach the Hathaway.

Posted by: Hawku May 14 2006, 04:28 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

"Now approaching the Hathaway and the Bozeman," reported Silentio from the Helm.

Aeon was entering the Bridge, when the Descent had slowed in nearing of the other vessels. The Captain turned his head to the person at the Tactical Deck behind the chairs and nodded.

This indicated a pre-order to hail the Hathaway, of which was done - the screen blinked on to a young female, about the same age as Aeon.

- "Greetings," she smiled.

"Who are you?" Aeon asked. "I wanted to speak to the upcoming-Empress."

- "I'm her daughter, Engelina Bacco. Also, the First Officer of the Hathaway."

Aeon was surprised. "You're pretty young to be a first officer."

- "You're pretty young to be a Captain. Especially one to fight against these odds." She turned to her crew behind her, "What is the estimated time until arrival of the Alliance ships?"

- "Five minutes," one of them said in the background.

Aeon shook his head. Five minutes?? Are they really ready for this?

- "You don't approve?" Engelina said.

"It's just that your ship's are damaged. You were disabled by the Kraxon, am I correct?"

- "Right. But since then, we've done some pretty amazing recovery. All we need are some plasma coils, I believe."

Aeon nodded to Tactical, in which case the items were beamed over. Engelina checked her console and found that she had recieved them.

- "Thank you," she gave in. Then she wanted to find some common ground with Aeon, for when she really thought about it-- they were on the same side. "This whole thing..." she struggled to find the subject, "This whole Ion Storm creature. It's been the cause of everything, expecially the added strength to the Kraxon." She looked to the side, "It's been said a giant throw of energy from the Storm is all that the Kraxon had to endure to recieve super-power to thier systems."

"I know," Aeon replied. "The Empire had thier best scientists look at the Ion Storm. They studied it for months now, and can find no real explaination for it, and where it came from."

- "And yet it still plauges us," she shrugged, sharing a moment of loss-help with the Captain. She then turned to the view-screen with more confidence, "But it won't stop us."

Without saying goodbye, she clicked the screen off, and had the Hathaway bring its weapons online. Aeon saw that he was falling behind, and he went to the Tactical to bring the Descent's weapons online. The fleet of Cardassian ships dropped Warp and surrounded the three Terran vessels.

The Kraxon

Elsewhere, aboard the Kraxon, Saudren-- an Obsidian Order operative vested with some kind of power, was blocked by a Cardassian subordinate holding a disrupter rifle in a corridor.

"Excuse me. But we can take care of these Humans," the subordinate said.

"Out of my way," Saudren said. "There are five of us capable of taking these fools. The Humans don't stand a chance against us... heh, they don't stand a chance against me."

Saudren collected a ball of energy in his hand and blasted it at the subordinate. The hit Cardassian was knocked back into the wall, and unconscious-- to which Saudren continued walking passed. He was heading in the direction of the Descent crew.

Posted by: BSA Dave May 21 2006, 11:06 PM


The away team was in postition behind their makeshift baricades. Everyone have their weapons trained on the main door/ Tom set his new Rifle to maxium, and switched it to automatic mode.

Saudren and his and the rest of the Orders agents walked in the room. The team opened fire. Doing nothing to them but slowing their advance.

Tom locked his sights on the lead cardassian and fired a 8 round burst. KNocking the agent to the ground. after several second he got back up to his feet. Tom fired another burst. this time 15 rounds. knocking down the agent for good this time. He fired wildy into the remaining agents. The rest of the team fired their weapons at will doing very little in damage. There was only two agent left. But Tom's Poloran Rifle's powercell was drained, and started it's self recharge cycle. He didn't know when the weapons would reutrn to operation. He pulled out his primary sidearm a EM-33. Fired several shots that did nothing. the two remaining cardassain fired some kind of energy burst blowing away the baricades on the floor. Knocking the team behind them down.

Tom steped over his baricade, and jumped down from the second level. He took one energy burst to the mid torso. The suit absorbed most of the blast. But he felt a decent amount of pain. He Pulled his combat knife and started his atatck on a cardassian. The cardassian Fired a second blast barly missing Tom Tom stuck the knife in the Cardassian's Skull. Blood ozzed out of the wound. The Cardassian Smiled back at tom and landed a blow with his fist to Tom's chest. Tom's suit once again aborbed to hit, he pulled the knife out and stabbed again in the head of the cardassian. This time he fell to his death. He pulled his knife out when he felt someone grab the back of his neck. When he releized what happened he was thrown into the bulkhead.

Jon ran at full speed and jumped the remaining cardassian. Knocking him down. Jon landed a punch to the cardassian's neck. The Cardassian Grabbed Jon by the chest and threw him off onto the floor.

In the background Linza snuck up stairs to were Tom's rifle layed. She piclked it up and fired a burst into the Cardassian's Head knocking him back to the floor.

Tom Jumped on top the the Cardassian. Stabbed him in the chest. The cardassian looked at him and spoke.

"Your all goning to die by my hands."

Tom Looked at him Reached behind him, grabbed one of his gernades. Activated it. and jamed it down the Agents Uniform. Tom jumped off everyone took cover. The Cardassian Tried to get the gernade out but he was unsucussful.
A loud explosion shocked the entire deck. Bloody chucks of cardassian was littered about.

(Someone else from the team can finish now)

Posted by: Emerald Knight May 23 2006, 08:40 AM

I.S.S. Descent - Bridge
As the Cardassian ships surrounded the Descent and her allies, Silentio prepared for evasive manuevers. However, nothing happened.

"What are they trying to do, bore us to death?" commented Aeon

"I have to take a piss," exclaimed Silentio, "tell me if something happens will ya?"

Silentio left the bridge and ran to the ship's johns

Posted by: Queso May 23 2006, 09:20 PM

Dela was only partially paying attention to what was going on. Most of her keeping alive was skimming from the minds of others. Not really reading, but picking up on the peaks and jumps in thier brains.

Dela was more interested in the ship. She'd never been on a Cardassian ship, although she had studied up on them, as it was wise to know your enemy.

As the grenade exploded, dela shook her head to get the slight ringing noise out of her ears. Glancing around she tried to remember the schematics of the Galor class. She grinned.

~This way!~ she tossed to the two other Betazoids. Then she remembered that TOm wouldn't hear her. "Gotta way out!"

As the team moved, Dela talked quickly. "Engineering teams, always have mulitple ways out of engineering in case of an emergency. I just couldn't recall where." She crouched down and pulled a panel out of the wall. Something akin to Jefferies Tubes awaited the team. "Now, do you want to go up or down, or do you want me to set up something to go ka-boom in Engineering?"

Posted by: Hawku May 24 2006, 12:47 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

I haven't even attempted to go back for my crew. Aeon thought to himself, I wonder if they'll hold that against me?................... Oh well, he shrugged.

The Alliance Fleet continued to surround the three Terran vessels. Demands were yet to be made.

"What are they trying to do, bore us to death?" Aeon said.

Silentio got up quickly from the helm, "I have to take a piss. Tell me if something happens will ya?" and left the Bridge.

"Ooookay..." Aeon said after he was gone. The last thing he wanted was to get in the way of a man and his need to urinate. - But the Captain made the first move against the Alliance. "--Ensign! Take the Helm!" He pointed to a compliant officer. "Flight-attack pattern Theta-9, Engage."

The Descent shot out toward the first Alliance ship, pumping torpedo after torpedo at them. The Alliance ship took a few hits into the shields and then returned fire. As the Descent was passing over and turning around, they were hit three times in the aft shielding.

In the background, the Hathaway and the Bozeman had sprinted from thier positions aswell and begun attacking the fleet. The odds were extremely against the Terrans.

"Take us near thier ventral side!" Aeon ordered as Silentio ran back in and kicked the Ensign off the helm. The Descent flew downward, ducking two disrupter blasts from a nearby ship, and locked a tractor beam.

As Silentio tapped at the controls, he was ordered to swing the Descent around in a rotating momentum. As the ship spun, it began to pull an already moving Alliance ship. With the altering of speed and additional momentum, the Alliance ship was swung aroudn and into the path of a sister Alliance ship. Aeon dropped the tractor beam, allowing an escape as the two Alliance ship's crashed into each other, sending large dismembered areas of hull spinning away.

A momentary surge was shocked through the systems of the Descent as it sped for the next target. The box in Engineering that Aeon had set up to the computers was suddenly fully activated. The Ensign watching it jumped back in fear, because a thick beam of energy shot up through the deck plating and into the next deck.

"Returning fire!" Aeon said as he got the Decscent to blow another weakend Alliance ship apart. As the pieces of the enemy flew out into space, the Descent swung around and grabbed one of them with a tractor beam and flung it at a ship attacking the Bozeman.

The energy throw from the lower decks pounded through the next deck and the next deck, on its way upward to the Bridge. Aeon was suddenly hit with it, and put into a moment of shock. It held him off the floor, and he hovered in mid air, within this dancing flow of energy: his eyes blinked to full red.

Silentio turned for a moment, wondering why the firing stopped and saw what was happening. He then remembered what he had suggested to the Captain earlier... that he would be able to take command if needed. He wondered if maybe now was a good time to---

Sub-Plain of Existence

---Meanwhile, Aeon found himself on an over-exposed replica of the Descent Bridge. He was surrounded by versions of his crew. Perhaps he was dead and was now meeting his dead crew from the Kraxon?

"Linza!" He looked at her. "Tom! Dela? Falqon?? - I... I was coming to get you, I swear!"

Tom turned and looked at Aeon. "He is fighting the Chekov."

"He fears and cares not for Chekov's power," Linza said.

"What? Who are you? You're not my crew!" Aeon said.

Dela moved in to examine Aeon closely, "Curious. He is fated to defeat the Chekov."

"Perhaps we have chosen wrong," Silentio moved closer aswell.

"You..." Aeon then realized what was going on. "You're... not exactly humanoid..."

"We are the Wraith," Tom interjected at an attempt to communicate with Aeon.

"The Pah'Wraith," Linza corrected.

"Never heard of you!" Aeon said annoyed.

"We exist within the Ion Storm," Linza said. "Where once the door to the celestial temple was one, it is now multiple."

"What?" Aeon asked with no clue. "I don't understand."

Posted by: -Q- May 25 2006, 10:32 AM


Jon spoke so that Tom could hear him, "Dela, I need to you to rig Main Engineering on the Kraxon to 'go ka-boom' in 10 minutes, this bugger is going to BLOW!"

Jon pulled out his laser sabre. He then commanded, "Dela, I shall defend you while you do so. Linza you stay right where you are, nothing should be able to get in here to bother you, and I will need you close should anything happen to either us, or Tom.. Tom, you go and scout the tube, if we are going to run into any surprises I would like to know about them."

Jon looked at Linza, as though want to say something important, but then he turned a bit and mere said, "Good Luck"

Tom mistook this thinking that Jon was talking to him and said "Luck has nothing to do with it! It-"

Jon interupted Tom, "Calaway, SHUT UP! unless you want to meet my laser sabre" He then looked to Dela, "Let's go, I'll go first."

Posted by: BSA Dave May 25 2006, 06:33 PM


Tom aimed his rifle at Jon, "You use that tone with me again and I'll f*cking kill you right here right now. The laser saber is shit compaired to this rifle and suit. I'm going to drop this we'll finish it back on the Decent. That if you don't piss me off and I lay your body here on this f*cking ship UNDERSTOOD!"

Tom walked off to the tube. He crawled in. He saw a small laser detection grid 10 meters down the shaft. Probally a weapons system, ment to go off if interurpted.
Tom thought to himself. What a surprise it'd be if jon happened to stumble upon this and not know. Teach that smug son of a bitch not to f*ck with me.

Tom Deactivated the device and move past it to scout ahead. When he came back he tapped in to his suit's control panel and rigged the device to go off when he hit the control. If jon annoyed him moreso, he'd use this to rid of him, after all it'd look like a accident. He crawled out of the tube as the rest of the team finished placing the explosives.

"We should contact the Decent them to be ready for us."

Jon looked angerly at Tom. "Falqon to Decent." Nothing happened
"Falqon to Aeon!" Again nothing

Tom Interrupted " They probally retreated. We need to get to a shuttle. And fly the hell out of here. There has to be a map of were the shuttle bay was."

Tom walked over to the large pael on the left wall.
"We go out that tube which i scouted, 40 meters and up 2 decks and out tube 57. That will put us in the chuttle bay."

Posted by: Hawku May 27 2006, 08:14 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Sub-Plain of Existence

Upon the recreated-overexposed version of the Descent Bridge, Aeon continued to be confronted by the apparently non-corporeal beings known as the 'Pah-Wraith'. These beings embodied the persona's of his crew, the people he had aquianted himself with recently.

"We are a kind who once were restricted to the confines of the Celestial Temple, a place in the galaxy we once called home," Linza said.

"But our enemies drove us out, and we were forced to find another form of existence," Jon continued.

"...The Ion-Storm," Aeon said in completion. It was somehow making sense. From what he could tell, these aliens existed in a non-corporeal state and had power beyond that of any mortal. He quickly glanced from a blank stare to back at his 'crew' and said, "Wait a minute. You're the Ion'Storm? You're responsible for giving all those starships that power?"

Dela and Tom glanced at each other at this, and it was Dela who stepped forward, "We concern ourselves with matters of the mortal realm."

"We find them..." Tom paused, "Interesting."

"This Alliance. These Terrans. They are large powers in this Quadrant. What is true of all powers is growth," she said.

"We assisted in that growth," added Silentio.

"The Alliance deserves vengeance, said the Chekov," Jon claimed.

"The Alliance must return to power. We are to ensure that, said the Chekov" Linza finished.

Aeon almost dropped his jaw, "It can't be. You met with Chekov?? It's his influence that got you to give all those ships that power?? He must've somehow got in contact with you." He thought for a second. "That box thing..."

"The Blood of the Pah'Wraith - the Orbs," Silentio answered.

"You fools! A single person can influence your will that easily? If that's true then you have to put the Empire back onto the path of power. Give the Terran Fleet that thing that boosts our torpedoes and guidance systems." He stopped to think about what he was saying. Was it wise for the whole Fleet to have that power? "Wait! In fact, just give it to my ship, the Descent." In his head, he knew he was losing the trust of command. If they could, the Empire would rid Aeon at its earliest convienience; then the Empire would deserve to fall and die. "The Descent should be able to sway the path of power enough," he realized in more ways than one.

"The Aeon shows true sin," Linza said.

"Therefore the Aeon shows promise," Lea said.

"The Aeon may be the one," Jon said.

"His crew follows his fate," Silentio said.

"That who in comes to final power will control the Celestial Temple," Tom said.

"The Aeon and the Chekov are puppets," Dela said.


In a flash of light, Aeon was brought back to the real Bridge of the Descent. The battle continued to rage on, and the flow of energy that held him in place had disappeared directly into the Captain.


Aeon struggled in pain on his hands and knees, trying to get up, or at least make sense of the sub-atomic stress straining throughout his body.


His eyes blinked back to normal, and he breathed in deeply. Something wasn't right. Or more, something was different about him... But all he could think about was the last thing the Pah'Wraith had said about him - and the mere thought of it angered him inside. He gritted his teeth in resentment.


Posted by: Emerald Knight May 28 2006, 05:06 AM

I.S.S. Descent - Restroom

"Ah yeah... that's the stuff"

After the confrontation with the Kraxon and after 13 cups of coffee, Silentio felt this was truly bliss.


"F***!" exclaimed Silentio

I.S.S. Descent - Bridge

Silentio ran onto the bridge, pushed the dumbfounded ensign out of the helm controls and manuevered the ship around the weapons fire. After some brillant tactical manuevers, five Alliance ships remained. "Damn, we're still outnumbered and we've taken some damage to the hull. Energy reserves are falling!" yelled Silentio

"Captain!" exclaimed an officer

Silentio turned for a moment and saw what was happening. Aeon was suspended in mid-air, a slightly red aura surrounded the captain and his eyes danced full red. "What the hell--" exclaimed Silentio. There was no time to ponder the question. Several Alliance vessels ganged up on the Bozeman. Its shields were gone and its hull was buckling.

"Ensign Heidegger, prepare to lower shields and beam the Bozeman survivors aboard, on my command" Silentio swiftly guided the Descent towards the Bozeman, while the Hathaway covered.

"Now!" yelled Silentio

"Bozeman survivors aboard! Raising shields!" repsonded Ensign Heidegger

A final torpedo from one of the Alliance ships tore through the Bozeman's bridge. The Bozeman exploded in a blaze of glory.

Suddenly, Aeon fell to the ground. He muttered, "Puppets..." as he struggled with consciousness. A hapless crewmen tended to the captain.

All of a sudden, Ensign Heidegger yelled, "Sir, our shield strength has increased 150%. Weapons are at 300%!"

"Fire at will!" exclaimed Silentio

The Descent's torpedoes and phasers shot with a fury never before seen. A single torpedo tore through and destroyed an Alliance ship. Within seconds, the last Alliance vessel retreated from battle.

"Inquire the Hathaway's ship status and crew compliment" ordered Silentio. He then helped Aeon up. "Sir, what happened?"

"It was.... surreal" commented Aeon as he regained his composure.

Posted by: Queso May 28 2006, 01:22 PM

Dela continued to work as expertly as she could, placing each Enriched Utritium Explosive after the other around the Warp core. She knew exactly how she would program them and still give them time to get the hell out of there.

Connect them to the Engines and set them to explode when I input the command into the computer. The only problem was, operating the computer wasn't easy. Anyone around here fluent in Cardassian? she thought in futility. She knew she would have to figure out system navigation, but took comfort in the fact that the categorization of engines systems would be recognizable to her since she had been working in Engineering departments for quite a while. Dela was more then competent.

She stood in front of the Cardassian console and scowled. the explosives are in place. As far as I can tell, I've set them to explode.

She tapped at the console, inputting the commands. The explosives began counting down in sequence, ready to blow.

Posted by: Rowskid86 May 30 2006, 06:48 PM


The team crawled into the tube, Jon took point at his own request. Tom showed a little anger at jon's discussion but it was for show. Tom thought over how he was going to do this without getting caught. But a new plan came into focus in his head. Act like he was going to save Jon. That way the son of a bitch would be in his favor.

Jon was about one meter from the automated Weapons system.

"Stop!" Yelled Tom. "Jon don't move, about one meter ahead of you is a anti-personal weapons system. I deactivated it when i scouted this area but it seems to have reactivated." He finished in a scarstic tone "Don't worry I'll disable it."

Tom pretended to deactivate the already disabled device. "It's down" Tom Stated.

He pulled Jon real close. "I saved you ass, your indebted to me. A debt I intrend to collect in some form. Just remember that."

For once Jon was Speachless.

Tom pulled out a scanner. "Looks like this entire junction is clear until the shuttle bay. There we have six guards."

(Someone else can continue on)

Posted by: Hawku Jun 2 2006, 08:33 PM

I.S.S. Descent - Bridge

"It was.... surreal," commented Aeon as he regained his composure.

Silentio looked confused, "Sir?"

"These weird beings," Aeon tried explaining in half thought-- yet he did not know how to explain it, "The Ion Storm isn't just an Ion Storm. It's a form these so called, non-coporeal beings exist as on our plain of existence... or they live in it?" he paused to ponder. "Something like that. But they're called the Pah'Wraith."

Silentio thought for a moment, "I've heard something like that mentioned in Bajoran history, but I'm not sure on the details."

An officer returned to them, "The Hathaway has lost its shields, and has lost Decks 8 to 10. They report that only 47 people were killed."

It was then the Hathway hailed the Descent. The view-screen clicked on, and Aeon and Silentio glanced over.

"Engelina?" Aeon said.

- "My Captain was killed in the fight. My mother... was killed too," she said gravely.

There was a pause at this, suddenly, for everyone knew that Bacco was to be the next Empress of the Terran Empire. Now it would seem, that alien that had been campaigning against Bacco, may get Emperor.

"I'm sorry," Aeon replied.

- "Don't be. I intend on taking her place," Engelina said with confidence. "I intend on running against that Gazerite, Jaresh-Inyo, and beating him at his own game."

"Politics," Aeon muttered.

- "It appears as if your ship has taken on special qualities. You showed amazing strength in that battle."

"What are you talking about?"

- "I hope you don't mind, but as in taking my mother's place, I'm going to be giving out orders now," she said in ignoring his question. "A lot of people are going to be upset with me. But rest assured, when I become Empress, your vessel, Aeon, will be the Terran Fleet's lead vessel - and you will be at its command."

Aeon still didn't know what she was talking about, but what she was saying sounded good.

- "Escort me to Bajor. The Hathaway will follow while making repairs. Our Warp drive is online."

"Very well. But I left my crew aboard the Kraxon they were to destroy. I intended on finding them next?"

- "Alright. I will allow this slight detour - only because you have done more than exemplary here today. Not to mention that I'd personally like to see how they've faired against that annoying ship."

The screen clicked off and Aeon was left to his previous confusion.

"Sir, the Descent has been upgraded," Silentio informed quickly.

Aeon thought for a second to process this, and looked back at him, "You mean---?"

"Yes," Silentio caught on to Aeon's quick understanding. "Weapons, shield's, almost everything."

The Captain stepped to the side and stared off into nothingness, "Holy crap. The Pah'Wraith were serious..." He then looked over to the Helmsmen, "Set a course for the Kraxon and engage. If the crew survived, then we know they were worthy of joining my ship."

Silentio nodded and went to the Helm. Aeon turned, paused to process his shock one more time, and then went to his Ready Room.

"You have the Bridge."

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jun 14 2006, 04:03 PM


The team continued on through the tube's no more booby traps were in place. Tom somewhere along the trek took point. He stopped at the door leading into the shuttle bay from the tube's. He pulled out his tricorder.

"We have three Targets in the shuttle bay. If it's ok with you Jon. I'm going to use a gernade."

Jon looked at him with glare but aproved the plan.

Tom cracked open the door pulled a gernade set it to full power activated it and tossed it into the open space of the bay. and quickly closed the door. They heard a faint explosion. The cardassians were dead.

The team crawled quicly out the tube. Tomm looked around the bay, saw a small cardassian Hedaki class ship.

"This should work, hurry up get in." Tom stopped Jon with the side of his rifle. "Remember this shit between us is over or I'll end you. Your life is mine."

The hatch was sealed. A security team came in through the main door.

"We have company Jon yelled."

"Skip the preflight, get the engine's online." Yom said sitting in the pilot's seat.

"The door is secured." Dela yelled

"Dela target it with phaser and fire. I'll hit full impulse after you fire."

A orange compressor beam fired out of the small ship blasting a hole in the shuttle bay door. the Shuttle lurched into full impulse. The security team was sucked out into the vacuum of space.

"Setting coarse to The Decent. Dela blow that thing up."

The Kraxon erputed into a giant fireball.

"Wasn't so tough was it?" Tom smirked "wonder if the Chekov dude was still on there. Boy do I wish I could have gotten him with this suit. To see that look."

Jon spoke to Dela "Hail the Decent. Tell them Mission Accomplished."

Posted by: Hawku Jun 17 2006, 07:09 AM

I.S.S. Descent - Bridge

The Descent approached a Hideki class shuttle and found that on it, was the Away Team.

Aeon entered the Bridge, "Hail them."

- "We're back," said Jon.

The Captain then asked, "The ship?"

- "Destroyed."

Aeon nodded. "Transporter Room 3, beam the Away Team back immediately."

A few seconds later, the Away Team was back aboard the Descent, and the Hideki class shuttle was tractor beamed into the Shuttle Bay.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jun 17 2006, 03:25 PM

ISS Decent, Transporter Room

"Damn it feals great to be back. Think I can get this suit thing off me now?"

Linza and Jon a bit comfused at each other. Figuring Tom would want to keep the suit.

"Come with me Tom, I'll get the suit off you." Linza spoke outloud.

Tom's Quaters

Tom walked into his quaters, and opened a small cabinet by his bed. He pulled out a medium sized bottle of whiskey. He took a small swig out of the bottle. It was his way of celebrating the victory on the Kraxon. He figured he would still have to keep an eye on that Falqon guy. Then a Small question popped in his head. who gets that cardie shuttle? After all I'm the one who stole it. It should be mine. But he figured he'd bring this up in the morning with the captain.

He picked up his phased poloran rifle, looked at it.

"You did good, Pella."

He layed down on his bed, and fell asleep.

Posted by: Hawku Jun 23 2006, 07:49 PM

I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

The I.S.S. Descent approached the planet Bajor. It had been recently taken over by the Terrans, splitting the Bajoran people in two. One half, evacuating and siding with the Alliance, and the other siding with the Terrans. There was a small percentage who left and liked to remain neutral.

As the Hathaway took orbit, they beamed Engelina down to the surface. There she would commence the political business of taking over as Empress. As that was going on, Aeon's crew were free to do whatever they wanted aboard the ship. Their mission had been somewhat a success, having been able to escort the Hathaway - not to mention destroy an actual super-ship.

The destruction of a ship like the Kraxon had been the first time in known history that something like such was done. Previous super-ships either left or joined the Alliance. According to Intelligence, there were five more ships like the Kraxon in the Alliance... and now one in the Terran Fleet, the Descent.

But Aeon wondered how long the fusion really lasted? He wondered if those five other ships in the Intel reports were actually still fused with the power. How could it last without a source generating it?

"Maybe the Pah'Wrath generate it," he said as he entered his Ready Room.

Ready Room

In here, he had finally cleared out the previous Captain's items and somewhat made it his own.

Seeing as Aeon now had the most powerful ship in the Fleet, he wondered what stopped him from taking over and becoming Emporer himself? It'd seemed to be the next logical course of action.

But then again, how many times had it been done before? The Terrans were now trying to turn over a new leaf, especially with Imperial Starfleet back in operation after years of opression. Engelina was Aeon's ally at the moment - and if anyone was ever a target, it was the head of the Empire. I'll just stay where I am at the moment, Aeon thought. Power like that isn't useful without the respect of the people to back it up. I'd be assassinated on my first day.

He sat at his desk and peered at the reports on his desk-screen. In the reflection of the screen he could see a person was standing behind him.

"Hello, Keptin," Chekov said, raising a hand clenched with energy.

Aeon turned in shock and immediately dove out of the way as the energy blast came crashing down. The chair and a good chnk of the desk were destroyed, but Aeon rolled safely to the side.

"Ugh!!!" He got up quickly, "How the hell did you get on my ship?"

Chekov smiled, "It isn't hard when you're fused with the same energy patterns that the ship is."

"You've come here to kill me, haven't you?" Aeon got to the point.

The immortal Human dropped his energy-bustling arm to his side, "Precisely. Don't take it politically, Keptin. I'm a patient man. This isn't just because you spoke with the Pah'Wraith. It's more for the fact that I don't like you."

"So you know about that?" Aeon realized that anyone who had a fused ship probably spoke to the Pah'Wraith for one reason or another.

Chekov began powering up again, "It would seem they've lost faith in me and the Alliance."

"Well of course," Aeon said. "It's been almost a Century and you haven't brought the Alliance to the power they wanted it at."

Chekov threw a blast of energy at Aeon, to which Aeon expected and prevoked. The Captain ran to the sideline, around and toward an angry Chekov. He stepped off the window-sill and boosted himself toward Chekov, kicking the man across the face.

Aeon landed as Chekov was thrown on an angle onto the desktop. The super-Human collectd himself and quickly took a kneeling stance on the table. Aeon picked up his tattered chair and threw it at Chekov.

The already tattered chair was blasted to tiny peices by Chekov, as Aeon used it for distraction and lept toward the man again. A kick came piercing through the flying-apart debris of the chair, right into Chekov's chest. Speed was proving to be a helpful factor against power.

"Augghh!!!" Chekov was kicked off the table and into the floor area before the door. Aeon landed on his feet and looked down upon his opponent.

"If there's one thing about these Pah'Wraith beings I've made my mind up about..." Aeon started, as Chekov was getting angrier and angrier, "it's that I won't become one of thier puppets."

"ARGGHH!" Chekov lept to his feet in anger, while still loading power. In the meantime, he began jabbing for Aeon, trying to get as many hits in as possible.

Aeon quickly began blocking and redirecting the punches, able to get in a few counter attacks across Chekov's face as possible. Chekov force-punched Aeon in the chest, sending the Captain onto the table himself. As Aeon's back was on it, Chekov stomped over with gritted teeth and brought his reinforced fist around.

Aeon used his feet to deflect the speeding incoming fist and re-angle its direction to the side. Chekov punched right through the table, as Aeon continued to use his feet to kick Chekov back!

"You may not be one of thier puppets, but you will never become a God like me!" Chekov said, trying to stop his backward momentum and regain composure.

Aeon flipped back over the desk, toward the window, putting a considerable amount of distance between the two.

"I don't want to become anything like you. Your struggle for power has turned you into a bitter old man, with no hope for anyway for you to get on with your life. You're the pinnacle of what's turned this universe into a self-defeating cycle of crap," he relaxed and stood up straight. "Your death is the only meaning you'll ever have in life, because it'll finally proove that you weren't as powerful as you thought you were."

Chekov's annoyance and anger hit a climax, as with his loading energy. He had been smart enough to wait this long until he had accumulated enough of a punch that would disentegrate Aeon upon impact.

But Aeon knew it was coming and ran toward Chekov's direction. Chekov threw the ball at Aeon, to which the Captain stepped off the table to flip over. The energy blasted right through the window and out into space - blowing the air inside to out along with it.

Aeon ran past a confused Chekov and tapped at a panel at the door, to step through it. Chekov was blown out into space along with everything else in the Ready Room - and Aeon was safely on the Bridge as the door shut behind him.



"Captain, we've just picked up a Cardassian ship off the port bow. They've been masking thier presence with a dampening field for a good amount of time," Tom reported before noticing that his console was showing a hull breech.

Aeon and the Bridge crew turned to the viewscreen which showed the Ready Room debris flying out into space, and the Cardassian ship in the distance near Bajor.

The Cardassian ship, Rekalr, then calmly impulsed away and jumped to warp.

"Should I go after them?" Silentio asked.

Aeon continued staring at the view-screen, "No. Let them report this to thier superiors."

The Captain caught his breath and slowly took a seat at his command chair; the hard look of expecting death still in his eyes.

"The Terran Empire has finally got a new leader. It's time we go pay our respects."