Jul 1, 2006

Episode 2 - "Taking the Peace"

Posted by: Emerald Knight Jul 1 2006, 03:01 AM

Lieutenant Commander Henry Silentio, I.S.S. Haufneinsis, Cockpit, docked in I.S.S. Descent

Henry Silentio was toiling underneath the helm controls of his raider, upgrading the response time by several milliseconds. What a rush, thought Silentio, as he reflected on the past few days. Encountering a super charged ship, Pah'Wraiths, and an insane infused human. Now someone new is going to take leadership of the Terran Empire. And he still haven't found any clue as to the whereabouts of his ex-mentor Tom Paris.

Suddenly the door to the cockpit opened and someone came in.

"Ensign Heidegger, reporting in, sir"

Silentio got up and straightened his shirt. "At ease, ensign."

He then came forward and kissed her. The ensign didn't do anything to resist, but rather, she put her arms around him and returned the kiss.

"Very good, ensign", Silentio remarked with a wink.

"Call me Marlene", she replied.

"Your performance on the bridge was exemplary ... Marlene"

"Thank you, sir. If I may say, your piloting skills were top-notch"

Silentio read her profile. She was an aspiring engineer, but the ship's chief engineer rejected her request to join the engineering team and subsquently, been regulated to backup Ops. Silentio wanted to take advantage of her engineering skills.... and other tangible benefits. Silentio took a PADD and handed to Marlene.

"What do you make of this schematic?"

Marlene quickly looked over the PADD. "It seems to be some kind of beam." In reality, it was the schematic Silentio retrieved from Tosk's ship, but he wasn't about to tell her that.

"I would like you to install this technology onto this raider, as soon as you can. And uh.. I would like you to work alone on this project."

"Uh.. yes sir" she replied.

"Good. In the meantime...", as Silentio took her to the Haufneinsis' sleeping quarters, "... call me Henry"

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Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

Aeon stood before his window and stared out into the space before him. Scans for the past few days revealed no evidence of Chekov. He was just gone.

Peering out into the view of Terok Nor, he began to think about the last time this place was in real danger.

Terok Nor
1.6 Years Ago

A league of Dominion ships came through a Wormhole and travelled a short distance to Terok Nor. The team aboard the station addressed the view-screen in the Operations Center, as it showed the view of the alien ships.

"Let's see what they want before we jump to any conclusions," Smiley said.

"They are hailing," Aeon Ryku advised.

The viewscreen shifted to a view of a Changeling and a Vorta, flanked by Jem Hadar guards.

"Welcome to Terok Nor - can we help you?" Smiley spoke.

"Thank you for the greeting - may we come aboard your station - we are looking for someone, and hoped that you may be able to provide details of his whereaouts," the founder asked.

Conference Room

"So, who was it that you were looking for?" Bashir asked, sounding as impatient as ever.

"His name was Odo - he was one of my people - when he was an infant he was one of a number of my people chosen to explore the galaxy and placed in a small ship which was sent in the direction of your region of space. The wormhole, as you call it, has afforded us the oportunity to attempt to locate him."

Bashir realized who she was talking about and looked shocked. Smiley didn't appear too confident either.

"He looked similar to you?" Smiley asked

"He would have, yes," the founder replied hopefully.

Smiley swallowed.

"Before I continue, you have to understand that this station was liberated from what we call The Alliance - we were their slaves, but we rebelled and took the station from them."

"Impressive - but how does this relate to our search for..." the Vorta started before Smiley raised a hand indicating that he hadn't finished--

Aeon listened as Smiley began to explain the Rebellion, and then went on to say, "The man you are looking for, Odo, was killed..." - But no sooner had he spoke the final word of his sentence, when the founder stood; her expression as close to furious as her face would permit.

"Murdered?!" she shouted.

"Wait," Bashir began, but the Dominion party were all on their feet, shouting at the Terran's.

Aeon's hand moved to his disrupter. One of the Jem Hadar guards reached for his rifle, but was quickly shot down by Bashir, who then turned his attention toward the founder and the Vorta. Before Aeon could fire, the Dominion representatives vanished in a swirl of purple light, and the station rocked.

The Dominion Battle for Terok Nor

Ships blasted weapons into other ships-- Dominion and Terran being torn apart alike. Chaos erupted and sent cries of emotion and death into the cold. Reinforcements then arrived.

Alliance ships crossed over into Terran territory to take back Terok Nor, but found the new enemy. The Alliance Fleet joined in the battle and began pushing back the Dominion. For the first time ever, the Alliance and the Terrans were working together and the feeling was disgusting.

It wouldn't be long until the Dominon's numbers dwindled and one or two ships were able to return to the Gamma Quadrant. The Alliance turned to face the Terrans: both sides armed and ready to destroy the other... but death was high that day, and strengths were weakening. Struggling to keep thier ships together from the battle, the Alliance Fleet returned home; no words from either side being said.

I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room
1.6 Years Later

Then they decided to push Imperial Starfleet in greater production. And nearly a year later, the Ion Storm appeared, Aeon recalled. But we never heard from the Dominion again.

Terok Nor was now closer to the Wormhole. It continued to be in operation.

Imperial Starfleet hadn't decided what to do about the Wormhole. The only discussions so far were to destroy it - but its pure existence was remarkable. Terran Scientists couldn't let go of it.

Continuing to stare out his Ready Room window - the one that had to be replaced after being smashed a few days ago - Aeon saw the blue swirl of Wormhole blossom. A ship came through, and it looked Dominion.

His eyes widened in shock.

Terok Nor, Operations Center

A very tall and bulky Jem'Hadar soldier stood with the Admiral's and Station operators. His voice was deep and he seemed bigger than any Jem'Hadar Aeon had ever seen.

The Captain slipped in, into the background unnoticed.

"Our Dominion has been locked in an intergalactic war for the past year. Few of us Jem'Hadar have learned to live without the need for White."

The Terrans just continued to stare at him in anticipation - some weapons trained, some tensions holding from the presence of the creature. But they waited for what he had to say none-the-less.

"The species the Dominon has spent Centuries allying with have begun fighting back in greed for power. Their insurrection grows every day. Though through all this, normal life seems to go on in the Gamma Quadrant. There are many species able to live, going unnoticed, and untouched by the War. - The Dominion and Rebellion sides have been broken down into countless factions."

He glanced around.

"These Factions are many - so many, that it leads to confusion. There are times when one Faction encounters another and doesn't realize they are on the same side. Battle ensues, and death occurs. Such is war."

He caught eyes with Aeon, but thought nothing of it and continued on.

"My Faction decided not to side with our Founders anymore. We are small, but we have made one enemy. A species called the Tosk. One of the ships we were chasing entered this Quadrant. I was not here during your last encounter with the Dominion, so I request understanding, and I ask: Have you seen this vessel?"

Aeon decided to speak up. He seemed to appreciate the information this Jem'Hadar was telling everyone. He seemed to be the only one in the room that was willing to put some faith into the enemy - if anything, he would make the creature leave immediately - "One vessel did come through the Wormhole a month ago. As it did so, it dampened our sensors, so we couldn't detect what it was. We never pursued it."

The Jem'Hadar paused, looking around at everyone to register the info. He then felt his hunt was back on and nodded to them. He tapped a button on his uniform and was transported out in a swirl of blue.

To this, Admiral's Dougherty and Brooks surrounded Aeon, while everyone else got back to thier duties. The Dominion ship turned and Warped away, with no direction whatsoever.

"You idiot! We were just about to destroy thier ship!" Brooks argued.

"As I saw it, you were all just sitting here listening to what he had to say," Aeon responded, unfazed by Brooks.

Dougherty nodded, showing his usual calmness, "Actually, we had been scanning thier vessel the whole time, trying to find a weakness. We decided to let him speak to give us time."

"Argh!!" Brooks had enough of this and stared Aeon down before stomping away.

Aeon shook his head and glanced over to Dougherty. "Who urinated in his morning cereal?"

"He's just angry that a woman took the Emporer seat. Apparently it will be a while before the battle of the sexes will come to a truce in this Century."

The Captain turned to the viewscreen in anger, "Whatever! We wouldn't have been able to take out that Dominon ship anyway. Did you see how bulked up it was? None of the Station's weapons could take it. Not even the Defiant could defeat it."

"But..." Dougherty said, "Your ship could. Because of the fused energy."

He then came up with an idea and pulled Aeon around.

"Take the Descent and destroy them," Dougherty ordered. "Command will agree with me on this."

Aeon pulled away, "What?? What good will that do? More ships will just come through the Wormhole."

"Yes," Dougherty admitted. "That's why we're going to be destroying it. Command has been talking about it lately. But now because of this encounter today, it is easy to assume they will vote to have it destroyed. I'm certain the Empress will agree too."

Aeon laughed, "Good luck dealing with her." He then turned to the viewscreen again and sighed reluctantly, "Fine."

He began walking to the Lift. Dougherty could feel the winds of revenge rising somewhere behind the scenes. "Aeon!" He called out. "Watch your back."

Aeon stopped and nodded seriously. He then returned to the Lift, "Descent!"

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Commodore Jon Falqon & Captain Linza Medaltha, Ready Room, ISS Decsent

Jon and Linza went to Aeon's Ready Room Door and rang the buzzer. They entered after given permission from the Captain.

"Aeon..." Jon began.

"Jon, I am your Commanding officer, please, address me with respect" Aeon stated shortly

"Captain..." Linza said

"Why do I get the feeling that I am not going to like what you two have to say?"

"Captain Aeon Ryku" Jon said, "I, Commander Jonathan A. Falqon, resign my commision."

"And I do so as well" Linza followed.

"WHAT?!" Aeon exclaimed flabberghasted.

Jon sighed, "Aeon, as you may well already know, I am the owner of the Private Freighter Bilitra. And as I know you already know, I am a Klingon/Betazoid Hybrid. What you may not already know is that Linza here is..." Jon paused "May I tell him, Linza?"

"Yes Jon, it is okay now."

"Linza is from a planet that was colonized by both of my races, and as you know, I have been searching for my background for all of my life. This is my first lead in that direction"

"Very well Commander-"

"Commodore." Jon interuppted plainly, "I have the Bilitra and my private vessel back on the planet"

"Okay, Commodore, I accept your resignation, it is regretable, you were a good First Officer. You too Linza, I have not really gotten to see you at work, so I do not know too much of your performance."

((---OFF---)) I wrote Jon and Linza out, but not really, I plan on having little "check-ins" on the Adventures of Jon and Linza on the Bilitra... Let me know what you think of how I did it...((/---OFF---))

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Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

Jon and Linza nodded before they turned and left the Ready Room. Hmm... Maybe I came off a bit arrogant there, Aeon wondered. He got up and went to a liqour cabinet and poured himself a small glass of liquor.

He didn't usually drink, unless he was at a bar or with other people - but he just noticed the liqour cabinet in his Ready Room recently, and decided to stalk it.

Raising his glass, he said, "Good luck, you two," - and then drank it down.

The desk-screen began beeping, indicating a transmission from Terok Nor. At the moment, the Descent was hovering nearby it. Aeon went to the screen and turned it on.

A very bland looking man with dirty blond hair and a lost look blinked on screen. "Greetings. My name is Sam."

"Ummm. Hi, Sam," Aeon greeted back in momentary confusion - although he would give this man the benefit of the doubt.

Sam adjusted his seat and said, "I'm the Fleet's crew scheduler. You sent me messages a few days ago about getting you certain... questionable people?"

"Oh, hey. Yeah, but I believe I said 'people with passion'. I want a crew that's not like any other crew."

Sam nodded, "Well I've just transferred you over some new crew. I even got you a new Operations Chief you requested. His name is Omri Omar."

"Excellent. But I don't know if I can wait for the new crew. I've pretty much got to get pursuing this Dominion ship like yesterday."

Sam nodded, "Don't worry. They're already onboard. Jon even gave me advanced notice of his resignation, and I've dealt with that aswell."

"Phew thanks! Gotta go!" Aeon disconnected the transmission immediately. The conversation made him realize he had no time to waste. "Aeon to Silentio," he tapped his commbadge, a relatively new technology in the Empire, "set a course for the Dominion ship and engage at best possible speed."

Terok Nor, Admiral Brook's Office

Meanwhile, on the station. The Admiral known as Brooks entered his Office at a most uncharacteristic time. He smoothly went to his desk, and rolled his chair to position himself before his desk-screen.

With a narrowed brow, and a smirk of mischief, the intent Admiral began tapping a secret text message to be sent on a secret channel.

TO: Tom Calaway
FROM: Admiral Brooks

This message is being transmitted to your active Inbox alone. You are being given a specific mission. Do not discuss this mission with anyone else. It is a Top Priority mission, but take the time you need and don't rush it. For doing this you will recieve a bribe of a sizeable amount. Your money will become available to you upon the completion of your mission. You are hereby ordered to assassinate Captain Aeon. Upon his death, the senior Terran Fleet officer will take command, and your ship will complete any missions it is on. Upon completion of those missions, you will return to Terok Nor, and I will look forward to meeting you with a report on his death. Let me make myself clear on this. I want Aeon dead. I don't care how you do it, or what obstacles you must over come to accomplish it. Just kill him. Do not vapourize him, because I want you to bring me his corpse!


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ISS Decent, Tom's Quaters

Tom was laying down on his bed looking up at the ceiling, when he heard a beeping coming from his computer. He heard a voice.

"Imcoming Personal Message." the computer said in a dull voice.

Tom got up off his bed, and walked to the computer. He opened the message and began reading the message.

After reading the entire messgae he sat in his chair. He muttered under his breath

"Son of a bitch."

He knew better than to send any response. Even if he did what would he say. He began thinking to himself. I take him out, I get a huge payment, and take command of the ship. But to betray my captain. BUt them I could run this the way I want, and be rich.

After some thought Tom decided He'd give it a try. Just not get caught. After all this was his real speciality. Assinations.

He stood up out of the chair at his desk, He holistered his EM-33 like he does every time he leaves his quaters. Shooting him Ain't the best idea is it Tom tom spoke to himself. He figured He'd figure out how to do this latter. First he needs to talk to the captain about the cardassain shuttle.

ISS Decent, Bridge

Tom walked onto the bridge, and stopped at Aeon's Ready Room. He nodded at his guard standing outside. Tom rang the Chime


"Aeon, I have to talk to you about thta cardassian ship."

"Go on." Aeon responded.

"It was my idea, to steal the ship, I am the one who stole it. I therefore claim it as my own. Thats If you don't have any objections." Tom finished it a Threatening tone.

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Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

Tom tailed the end of his sentence with a threatening tone, catching Aeon by surprise and interest. A half-smile curved up one side of Aeon's mouth until his teeth were showing. Tom always had the nerve to stand up to authority-- something Aeon did with Command all the time-- and he always attempted to cross the line with Aeon-- something Aeon was usually passive about, since he admired the edge.

Of course, Aeon wasn't like most Captain's of the Fleet. Aeon never really felt threatened that easily. In fact, such a feeling had to be earned. Captain Aeon instead took enjoyment out of other people's serious tones, and instinctively took it as a game.

"Objections? I dunno, Lieutenant. What say, if I did?" he replied.

Aeon didn't know why Tom was trying to come off this way, but Aeon couldn't help messing with Tom's head for the moment. One the Captain's biggest faults, Admiral Dougherty would usually say, was that he played games too much. It was his automatic response mechanism at almost everything that came his way, good or bad. It would serve him well, but also be his undoing.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jul 4 2006, 12:40 AM

"First off Aeon, it's LT Commander. Second If you don't allow me to have you can shove it up your jolly ass. Under salavge codes the ship belongs to me."

Tom wondered why would the captain care that much abotu a cardassian shuttle. Could he be serious, or just trying to see how far tom will go. Could he know about the message, and think this is the attempt. If he does think this is it, how little does he know me.

Posted by: Hawku Jul 4 2006, 12:47 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

"Ouch," Aeon smiled. "I didn't realize how easy it was to strike a nerve in you."

After having hit the nerve he was looking for, Aeon began to tire of the game. He had won it easily. But then again, maybe Tom just wanted that ship.

"Well?" Tom gritted his teeth in anger.

Aeon went to his chair and slumped in it, "Yeah but... you already have one ship? I'm assuming you want to keep ownership of these vessels in case the worst happens and you can escape the Descent easily? ...If you're one man, how are you going to pilot two ships? What's the point?"

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jul 4 2006, 08:12 AM

ISS Decent, Ready room

"My plan is to take the parts I need for the Shuttle Abyss, the torpedos sheild generator, antimatter and other parts. ANd sell the rest of the ship."

Aeon looked a little suprised by this answer, it wasn't really what he expected.

Posted by: Hawku Jul 4 2006, 11:27 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

He smiled. It was an efficient reason... but then again he'd be losing a shuttle; especially one the Descent could use if it ever wanted to sneak into Alliance space.

Aeon thought about it, and then sighed.

"If it was any other shuttle-type, I probably would... But I'm going to have to deny your claim. Having that vessel in tact is more useful to us. Besides, you live on the Descent; any ship on board you're allowed to pilot... Well, with the exception of Silentio's ship. You'd probably have to take that up with him." He then began to realize that everyone seemed to be so intent on having thier own mini-ship. I wonder if I should have my own... he thought. "Tom, I'm thankful that you got that ship for us, but you have to understand the needs of the Descent. But look... I know this place. It's a space station that's a magnet for distant and nieve travellers. The Descent could say, make a stop there, after the mission... and I could give you shore-leave, if you know what I mean."

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ISS Decent, Ready Room

"What does this stations all have?" Tom said in a less threatin tone and a more curious tone.

"When amI going to get paid? After all that was part of the agrement for me working here."

Tom muttered in a low toned voice "You just may regret your disicission!"

"What was that Tom?"

"Nothing, nothing at all."

Posted by: Hawku Jul 4 2006, 04:04 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

"I don't pay you, Tom," Aeon said just remembering that Tom was under some payment plan. "That's Starfleet."

He went over to the window and glanced out for a second. The ship was speeding at Warp.

"The thing about that station is... It takes on a lot of neive visitors. Not many people have realized it, except for me. But I was able to steal the Descent from there... not an easy task to steal a starship. I'm sure though, a person like you could steal the parts he wanted," Aeon then turned to Tom. "It's just a method I've personally perfecte---"

Just then the Descent jerked roughly, and dropped out of Warp. A message came over the comm.

- "Bridge to Captain Aeon, the Descent was shot at by a Dominion Shuttle at Warp. We've now returned to normal space, and have landed right in front of the Dominion ship!"

Aeon glanced at Tom worriedly. It appeared as if the Dominon vessel was one step ahead of the Descent.

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ISS Decent, Bridge

Tom walked out of the ready room and took his station.

'Raising sheilds bringing all weapons systems online. Waiting for your command to fire Aeon." Tom said in a monotoned voice.

"Hold your fire, Lets see what they want before we blow them away."

"Great More talk."

while this little confrontation was going on he still had in the back of his mind starfleet not paying him, and about this station. HE bagan to trail off at his post in thought of what he could Aquire at this Starbse.

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Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

"Hold your fire, Lets see what they want before we blow them away," Aeon raised a hand.

"Great More talk," Tom said.

The screen clicked on, showing the view of the large Jem'Hadar soldier he had encountered on Terok Nor.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked with anger.

Aeon shrugged, "You fired on me. That's what I should be asking!"

"We fired on you because you were following us. You know our mission. What do you want from us?"

The Captain sighed, "Nothing. Do you remember me from Terok Nor? I helped you."

"Hmm," the Jem'Hadar eyed him curiously. "Yes. You were the only Human who was helpful there."

Aeon nodded, "Good. You see, the thing is... the Terran Fleet wants you destroyed. I'm just warning you - you've got to keep a low profile."

"Your part of the Terran Fleet. Why are you telling me this?"

He shook his head, "Sometimes the actions of the Empire are... disgusting. We're supposed to be a little more enlightened by now. I mean, we went through slavery!"

"Heh. I think I understand, Human. The Jem'Hadar were in a way... slaves of the Dominion." He paused to look to the side and then back, "Thank you."

Aeon nodded, "Don't mention it. While you guys get out of here, we're going to simulate some debris to make it look like you were destroyed. We have to act fast, because I intend on getting back to Terok Nor to convince them not to destroy the Wormhole."

"They are planning on destroying the wormhole???" He narrowed his eyes in anger, "This Terran Empire is relentless! --Thank you again, Human. You've made a powerful friend today."

Aeon nodded. "I've learned that making friends is more useful than making enemies."

"My name is Tarantar, and my vessel is called the Himolken."

The Captain nodded again before the screen cut out. The Dominion shuttle was now returning to the Dominion ship, Himolken. Aeon knew that there was some hope for these outsiders, thanks to his sharing of information... of course that was all just for fun.

"Tom," the Captain turned. "Lock torpedoes onto the Himolken's engines and fire. Destroy them."

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ISS Decent, Bridge

"With pleasure" Tom said with a grim. He tapped the control arming the torpedos, setting them to maxium yeild, full spread.

"Targeting Engines, Firing. Direct hit their losing power, their sheilds are down. Firing second Volley."

The Jem'Hadar ship erupted into a fireball, debris shooting everywhere.

Tom took his arms off the consul, and crossed them. "Damn I wish I could see their looks on their faces. Thinking it's alright and BOOM." Tom said with a twisted sense of humor.

Since this wasn't his shift, he left his station as a ensign took over.

Tom's Quaters

Tom was thinking over how was he going to Kill Aeon. A direct assult would get him perished. And that thought didn't suit him. Though from that conversation in the ready room might indicate Aeon might be on to him.

After thinking for several minutes, he had a plan. He's setup a a explosive, near his quaters, of coarse this attempt wouldn't be suscessful. The crew might know. Instead make it look like a piss poor assasin tried to kill him. Tom would make some excuse, about finding something odd on the sensor's, and "Saving" the captain. Any Suspision would be off him.

After a day the real Attempt will take place. Now to find a crewmember to blame. Tom spoke outloud to himself "Too bad Jon isn't still aboard. nice to see the command exacute him."

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Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Tubrolift

It had been a day since the destruction of the Himolken, and Aeon still was shocked at how easily it was done. "Man, that ship did not see us coming."

He wondered how much pleasure Tom had in destroying them. There was sort of a sick pleasure to it, but after years of doing acts such as these Aeon knew how to not think about it.


As Aeon entered the Bridge, he thought about the report he was to send to Terok Nor. I can do that via subspace, he mused. Right now, it would be nice to have a little stop off.

"Helm," he called out. "Set a course for Pelios Station. Tactical, send a message to Terok Nor and let them know where we're going. If there are going to be any transfers from other Terran ships, those ships can meet us there."

Posted by: Emerald Knight Jul 9 2006, 12:50 AM

Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Descent

"Helm, set a course for Pelios Station..."

Silentio proceeded to enter the coordinates into the helm. He had heard about Pelios Station before, a place species from all over the galaxy come to... do business. He remembered his mentor Paris talking about Pelios Station. He mentioned something about flirting with a Klingon/Human hybrid female. Can't remember the name.

How disgusting, thought Silentio, a human and a klingon? But a clue to Paris' whereabouts.

"Course laid in" said Silentio

"Take us out" replied Aeon

Posted by: Hawku Jul 10 2006, 08:59 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

The Descent jumped to Warp and began speeding through space at incredible speeds. Aeon, in the meantime, just glanced over at Silentio. He wondered what he was thinking, but then decided to brush it off. There was some gratification to be had as soon as Starfleet got word of his triumph: gratification from them towards him.

He left the Bridge, and it intended on making a stop off at Tom's Quarter's before boarding the station.

Corridor/Tom's Quarters

Aeon rang the bell, which was answered a moment later by his rouge tactical officer.

"Captain," Tom looked sternly.

Aeon nodded, "I just wanted to let you know, that we're about to dock at Pelios Station. That's the station I was telling you about." He paused. "You've got shore leave, as with a few others on the ship... but I've got to warn you: if you do plan to steal, you have to make it discreet."

Tom seemed to disregard Aeon's talking, and the Captain wondered if Tom just felt Aeon was wasting Tom's time. Either way, they both felt the Descent drop Warp.

Out in space, the Lokirrim-class ship approached the Station. After recieving permission, it docked at one of the side-pylons.

Pelios Station - Corridor

Aeon stepped through the airlock, as a few of his subordinate officers walked passed. The Captain was approached by the docking master, requiring some of his finger-prints. He nodded to the docking-master and then continued to walk off. If he could find a subspace terminal on the station, he could reach Terok Nor - as the Descent's transmitter was out of 'live-feed' range.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jul 10 2006, 09:18 PM

ISS Decent, Toms Quaters

Tom just walked back in froma unexpected visit from the captain.

He sat at his desk, and pull out of a drawer a small device. he took the device and inserted it into a port on his desktop computer. they device extend the "live Feed" range by 200%'

He opened a channel to Admiral Brooks.

the admiral popped on

" Tom, is this a secure channel?"

"Yea Sure." Tom answered not really caring

"How is you mission going?"

"Yea about that, How much ya paying me?"


"Give me 600,000 and this ship.."

"I'll give you 450,000, the ship is mine. I want it. with it's power I can take over the empire. And you will stand at my side."

"I want the f*cking ship Brooke's"

"The ship is mine, Lt Cmdr thats ADMIRAL to you !!!"

"Fine sure it's a done deal."

the viewer klicked off.

he thought the admiral just wanted a simple assanation. but the man seems nuts. But 450,000 is a aweful lot of money. Ahh I'll worry about that later time to get sexed and supplies.

He grabbed his belt with his EM-33 in the holister, along with his K-Bar. And a Walther P-22 strapped to his ankle. and walked out of his quaters to the airlock.

Posted by: Hawku Jul 12 2006, 09:44 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Pelios Station, Entertainment Complex

Aeon entered a very large and busy area of the station. It was probablly one of the largest. All around were aliens, varying sets of Bars, and loud pulsating music. The room was dimmed and light lasers zapped through the air every once in a while.

He had attempted to contact Terok Nor, but was unable to get access. His next plan was to find a commander of the station and get his access codes from him. In the meantime, he wanted to have a drink to celebrate his success. As he approached the Bar, he was met by a female already aquainted with him.

"Hey!" It was the Orion female, FayeAcca, he had met when was last here.

Aeon looked over, "Oh, hey!"

"You're back! I knew you were a Captain. You dress like one."

Aeon glanced around and smiled, "That Ktarian bartender isn't around, is he?"

"I saw him on a break. He still really hates you for what you said - that you were part of the Terran Rebels. But me personally, I don't care," she pulled herself closer to him, "I find that sexy."

The Captain stared down deep into her eyes and smiled again, "Maybe we can get that room you mentioned last time?"

"Only if you let me come aboard your ship. You need a Captain's Woman don't you?" They both began kissing, when all of a sudden the Ktarian bartender reached over the bar and grabbed Aeon's shirt-collar.

Aeon was pulled away from Faye and closer to the fat, abhorrent, Ktarian, "You must be the stupidest Captain I ever met. You steal a Lokirrim vessel and then you return to the very site you stole it from! I saw your ship. The Lokirrim aren't here anymore, but I've alerted one of thier brother ships of its whereabouts. I intend on handing it over to them... and you... I intend on killing."

"Hm," Aeon nodded simply, processing all this, "But how are you going to kill me with your eyeballs stuck to the floor?"

The Ktarian was taken back by this offer when all of a sudden Aeon knocked the man's arms off him and then force-punched the Ktarian in the neck.

"UGGHH!!!" The Ktarian flew back into a tower of bottles, smashing them all around him and the floor. His lackeys all got ready and began taking out disrupters at Aeon.

The Captain glanced around, counting the amount of people and thier distances.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jul 13 2006, 10:01 PM

Tom Calaway, Pelios Station,

Tom walked out of the airlock, and took a look at the vastness of the station. His first thought was to stop and get a drink. He walked to a map of the station and found several bars. He started walking towards the Entertainment Complex. Hoping hey'd served drinks he liked. And maybe he could get somthing to eat as well.

Entertainment Complex

Tom was ready to go into what looked like a Tavern, Modled after the one from his home in Ireland. When he heard a crash in the bar next door. A tussle, God I love a good ol bar fight. He started to walked him. To his amazment was the Captain. with several men starting to draw disruptors.

"Ahh, shit what'd he get himself in now?"

Tom pulled his EM-33 Set it to full.

One of the men drew his weapon and was ready to fire. A Blue pulse came from behind him hitting his leg searing it off above the right knee. The man Fell down screaming.

The patrons watched as a tall human walked in. and stood next to Aeon.

"Look like ya got yourself in a bit of trouble, Aeon? Bartender Get your ass up and get me a Scotch!"

Tom Reached inside his pocket, and pull out a cigar.

"Anyone got a light?"

Posted by: Hawku Jul 14 2006, 07:57 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Pelios Station, Entertainment Complex

The Ktarian bartender, holding himself up on the floor, sneered at Tom and his request. Aeon, with his hands out and ready, glanced over at Tom who had placed a cigar in his mouth.

"Tom!?" Aeon said in surprise. He didn't expect anyone to come to his aid, but here was this guy he recruited to his crew.

Tom checked his pockets and found a light, "Oh here's one," and lit his cigar.

"Destroy them!!!" The fat bartender yelled. At that moment Aeon lurched his left arm forward to the lackey nearest, an Arcturian, and grabbed the disrupter rifle - pulling him in.

Tom dodged a disrupter blast from his left and ducked down for a lower shot, blasting a Napean in the stomach. The Napean lackey flew back into a few bar-stools, slimy food contents flying along.

Just then, all the extra people in the place started taking cover and running away - the odd ignorant fool joining the fight.

As the Arcturian was pulled in, Aeon lept up high and kneed him in the face. The lackey let go of the rifle, hitting the ground hard, and Aeon used it, swinging it around behind him and smacking an approaching Xepolite across the head! To his right the bright beam of a phaser came his way, as he allowed himself to duck back. "Ugh!"

The beam's hit point was lost in all the chaos.

Tom blasted the injured Xepolite over the bar, giving Aeon the free room to run toward a distant Caldonian. The Caldonian was too busy firing a disrupter blast at Tom, to notice when Aeon lept into the air and stepped off the Caldonian's chest. With increased height, Aeon kicked the Caldonian in its large head and knocked the Caldonian into a gambling table. The Caldonian richocheted off of that and then hit the wall.

Tom had blasted his weapon into the Caldonian's disrupter blast, exploding it before it could reach him. He saw that Aeon had kicked the enemy away, and was landing, but landing in a spot the fallen Ktarian bartender was aiming his disrupter. Tom redirected his arm and shot the Ktarian in the neck, sending him back into his broken pile of bottles - a string of blood flying around his path.

In all the while this was going on, FeyeAcca, the Orion slave girl, was ducking behind a far table, watching this.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jul 14 2006, 08:22 PM

Tom Calaway, Pelios Station, Entertainment Complex

Tom Aimed his weapon at the Katarain and fired, the blast hitting him in the throat. The body flew backwards and hit the ground. Laying in his own blood.

A Caldonian Came behind Tom and tackled him. Tom's weapon fell to the floor. Tom elbowed the large humaniod in the face breaking his nose. The Caldonian fell back wards. Tom pulled his knife and stabbed the downed man in the heart. Killing him instantly. Tom pull the knife out of the Caldonian's chest cavity. And drew with backup weapon his P-22 Pistol. He picked up his EM-33 and holistered it.

A Human Started to aim a energy weapon at Aeon when Tom started to stand up. He saw the man's fingure on the trigger. He turned the safty off and fired his projectile weapon. It let out a huge bang. the Copper JHP round struck the man in the face.

After several minutes of fighting Aeon and Tom remained alive. but over ten people were killed.

"You alright Aeon?" Tom asked in a sincer tone

"I seem to be fine, you?"

"That asshole really got me, ya I'm fine. You want to go next door and grab a drink?" Tom asked Aeon.

Aeon seemed blantly confused at this point for Tom's Genorisity.

"Sure" Aeon responded

"Good you're paying." Tom told him.

As they were ready to leave the Orion Slave Girl FeyeAcca, rose from the table she was cowering behind.

"AEON!" She yelled

Tom Pulled his EM-33 and aimed it at her.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Jul 17 2006, 01:11 AM

Henry Silentio - Pelios Station - Entertainment Complex
15 minutes ago

Silento entered the Entertainment Complex looking for the Klingon/human hybrid. As he looked around, he spotted a sultry Orion slave girl. She turned to his direction, and smiled. Silento smiled back.

She approached him with a big grin, "Hi handsome, name's FeyeAcca. Looking for someone?"

"Well uh...", Silentio stuttered as he tried to look up, "I was looking for a half-Klingon, half-Human female, have you seen her?"

FeyeAcca looked put off by the remark, but still responded helpfully, "ya, there's one who works here, but she hasn't been working lately"

"Do you know where she is?"

"Sure, she lives in the habitat ring, room 47"

"Thanks for the info"

"No problem, hun", she smiled and left to do something else

As Silentio left, he saw Aeon enter the entertainment complex from the other side of the room.

Henry Silentio - Pelios Station - Habitat Ring

Silentio pressed the buzzer for room 47.

After a few moments, a female appeared.

"Hello, my name is Henry Silentio, I'm knew Tom Paris'"

Without saying a word, she closed the door on him. "Tom's missing, I was wondering whether you know where he is." Still nothing. Silentio thought of something that might appeal to her.

"Uh... I... uh.. was double-crossed by Paris, and I want to fight him. I was wondering if you could tell me if you know where he went so I could... rip out his heart and serve it to you"

She opened the door, "The p'tahk left me to care for his bastard child!"

Wow, thought Silentio, that Tom. The female was intrigued by his offer. "My name is B'Elanna, and yes the Ha'DIbaH told me where he was planning to go, before he dishonoured me. He went to the ruins of Memory Alpha"

Silentio was shocked. Memory Alpha was the Terran Empire's "Library of Alexandria", a massive repository of military, tactical, and weapons data. That all changed when the Alliance invaded, raided, and destroyed Memory Alpha... what could possibly be there?

"Do you know what he was planning to do there?"

"No. The tu'HomIraH did not tell me."

"Thanks for the info. I will slaughter the yIntagh for you"

"You know, Silentio, before you kill him", she smiled, "tell him, revenge is a dish best served cold. Q'apla"

"Q'apla", Silentio smiled as he walked away.

That Klingon hag, Silentio thought as he walked through the habitat ring. Although now, he has to think how to get the Descent to Memory Alpha...

Posted by: Omri Omar Jul 17 2006, 01:18 AM

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Quarters/Corridor

His quarters were disconsolate; with it’s drab, finely pin striped carpet, which clearly had seen better days. This was going to have to serve as his home until when he decided to move on yet again.

Ever since Omri and forty-three other Terran slaves had escaped from the dilithium mining camp on Dozaria near the Cardassian boarder.

Omri recalled the times that the Cardassian guards would march the slaves out of the shelter of the dilithium rich caves. The guards would relish in the warmth while the Terran’s became dehydrated from the blazing sun overhead and the sand would clump in their boots as it combined with sweat.

Although several months had gone by since his escape, the memories of the guard’s cruelty still lingered in his thoughts and haunted his dreams.

He’d been given a few days rest before he officially began his duties aboard the Descent, but those few days were now over. The stretch of corridor between his quarters and the nearest turbo lift was empty.

“Bridge.” he instructed upon entering the turbo lift. “Belay that… Mess Hall.”

The turbo lift came to a halt on deck two. Omri noticed that there was a considerable increase in the number of patrons on this deck to what there had been outside his quarters.

“Watchout! Move out of the way!” A male voice shouted from around a bend in the corridor. “We’ve got wounded, get out of the way you idiot!”

Omri flattened himself against the wall as the approaching shadows grew larger and the footsteps thudded the deck plating. Two officers rounded the corner supporting each other and their injuries. Omri stepped forward and helped them the rest of the way to the turbo lift from which he’d just come.

“Sickbay!” he shouted at the computer.

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Sickbay

“How did this happen?” Omri demanded as he prepared a tray of basic medical instruments that he suspected might be needed. He opened a medical tricorder and began scanning the pair for less evident injuries.

“You think we look bad? You should see the others, not to mention the bar.”

“It was just a minor brawl.” One of the men stated dismissively. Omri had already recognised him from his personel file as Captain Ryku.

He rolled up the unifom sleeve of the Captain’s left arm, the action causing the man to groan quietly.

“A minor brawl wouldn’t have led you here now would it?” he said taking a Osteogenic stimulator from the tray. “If I were the Chief Medical officer I probably would’ve sent both of you on your way by now. I suggest you hold still.”

“Who are you?” Ryku questioned.

Omri activated the stimulator and casually waved it over the bruised area on the Captain’s left arm.

“I’m your Chief Operations Officer.”

“Well it’s about time you showed up for duty.” The other officer scowled.

“Commander Calaway I assume?” Omri replied with equal distain. “My whereabouts on this vessel is none of your concern. However your immediate concern should be how well I treat your wounds.”

Calaway started to pace back and forth while Omri finished healing the Captain’s broken humerus.

“Why are you in Sickbay if you’re my new Operations officer?” the Captain asked.

“I’ve had a few days to study your crew manifest and various logs. It was quite obvious that you didn’t have any competent medical personell.” Omri glanced up at Ryku. “I don’t know if you've ever had to work in a labour camp before but if you’ve had that missfortune you learn to use whatever equipment you can get a hold of. Whether it be to heal the bruising from the beatings you or your comrades received or to create crude weapons that might allow you to escape. The fact is, you have to learn to survive.”

“And you just so happened to learn how to heal bones in the labour camp did you?” Calaway asked, his voice carrying a tone of sarcasm.

“More or less… but generally less.” Omri laughed. “Now, Tom, would you like me to fix those cuts or can you manage on your own?”

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jul 17 2006, 05:07 PM

Tom Calaway, Sickbay, ISS Decent

"I've had worse, plus it's nothing compair what i did to those bastards in the bar. Man that was a good fight." Tom spoke with twisted sort of smile.

"I'm gonna be on the station, Aeon don't piss off anyone else. I might be there to save you." Tom laughed.

Pelios Station, Entertainment Complex

Tom walked back to the area of the brawl, this time he intended to go to that Irish Tavern. He walked through the door to a warm inviroment.

"Feals just like home"

He took a seat on a bar stolle in front of the bartender.

"Whats your poision?" the bartender asked.

"Irish Red Ale, and um, a shot of your best scotch."

The bartender handed him his pint of ale, and a small shot glass several seconds afterwards.

He took a sip of the ale.

"Thats good stuff. You make it here?"

"You bet, none of the replacated crap others serve." The Bartender responded.

He sat in the Tavern over a half hour enjoying his ale and scotch. He paid for his bill, and a little tip for the bartender. And walked out of the Tavern to the brightly lite complex. He walked over to a display screen. He looked at ariving and already docked ships. For anything he could use. He mainly wanted some torpedos, and power cells, the antimater he could get from the Decent itself.

He saw a ship that caught his eye. A old style NX class ship. Name the Repulse, NX-15. It was owned by a Bolian. He must have bought it and got it some upgrades. It had a crew of 40. He started tapping the controls, bypassing lockouts on the stations sensors and scanned the ships Inventory. He saved the information to his scanner and walked off. Pushing a small Rigalian out of his way.

Posted by: Hawku Jul 19 2006, 07:45 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Sickbay

Aeon smiled in amusement, as Tom left. But when Omri glanced back at Aeon it was with seriousness from speaking with Tom.

"He'll grow on you," Aeon shrugged. "But I do relate to what you're saying. I once had to repair a fracture in my tibia... Not exactly fun when you operate on yourself." - He remebered a fight with a Klingon he had over a bowl of gagh.

"Try not to move your arm too much," Omri said as Aeon attempted to excercise it.

Aeon stopped and then nodded, "Thanks. So what brings you to the Desce--"

Just then the comm broke through, and it was Silentio. "Bridge to the Captain - we've just detected the Dominion shuttle from earlier, decloaking in front of us."

Aeon stood up from the biobed in shock, he glanced at Omri who didn't know what to think. "Didn't we destroy them?" Aeon turned his head to mid-air.


"Apparently not," Silentio replied, checking his helm controls. The sensors displayed the information regarding the now nearby Dominion shuttle. "They must have cloaked when they went behind the Dominion ship earlier."

Meanwhile, the viewscreen showed the shuttle, and then a another Lokrrim ship (looking exactly like the Descent) dropping warp behind the shuttle.

"We're on our way," Aeon said over the comm - and he and Omri began thier way to the Bridge.

"Captain!" Silentio called out this time, "A Lokirrim vessel has dropped warp and is---"

--and to finish that analysis, his console began blinking defectively. The same went with all the systems throughout the ship. The Lokirrim were obviously linking into ther computer systems.

"Ope--n fi--re onnn ttthem!"

Silentio turned to see if Tom was at his station, but found he was not. A lackey attempted to fire torpedoes but had no luck.

"They're offline, Captain!" Silentio then cursed, himself. "Dammit!" This ship was supposed to be super-powered, but a simple Lokirrim ship of the same technology was breaking into the computers.

"Are yo--u seriiious?" The comm broke up. It was then the Descent was opened fire upon by the Dominion shuttle. A Ktarian ship undocked the Station and opened fire on the Descent aswell. "We took out a fleet of Cardassian ships, and now we're easily fallen victim to a Lokirrim ship? Arrgghh. Set a course, and get us out of here!"

Silentio checked the helm and found that thankfully the warp drive was still online. "Very well, Captain. But where?"

"Annnywhere! If ou--r systtttems are--stttill fused, then our engggines should out run annnny of ---th--ose ships."

Silentio acknowledged and checked the helm. He knew exactly where to take the Descent.

Meanwhile, as the Descent was jumping to Warp - Tom was still on Pelios Station.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Jul 19 2006, 02:06 PM

Tom Calaway, Pelios Station.

Tom heard some comotion about a battle between a few ships in orbit of the station thinking nothing of. Figured it's the kind of distraction he could use.

Tom started walking back to the airlock of the ship. He needed to get some supplies out of his quaters on the Decent so he could raid the torpedos on the NX Class ship. When I got there their was nothing. The ship left him.

"Calaway to Decent. Decetn come in." Tom Muttered under his breath "That bastard is going to pay for leaving me"

Now he needed a Ship, to catch the Decent. That old NX class ship even refitted could top out at warp 7, plus he couldn't take out a crew of 54. He went through the database he downloaded, to find a worthy ship.

After several minutes of searching he found the perfect ship, a Romulan Shuttle at docking pork 7. small crew max's out at warp 8.9, and has a cloaking device.

Tom made his way towards the romulan ship. On his way he stopped in Cargo bay. Found himself a Nice EV suit. He suited up, and steped ont he transdpoter pad. He rematerilized 10 meter from the romulan shuttle's starboard quater.

HE scanned the ship to findonly 8 people were inside. He gazed around to the vastness of empty space, and returned his focus to the ship. He pulled off a panel and started to reroute the circuiting.

He tinkered around in the open panel, he finaly found the right connection and pulled it. He started to see a gas cloud come out of several small vents. He suscedded in depressurizing the entire ship sufacating the entire crew. After a minute he repaired the circuit, but the atmo had to be turned on inside the ship. He Manunivered himself to a acces point into the ship.

He pressed the panel outside when he arrived to the port, and opened the outer airlock door. Once in he drew his EM-33 and opened the door. outside the airlock door he saw two dead romulans. He ignored them, after all they were dead. And made his way to the cockpit.

In the Cockpit there were four dead romulans three that were sitting. He pushed one out of the pilot's seat. And reactivated the Atmo, his second task to rid of the bodies. He locked on the ships transporter and beamed them into space. Once all the preflight was done, he undocked from the station, Engaged the cloak and scanned for the Decents Warp trail.

He found it, on a heading of 245 mark 118. He set coarse and Engaged at Maxium warp.

He began punching up all the data on the ship.

"Oh hell YES!!!" tom siad ina raised voice. "Forty-seven type-5 Heavy Plasma torpedos, duel regernitive sheilding, Ablative Armor, Six type-13 Disruptor banks. This is a nice haul better than the pill of shit i was going to raid." He stopped talking them releising he was talking to himself.

Posted by: Omri Omar Jul 22 2006, 01:35 AM

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Bridge

The turbo lift climbed higher while the Captain tried to give instructions to the Bridge through the rapidly degrading communications system. The lights flickered several times and the lift shuddered violently before coming to an abrupt halt that caused Omri to stumble.

Omri stepped out onto the Bridge when the doors opened. He was grateful to be on steady ground again. The junior officer at the Operations station moved to the side, allowing Omri to commandeer the console.


“It looks like they are bypassing security lockouts one subroutine at a time… They’re slowly locking us out of every system!” Omri said while analysing the readouts on his console.

“Can you override?” Ryku said calmly, but deep concern was could be heard in his tone.

“I’ll try.” Omri worked his console more and tried to secure vital systems that had not yet been conquered. “Every change I make they have a countermeasure… the algorithm they’re using is adapting.”

“We’re slowing down.” Lieutenant Silentio called from the Helm. “Nine point four… nine point two…”

“They’re trying to initiate the shutdown procedures subroutines for the Magnetic Constrictors. It’s throttling the amount of antimatter being fired into the Matter-antimatter Reaction Assembly.”

“Eight point seven…”

“The Dominion shuttle is caching up and are within weapons range!” an Ensign covering the Tactical station shouted.

The ship shuddered violently numerous times as Jem’Hadar proton charges impacted against the Descents shields.

“That was targeted at our impulse manifolds and secondary command processors.”

“They don’t want us to escape if we drop out of warp.” Ryku noted. “Fire aft torpedoes, full spread! Omar, I want them locked out of the computer core now!

“We’re still slowing down!”

“I’m trying! Perhaps you could hail and ask if they could please stop harassing us." Omri retorted sarcastically to the Helmsman’s complaint.

Posted by: Hawku Jul 22 2006, 06:44 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

Silentio gritted his teeth for a moment. He had been getting that much closer to Memory Alpha.

"Warp 5... Warp 4... Warp 3... ARRGGHH!!" Aeon was counting from behind the Tactical deck, before he slammed his fists into it in anger!

The Ktarian ship had given up a long time ago, opting not to venture too far from Pelios Station. But the Dominion shuttle and the Lokirrim starship were relentless.

The Descent dropped Warp suddenly and was surrounded by the two ships.

"You and I have unfinished business," Tarantar said as the view-screen clicked on a transmission from the Dominion shuttle.

"What? I thought you were dead!" Aeon said in shock.

"When you last spoke to me, I was aboard my shuttle. In fact, I was on it the whole time. Even when you destroyed my ship!"

"Well you're going to have to take a number, because the Lokirrim aren't just here for tea."

"Enough talk! I can handle them. It's you I want..." he clicked the screen off - and the view changed to the shuttle in space.

The Dominion shuttle then moved between both Lokirrim ships - obviously trying to block away the other enemy. "He's put up a dampening field on the Lokirrim. Now he's beaming himself aboard the Descent!" Omar said, checking sensors.

"Aeon to Security - kill that intruder!"


A bunch of Imperial Starfleet guards ran down the hall to confront the tall Jem'Hadar. But he blasted each one with a pulse rifle, knocking some into others. When one blasted a phaser from behind, Tarantar anticipated and dropped to a knee while twisting around in aim. He blasted a hole in the officer's waist, sending him off and then back onto the floor.


"Security is doing nothing to stop him," Omar said.

"Peh. Tom could have at least trained Security to fight better..." he then took a step forward in realization, "That Jem'Hadar wants to kill me on my own ship. He doesn't care about anyone else."

He went to his chair, where that Captain's jacket was laying that he found earlier. He tore a strip of cloth material from it and began wrapping it around his palm and wrist. Then he took another strip and did the same for the other palm and wrist.

"Captain?" Silentio turned from the helm.

"Keep trying to get the systems online," Aeon said while walking toward the already shakey turbolift. "Destroy those ships! If you can't do that, then get us out of here."

Silentio checked the sensors at his Helm. They weren't that far off from Memory Alpha, and he could probably make it there by his Figher, the Haufneinsis, if he tried.

"Work together," he emphasized, knowing how the crew hardly got along at times. "I'll deal with Tarantar." He nodded to the lackey at Tactical, who then tossed him a phaser. Aeon entered the Turbolift, which then closed and descended into the depths of the ship.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Jul 22 2006, 05:39 PM

Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

Systems were being restored one-by-one thanks to the shuttle's dampening field on the other Lokirrim ship. As Silentio struggled to regain helm control, the Lokirrim ship fired on the Dominion shuttle. After a few precise hits to the engines, the shuttle exploded!

Silentio hit his fists on the control panel. They've disabled our systems again! Damn it! As long as the other Lokirrim ship is in the area, they'll disable our systems one by one.

"Omar, I'm heading to Engineering, you have the Bridge" said Silentio, as he entered the turbolift.

To the turbolift computer, Silentio said, "Shuttlebay 1"

I.S.S Haufneinsis - Cockpit

Silentio busied preparing the raider for departure. He hated to leave his post, but he must get to Memory Alpha to find out what happened to Paris. Marlene seems to have fitted the Haufneinsis with Tosk's shield inverter. Nice. He thought about Marlene, and hoped nothing happened to her during this fight. The Descent's shuttlebay doors wouldn't open. Apparently the Lokirrim had disabled it. Silentio armed his raider's phasers and blasted the doors open.

As he flew around the Descent, he saw her lights flicker on and off. She looked dead in space. The Lokirrim made no attempt to stop the Haufneinsis as it jumped to warp towards Memory Alpha.

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Corridors

As Aeon headed towards his destination, he saw through his ship's windows the Haufneinsis jump to warp.

"First Falqon and Medaltha, then Calaway, now Silentio! Who the f*ck is going next!"

Posted by: Hawku Jul 23 2006, 08:38 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Corridors

"...You," answered a voice from down the hall.

Aeon turned his head from the window to see Tarantar, the tall, rogue Jem'Hadar. PZZT!! Aeon fired his phaser at the Jem'Hadar soldier, who was already dodging to his left.

The beam hit the curving far wall at the same time Tarantar blasted his disrupter rifle at the Captain. Aeon also knew it was coming before it was shot, and let himself fall onto his back.

In transition to the floor, Aeon had been taking aim - and upon impact, Aeon fired his phaser accross the way into Tarantar's shoulder. The already crouching Jem'Hadar was knocked back to the wall at an angle, richocheting off and stumbling to the floor.

The two fighters immediately lept to thier feet, blasting weapons at each other in shocking clear view. They both began twisting and dodging and spinning around each passing blast - as if capapble of out running each other's fire.

"ARRGHH!" Tarantar was losing patience and blasted three consequtive disrupter pulses at Aeon - they flew in diagonal formation towards the Captain, who was in the midsts of leaning back from a previous shot pulse.

As he was returning to an upwards position and aiming, he was too lax in realizing the three pulses heading for him. The first hit him in the shoulder and knocked him off his feet in backwards momentum.

While he was twisting horribly backwards in the air, the second hit him in the waist and increased his mid-air speed. With his lower body knocked in an opposite rotation, the third hit him in the right knee. The Captain was spun even more in that rotation and tumbled to the floor until he hit his end of curving far wall.

The Jem'Hadar was ten steps ahead of him, already running towards Aeon for the a final blow. Leaping into the air, the Jem'Hadar was confident enough to unclench his free palm and focus all his strength and force into a personal clench-attack directed at Aeon's neck.

But Aeon had lulled to a half awake state in time to see the forceful hand on course for his neck, so he launched his only working leg into the air and kicked Tarantar in the wrist - knocking the attack away.

With the leg still there, he kicked another accurate foot into Tarantar's neck and chin with all the force he could summon. The large enemy's falling direction was sent to the side. Now obviously fully awake, Aeon spun to his only working arm and leg and slowly pulled himself to a standing position against the wall and window ledge.

"UGH!!" Tarantar hit the floor to the side, and scrambled to get to his feet. But Aeon was already aiming his phaser at the beast... and Tarantar was skilled enough to know where.

"Take another step and it will be in a pool of splattered brains," Aeon suggested.

Breathing heavily as much as Aeon was, Tarantar began to smile, "Heh, heh, heh. You're good... No one is as good as me. I didn't even think someone as frail as you had that much strength."

"You're smarter than the average Jem'Hadar... I had no idea someone could move like you did," the Captain replied, still aiming his weapon.

The Jem'Hadar shook his head slightly, "I only move like that for my true enemies. I knew you were one of them the second you fired on my ship. You even had me going there for a minute... quite decieving your words can be."

"I was just doing what I was ordered," Aeon replied.

Tarantar kept his eyes trained on the phaser, "Tell me. If you weren't ordered to take us out, would you still have done it?"

"..." there was a pause as Aeon considered it. Now that he thought of it, he was sure he wouldn't have done it unless he had a legitimate reason. In truth, Aeon was just working for Command - the same Command that never liked him when it was convenient, and did when it was.

Then through the window, Tarantar saw a piece of his shuttle drifting by - it and his two other crewmembers on board were destroyed. He almost gasped but it was interrupted by the sounds of transporter beams all around them. Eight Lokirrim guards beamed into the hall with their weapons trained on Aeon and Tarantar.

Instead of killing the Jem'Hadar, Aeon turned and began running and blasting his phasers at the other enemy! Tarantar raised his rifle, still in one hand, and in the other direction did the same. A choas of energy beams and fighting erupted in adrenaline.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Aug 10 2006, 08:05 PM

Tom Calaway, Stolen Romulan Shuttle

Tom had the engine pusing at maxium thrying to catch up to the stopped Decent. He was eight minutes out from the ship. He saw on his readout that there were several other ships around the Decent.

He stood from the pilot's seat and walked to a weapons locker. He pulled two romulan Disruptor Rifles setting them to maxium setting. He sat back down. placing the two rifles on the side station. His sensors showed several intruders on the ship near one unidentified lifesign and one human. Knowing Aeon, it's probally him.

The small cloaked romulan shuttle dropped from warp, and slowed 50 KM from the Decent. He set the cordinates in the computer, grabed his rifles, and walked on the transporter Pad. several seconds later he dematerilized.

His particles came back together on the decent. Right in between the fire fight. He ducked low and fired two blasts into the aliens firing at Aeon. they completely vaporized. Tom took cover. and let Aeon and the Alien by him take care of the rest. After the fire fight was over Aeon adn the Alien. Who had their weapons trained on each other.

"Ah hell with this." Tom shouted before he raised his rifle and fired. Vaporizing the Alien.

He dropped his rilfes

"Thanks To...." Is all aeon could get out before Tom raised his EM-33 and shot him. and he fell to the floor.

Tom picked up the Unconscience body and pulled his scanner and tapped the controls.

Instantly they were beamed aboard the Small Shuttle. Tom dropped Aeon. and actavated a forcefeild around the passed out captain.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Aug 10 2006, 09:17 PM

Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Haufneinsis

Silentio entered orbit around Memory Alpha. The red planet seemed dead, as Silentio scanned the surface.

The great Captain James T. Kirk once visited this planet. He and his crew singlehandedly killed the Zetarians before they could attack Memory Alpha. But that was for naught, when the Alliance came and raided.

Suddenly, the sensors picked up an energy source. Coming from beneath the surface. Did the Alliance miss something when they destroyed this planet? Silentio decided to land the Haufneinsis to check out the signal.

Memory Alpha

Silentio tracked the signal to an underground bunker, hidden beneath tons of rubble. As he travelled the tunnels, the signal got stronger. Finally he arrived at a door. A sign said:

There was no lock on the door. Trembling, Silentio entered. Several computers were in the room, they were active. on the floor, amidst several debris, was a Klingon K7 disruptor.

Paris owned one of these, thought Silentio.

Using his tricorder, he scanned the running computers. They were idle, and were awaiting instructions. Silentio brought up access logs. There was a retrieval of information 2 months ago. As he accessed the files, a chill went through Silentio.

Ion Storm Files?! Memory Alpha had knowledge of this? Silentio retrieved several starcharts, weapons data, bio information. Chekov's bio! His file was accessed and downloaded. Silentio kept scanning and found that the Janus Ultima star system was accessed many times. Silentio downloaded as much information as he could to his tricorder for further analysis.

Suddenly, Silentio detected a buildup of energy coming from the computers. "F*CK!" yelled Silentio as he ran out of the room. He barely got out when the computers blew up and incinerated the room.

Booby trap, figured Silentio as he picked himself up. He got as much information as he could, it's time to return to the Descent.

Posted by: -Q- Aug 12 2006, 01:47 AM

Ean MacIntire, Bridge, P.S.S. Lugh

Ean sat on the Bridge of his salvaged vessel, The Privateer Star Ship Lugh, named for the Celtic God Lugh, scion of Danu. The name was appropriate, as he had named his previous vessel the P.S.S. Danu. On the ship was Commander Andrew Brown, his XO for several years, and the sole other survivor of an incedant that involved the loss of Ean's old crew. The purpose of the Danu was solely for profit, but now, the Lugh had a mission, and that mission was to locate Tom Callaway, where ever he may be, whomever he may be with, whatever he may be doing. Ean was determined to find him. There were a few more crewmembers on the Lugh, but it was a small ship, and did not need many hands to keep it running.

"Captain, we are coming into range of another vessel!" exclaimed Commander Brown.

"What sort of range? Phaser Range, Scanning Range, Ramming Range, Maximum Warp Range? You really need to learn to be more specific there Andy." Ean said calmly

"Scanning range, sir, it would appear that they have not seen us yet, they are not scanning us."

"So scan them!" Ean shouted "Tom could be on that ship!"

"Aye, sir." Andrew said plainly

>I.S.S. Descent
>>Lokirrim class
>>>NCC 4921K3
>Type - Patrol ship
>Unit Run - Unkown
>Comissioned - Sometime prior to 2382 --> present
>Mass - 127,000 metric tons
>Crew - 100
>Armament - 2 x Lokirrim Type Phaser Arrays, total output 6000 TeraWatts | 2 x Standard photon torpedo tube with 13 rounds
Defence Systems - Standard Lokirrim shield system, total capacity 688,500 TeraJoules | Standard Lokirrim metal double hull (unknown name) | Standard level Structural Integrity Field
>Warp Speeds - Normal Cruise 6 | Maximum Cruise 7 | Maximum Rated 82 for 20 hours
>Strength Indices - Beam Firepower 320 | Torpedo Firepower 450 | Weapon Range and Accuracy 550 | Shield Strength 340 | Hull Armour 190 | Speed 800 | Combat Manoeuvrability 9200
>Overall Strength Index - 755
Commanding Officer: Aeon Ryku
Helmsman: Henry Silentio
Ops: Omri Omar
Tactics and Security: Tom Callaway

After reading this over twice, Ean decided to hail the Descent

"This is Captain Ean MacIntire of the PSS Lugh to Captain Aeon Ryku of the ISS Decsent"

Posted by: Hawku Aug 17 2006, 11:05 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Romulan Shuttle, Bridge

As Aeon awoke, he suddenly found himself behind a forcefield. The last thing he remembered was the fire-fight on the Descent... and then, Oh yes - Tom firing his weapon at me.

He slowly got to his feet, eyeing Tom Caloway who had no idea that the Captain had awoken. This Tom person had been an annoying thorn in his side, and Aeon was starting to wonder why he kept him alive anymore. To hell with the new ways of the Empire, he thought - if someone had to be taken out, then that person had to be taken out.

It was perhaps the taste of blood still sifting in his mouth from destroying that Dominion starship earlier. Or it was perhaps the fact that Tarantar was in the process of redeeming respect for himself by fighting side-by-side with Aeon. It was enough respect that Aeon would have begun to want to be the one to kill Tarantar himself.

Unfortunately, Tom had taken that right. And for what? Tom has no sense honor and play. He just kills.

"Where are we going?" Aeon asked.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Aug 20 2006, 12:51 PM

Tom Calaway, Stolen Romulan Shuttle

"Where are we going?" Aeon Asked Tom

Tom turned around and looked at him. "We're staying right here. Your probally wondering why I shot you. Could it be that I was pissed that you left me on the station without telling me. As you see it all worked out and I see why you had to leave so thats not it. Now oyu must be thinking instead Why did he do this? It's really this simple, Your own Terren Command doesn't even like you, infact that Brooks fella your not to fond wants you dead. And well it happens to be that He hired me."

Aeon looked at him with a little shock on his face. Here he thought Tom was just going to kill him and take over. But it seems he was hired.

Tom continued, "I have been thinking htis over for some time, should I do it, Kill you and get paid. Sure it's decent money, but nothing that'd make me rich. So it began to boil down to this. Do I kill you and get paid, or not kill you. Well I've came up with a third solution. Brooks has spies on your ship, you did know that? I shoot you it looks like I'm going to complete the job. I personally like you, and really don't want to kill you. So here it is, I'm gonna lay the cards on the table. I make it look as if I killed you I get paid, I Kill brooks and we Split the money. It's either that or I kill you. take your pick. Or you try back stabbing me, I'll jut do to you what happened to my last partner who stabbed me in the back."

Posted by: Hawku Aug 22 2006, 09:05 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Romulan Shuttle, Bridge

"Brooks!? Damn him!" Aeon turned and punched the wall in anger. He then turned back to Tom. He had no idea all this was going on. And to hire one of his own men to do Brooks' bidding? It was sort of ingenius... but then again flawed.

Aeon never expected Tom to admit to what he just admitted. Perhaps the Captain didn't know Tom the way he thought in the first place?

Captain Aeon looked away in thought. Defintely trying to consider Tom's third option. Kill Brooks? Aeon defintely had that in his mind first. But he had to feign toward not killing Brooks. He'd learned a long time ago, that revenge was a dish best served cold... and death was not cold enough.

"Tom... I don't know what to say. But I do know that something must be done about Brooks. I never really thought he had it in him. I'm sort of impressed in a way. But I believe I accept your third option... only with one exception. That you leave Brooks to me."

He glanced over at Tom.

"You killed Tarantar when he was just gaining some respect from me. It was the kind of respect you have for a man you know that will come down to either him killing you, or you killing him. You took that away from me before it even began. So now you owe me Brooks," Aeon said. "The Admiral has gained that respect in his attempt to kill me through you. I always thought he was just a loser I could control. But apparently, he claims to be so much more."

The Captain nodded.

"Give me Brooks and I won't even want my share of the money."

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Tom Calaway, Stolen Romulan Shuttle

"You kill him I kill him it makes no difference, as long as I get paid. Keep in mind if you where any other person we wouldn't be having this conservation. You want to kill him fine. We have to plan this out otherwise, we well I wont get paid.

Tom walked over to the main computer station. He was ready to releise the forcefeild but stopped and said

"Remember you backstab me I'll put a bullet in your head and make sure you sit in a wheelchair the rest of your life eating through a IV." After that he releised the Forcefeild

"Brooks wants me to bring your body to him. Don't know why he wants a dead body. But how about we zip ya in a body bag. But his guards will pose a little problem. If you don't mind I can take care of them?" Tom asked Aeon. who was listening intently.

Posted by: Hawku Aug 22 2006, 09:36 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Romulan Shuttle, Bridge

"Make me sit in a wheelchair for the rest of my life?" Aeon repeated in mock humour. He found the very idea that Tom thought he could defeat him laughab--- well, there were more important things.

Aeon held up his hands.

"Alright. As far as I know, Brooks should be at Starbase 55 right now. Ever since the revival of the Empire, we've been slowly taking back some of the old Starbases... and starting new ones. I think he's scheduled to be there to look over its opening. His guards are his personal assistants. I'd prefer stealth, but if they get in the way... "

He glanced at Tom, deciding not to finish that sentence. For a moment he wondered about the Descent. Should he or should he not go back for it? He was the Captain afterall, and had a responsibility towards it.

Then he shook his head and decided: Brooks was going down...

I.S.S. Descent

Meanwhile, back at the Descent - the other Lokirrim ship continued beaming thier people over to take control. As this was going on, the Hugh was approaching. Silentio's fighter was also approaching.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Aug 23 2006, 01:46 PM

Tom Calaway, Stolen Romulans Shuttle

Tom tapped his control panel and let down the force feild. At the same time he had his hand on his sidearm incase the captain would tyr to pull something. Instead Aeon took a seat next to Tom and imput the cordsinates for the starbase.

"We should leave instructions to Henry, telling him he's in command until we return." Aeon said to Tom

Tom began typing a text message to be sent to the bridge encoded for helm officer himself.

Henry Silentio, You are to take command of the Decent. Redavous at terok nor once you deal with the remaining enemy ships. The captain is dead. and upon my return I shall take command. Tom Calaway.

"The captain is dead eh?" Aeon looked and said to Tom.

"To throw him off in case he's a spy."

"Ah." is all Aeon could say.

With Aeon at the Helm, he engaged the ships warp drive towards the starbase. The ship lurched forward. Tom got up from his seat and grabed another Romulan Distupror Rifle from the weapons locker on the bridge.

"I doubt you'll be able to get a Phaser in the room with the Admiral. If it dosn't bother you too much use this." Tom handed Aeon a seven inch romulan Dager from the weapons locker. "If you haev to stab him you wont puss out will ya?" Tom said with a dectable hint of Scarsacm.

Posted by: Hawku Aug 23 2006, 02:33 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Romulan Shuttle, Bridge

"I've killed enough people in my time," Aeon said staring at the blade in his hands. Even though he was pretty young, Aeon had gained the reputation of being one of the fastest physical fighters in the Terran Fleet. The only reason respect was hard to come by, was due to the fact he was so young... which was probably why Brooks never liked him.

Well, that - and I dumped those Tellarites on his lap that one time, Aeon almost began laughing, but didn't.

The Shuttle sped at Warp until it began to near Starbase 55.

"We're approaching the station," Tom said. "How are we going to transport you?"

Aeon looked around, "Hmm. I can be put into a Torpedo casing."

"Alright. Let's do this," Tom said.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Aug 23 2006, 02:47 PM

Tom Calaway, Stollen romulan Shuttle

"I could shoot you again that way it lookis real." Tom said in a joking Sense.

Tom transported a torpedo into the bridge section. He bagan carefully to transport out all the explosive and computers out. after the shell was hollow out Aeon steped in and layed down. Tom closed the top. He thought to himself He should have enough air if not oh well i still get paid

Tom sent a transmission to the Admiral. His image popped on

"what can I do for you Tom?"

"I have him dead, I left the body intact. He never saw it coming. The look of shock is still infact on his face. Kidna funny expression if you ask me."

The Admiral was a little bit digusted at tom's last words. And thought "He must enjoy killing."

"I'm ready to beam over, give me your cords." Tom continued.

Admirals Brooks Quaters

Tom and the torpedo casing rematerlized in the large stayroom.

"Where is my Money?" Tom demanded.

"You'll get it, don't worry."

"Show me know or you be drowning in a pool of your own blood!!" Tom yelled at the admiral in a very threatening tone.

The admiral pointed to a medium sized case "There is is."

"Good." Tom siad before he pulled his EM-33 and shot both Guards.

Aeon poped out of the Casin with his knife.

"You son of a bitch, Tom!" the admiral Yelled at the site of Aeon.

Posted by: -Q- Aug 23 2006, 05:57 PM

Captain Ean MacIntire, Bridge, PSS Lugh

Ean sat waited, resounded the hails, waited, and finally decided to approach the Descent, and lend a hand. "Luis, Bring us into formation with the Descent, Callaway 407 formation, if Tom is on that ship he will know who I am." he paused for a moment "Oh and lock a full Quardaphasers on the attacking vessel..."

Ean turned his chair, "Communcations Hail the Decent Category A Type 1 Subtype Urgent, now!"
A Lokirrim answered the hail, "What do you want? and how did you get through are communications block?"

Ean responded cooly, "What I want is Tom Callaway, and as for your block, it would appear that it was so simple I did not even know that there was one. If this is the height of your communications technology, I suggest that you get the hell off of that ship." Ean paused the transmission, "Luis I want you to go down to the armoury, and get assult/raid weapons, we have some scum to hunt. Edward, Cloak the ship on my signal"

Luis smirks and heads to the armoury, Edward responds "Aye sir!"

"Now cut this transmission back on" Ean continued to talk to the Lokirrim, "Listen, I am willing to accept your surrender, I won't even kill you, just get the hell off of that ship, or I will have to-" the transmission cut out "BASTARDS!"

"Edward, MARK!" Luis returned with the equipment, and Ean gave the order, "Luis, Edward, Chris, let's go, we have a ship to save" Ean said, while getting on his custom designed tactical armour, made to hold several weapons, including twin EM-33s, a pulse rifle, twin KA-BARs and a Sword, as well as an old-school Colt .44 Magnum. He turned on his personal force-field and took the helm, He was going to dock with the descent, and no one would ever know.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Aug 24 2006, 12:35 AM

Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Haufneinsis

As Silentio entered the system, he saw the Descent and several vessels surrounding the ship. Scanners indicated that Lokirrim were beaming aboard and through visual inspection, another ship was approaching the Descent.

Damn, thought Silentio. Extreme measures were needed. He didn't have authority to blow up the ship... Damn that Aeon. Although there was something else Silentio could do. He learned it from Paris if your ship is captured.S

"Computer, interface with the Descent computers. Authorization Silentio Pi Zappa Delta"

"Access Granted"

"Computer, for the following three commands, use Marlene Iota One Alpha. Uncouple the Descent's warp core's magnetic constrictors."


"Computer, disable the EPS manifolds and injector coils."


And now for the final touch... "Computer, disable the magnetic plasma conduits coupling"

"Acknowledged. Warp reactor destablizing. Stress tolerance approaching limits. Warp core failure 4 minutes."

"Computer, lock access to engineering commands. Authorization Silentio 47 Baker."


Silentio smirked to himself. Marlene's command codes came in handy. The Lokirrim were abandoning the Descent. The other ships in the area were moving away. Silentio programmed the transporter for the Descent's bridge and energized.

Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Descent - Bridge

"Silentio, you bastard, where the hell have you been!!?", exclaimed Omar. "We have a warp core collapse in less than two minutes!"

"Lock on tractor beam on the Haufneinsis, prepare to engage engines!"

"You crazy? The warp co-"

"Shut up, Omar! Computer, enable access to engineering commands. Authorization Silentio 47 Baker."

"Computer, for the following three commands, use Marlene Iota One Alpha. Computer, restore the magnetic plasma conduits coupling to normal."


"Computer, enable the EPS manifolds and injector coils."


Silentio jumped into helm seat, and plotted a course away from the system.

"Computer, Restore warp core magnetic constrictors to normal."

"Acknowledged. Warp core stablized."

The Descent, with the Haufneinsis in tow, jumped to warp.

Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Descent - In Warp

"Silentio, the ships are in pursuit," reported Omar, "The Lokirrim, and another vessel. Transponder signals reads: 'P.S.S. Lugh'"

"Acknowledeged," said Silentio, sitting on the captain's chair.

"Sir, we're receiving a hail from Tom, text only, for your eyes only."

"Who cares. On screen."

The viewscreen printed out the words: ''Henry Silentio, You are to take command of the Decent. Redavous at terok nor once you deal with the remaining enemy ships. The captain is dead. and upon my return I shall take command. Tom Calaway.''

"Ah, it's Tom alright. Look at the spelling and grammar."

"Shall I lay in a course to Terok Nor?"

"No. Trace the signal and set a course."

Bridge, P.S.S. Lugh

"We're picking a signal from TOM! It's for the Descent." said Brown

"Tom's not aboard the Descent?! Let's evasdrop shall we?" responded MacIntire

''Henry Silentio, You are to take command of the Decent. Redavous at terok nor once you deal with the remaining enemy ships. The captain is dead. and upon my return I shall take command. Tom Calaway.''

"It's Tom alright. Look at the spelling and grammar."

"The Descent is altering course," said Brown, "shall we pursue?"

"By all means... by all means..."

Posted by: Hawku Aug 24 2006, 06:41 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Starbase 55, Admiral Brooks' Quarters

The knife was suddenly thrown with great speed and force into Brooks' shoulder. It knocked him back and onto the surface of his desk in pain. The Admiral grabbed his shoulder, blood trickling through his fingers, as Aeon hopped out the torpedo casing and approached him.

"Heh, heh," he smiled and cracked his knuckles seperately by clenching his hands into fists - the searing curve of his smile rising higher on one side and showing his teeth. "You had me going there for a while. I actually thought you wanted to kill me."

Meanwhile, Tom was looking through the credit chips in the background.

"I do want to kill you, Aeon," the Admiral replied.

Aeon out-stretched his arms and palms in reaction, "Well I don't see you trying. Am I really supposed to believe you're that amateurish?" Aeon dropped his arms, "Seriously," he began to wonder, "what really is your plan? You wanted me here alive under these circumstances for some reason. What is it you want me to know so badly?"

The Admiral glanced at his shoulder, which was stinging in pain and bleeding onto his desk and floor. He didn't know what else to say to Aeon. He failed miserably at the assassination attempt. Who knew Tom had a loyal side to him? "Argh! There was no plan for you, Aeon! That actually was an assassination attempt!!!!"

Aeon then began to realize the Admiral was telling the truth. He looked on in shock and disappointment. "What?"

"There was nothing! I just wanted you dead!"

Aeon's eyes moved around in fear, that all of this was not going to escalate to anything interesting. All this meant was that Aeon wasn't anything important to Brooks. He was just some pitiful pawn in Brooks' eyes... his skills, his life; there was no acknowledgement of it in the Admiral's head.

"Aggghh," Captain Aeon gritted his teeth, "I was debating on whether to torture you, leave you on some planet, or cut off your limbs - now I just want to kill you!! ...All I did was escape my death, and nothing more! You wasted my time!"

Brooks, now having begun to tolerate his pain a bit more, sat up from his desk, "Oh I never agreed that you escaped your death, Captain." - Just then Brooks elbowed a button on his desk control panel.

This lead to a Jem'Hadar beaming into his Quarters, ready and armed. Tom was busy trying to light a victory cigar, when both he, turning his head, and Aeon, looked on in shock; the half-lit cigar fell out of Tom's mouth.

"Do you mind? You're kind of blocking mine and the Admiral's conversation?" Aeon said to the rude Jem'Hadar.

Out in space, four Jem'Hadar ships decloaked, having been surrounding the station for the whole time.

Two more Jem'Hadar, and a Vorta, beamed into the Admiral's Quarters.

"Get the knife out of him!" one of the Jem'Hadar back-handed the Vorta accross the face in anger at the Vorta's slowness - prompting the already beaten individual to scurry over to the desk and attempt to thrust the knife out of Brooks.

Brooks urked in pain and then sat up completely straight, clenching his shoulder, "You see, Captain, I was too busy to be concerened for your 'feelngs' on my empty assassination attempt - allying with one of the Dominion Factions!"

"You bastard! Why??"

The Vorta hurried, its status reduced to that of a child, with a medical device trying to heal Brooks' wound, "The Empire of course! You think I want some woman Empress bringing the Terrans into a new era? The alien trying to become Emporer was bad enough! Not to mention, that she doesn't like me too much," he squinted his eyes in disrespect.

"Are we going to sit here talking about it all day, or are we going to escape, Aeon?" Tom intruded, having to deal with yet more trouble Aeon got himself into.

Aeon gritted his teeth again in anger at himself and Brooks, "Arrggh." Aeon simply nodded subtly, trusting Tom was looking at the back of head.

Tom was, and got the order, pulling out his weapon and opening fire at the two Jem'Hadar nearest to him. Aeon grabbed the rifle of the Jem'Hadar standing between him and Brooks, aimed it away, and attacked.

I.S.S. Descent

At Warp, the I.S.S. Descent continued to be pursued by the failed-to-dock P.S.S. Lugh and the other Lokirrim ship; the Haufneinsis was still in the Descent's tractor beam.

Just then, two Jem'Hadar battle-cruisers uncloaked, one on each side of the other Lokirrim ship, and fired torpedoes. The Lokirrim ship exploded at Warp, as the two battle-cruisers dropped warp quickly to avoid the hit.

The two Jem'Hadar battle-cruisers then picked up Warp again and began gaining on the Lugh and Descent.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Aug 24 2006, 09:08 PM

Tom Calaway, Starbase 55, Admiral Brooks' Quarters

Aeon rushed the Jem'Hadar and, taking his rifle. And hitting the Solider in the face his the Butt of the Rifle. Knocking him down. Tom was able to Kill both Jem'hadar Soliders with his EM-33. The Vorta started to charge Aeon, as Aeon Raised the Rifle to Brooks. Tom Elbowed the Little Vorta in the throat. Tom grabbed the ankels of the Vorta who was stumbling around picked him up by the legs urning him over adn Dropped the Vorta on his head. Compressing his Spinal Cord. Killing him. Tom fired 2 shot at the vorta 's head to make sure he was dead.

The Admiral stood their stunned at the fact the both Tom and Aeon were not onyl alive but defeated the Jem'Hadar.

"Shot his f*cking head of so we can go Aeon!" Tom yelled at him.

Aeon took aim and fired. The Plasma Bolt hit the Admiral in the throat, completely destroying the airway. The energy seared the neck completely away. His head came rolling off his body.

"Now only if you would have slit his throat to begin with instead of throwing, you don't know shit about assassinations. You're lucky I was here once again to save your ass!" Tom said as he picked up his half lit cigar. He relit it, as he was Picking up all of the weapons.

"You're going to kepp all those?" Aeon Asked

"Hell yea. Oh!, Looks like we got ourselves a live one still. Too Bad for him. " Tom said as he aimed the Plasma rifle he just taken and fired at the Jem'Hadars Chest blasting a hole in him. "Hey, these are the same Rifles as the one I bought that came from the otherside!"

Aeon gave him a look that showed he really didn't care. We could have used him as a hostage, but once again he just kills Aeon Thought about Tom

"We should be going, let the starbase deal with those ships!" Tom said to Aeon ignoring the look on his face.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Aug 24 2006, 10:22 PM

Henry Silentio - I.S.S Descent - Bridge

"Report" asked Silentio

"Since the Jem'Hadar have been kind enough to the destroy the Lokirrim ship, all of systems are back online. Weapons, shields, and engines have all been restored to powerful levels. We are outrunning the JemHadar and the Lugh. Your raider has been tractored into the shuttlebay."

"Understood", said Silentio

"Captain we are approaching Starbase 55. There are four Jem'Hadar ships in system, as well as one Romulan shuttle, heading away from the starbase... sir! The starbase seems to have been infested with those Jem'Hadar!"

"What?!" replied Silentio in shock. "How... Why... How did they get on the Starbase??"

"Sir, the Jem'hadar are moving to intercept."

"Raise shields, arm all phasers and torpedo bays!"

Silentio got up from the captain's chair and excused the helmsman, "You're excused, the helm needs an expert for the fight."

The Descent entered the system weapons firing. Phasers and torpedoes blasted through the Jem'hadar ships light a hot knife through butter. Within minutes, two of the Jem'hadar ships were disabled. Suddenly the Starbase powered up and began firing on the Descent. Even with the Descent's Pah-Wraith enhanced shields, the ship was buckling under the stress. Silentio made a choice.

Silentio began to dive down to bottom of the starbase, where the Starbase's power grid is.

"I'm going to swoop down and up, passing by the power grid. On my command, fire all weapons at that grid"

"Aye!" exclaimed Tactical.

As Silentio began his dive, the Jem'Hadar followed, firing away. Just the Descent reached the Starbase's maximum nadir, or opposite zenith, Silentio yelled, "NOW!"

The Descent fired phasers and three volleys of torpedoes. The phasers disabled the shielding around the power grid. The three torpedo volleys, damaged, disabled, and finally destablized the grid.

"Captain, the Starbase is losing power. Their power systems are down, weapons and shields are down. ... Their power system is destabilzing, there's a cascade reaction going through the starbase!!!"

"Prepare for warp," said Silentio as he flew from the starbase at maximum impulse. A shockwave seemed to envelope the starbase, as if someone had hit plexiglass and the wobble from the hit seemed to echo on forever. Finally the starbase gave way and exploded in a ball of fire! All of the remaining Jem'Hadar were incinerated in the blast. The Descent barely made it past the shockwave's perimeter to engage warp drive.

P.S.S Lugh

"The two Jem'Hadar ships have stopped purusing. They have changed course."

"Hmm wonder why..."

"Entering system now, captain"

"On screen"

The crew saw the destruction and debris litter the entire system. Ships drifting in space, and a starbase, with only 1/10 of its hull intact.

"The ISS Descent did all that...", gulped Macintyre, thinking the Jem'Hadar might be right.

Posted by: Omri Omar Aug 25 2006, 10:55 PM

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Bridge

The Descent leapt to warp just as the rim of the shockwave lashed out at its heels. Omri began running extensive diagnostics on various critical systems to ensure that the ship was operating at peak efficiency after the prolonged assault.

“Sir, the P.S.S Lugh is dropping out of warp. They are scanning the remains of Starbase 55.” The tactical officer advised.

“Increase speed to maximum warp and lay in pursuit course for that Romulan shuttle. With a bit luck the Lugh won’t follow, at the very least we’ll have a head start.” Silentio ordered.

The moments passed quickly as the Descent narrowed the gap between it and the Romulan shuttle. Omri continued with his diagnostics, all critical systems were checking out fine when the comm channel opened and an unfamiliar voice sounded around the Bridge.

”Engineering to Bridge, we’ve got problems down here. I not sure what’s wrong but if you keep up this speed we could be heading towards at a warp core breach.”

”Secure all Engineering systems, assistance is on the way.” Silentio replied with a touch to the control panel next to the command chair.

“Commander Omar, go to Engineering and try and give them a hand.”

Omri nodded curtly in response and entered the turbo lift. His thoughts drifted as the lift sped downwards. Why had Silentio been placed in command over me? If I checked the manifest correctly, I outrank him. I guess the Captain just doesn’t trust me yet. Perhaps he never will…

“What the hell am I doing here?” He sighed and asked out load. “I don’t belong here. I’m just wasting my life on these people.”

As expected no response came to his question, but he already knew the answer. He was here because he was looking for a fight and joining the Empire all but promised that opportunity. Over half the quadrant was an enemy of the Empire, even before he had put on the uniform it seemed he would sooner or later get his wish and he had.

The doors of the turbo lift eased apart, their sound snapping him back to reality.

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Engineering

“Your doing it the wrong way. If you -“

“Need a hand?” Omar said and crouched down beside two officers who were huddled at the bottom of the warp core.

“Sir, we’ve discovered a micro-fracture in the port magnetic interlock.”

Omri merged his way in, took the tricorder from the acting Chief Engineer’s hands and began scanning. “It’s widening into a rupture. Inform the Bridge that we need to drop out of warp and get this repaired.”

The Interlock in front of Omri started to hiss softly. He backed rappidly and the hiss grew louder untill a jet of plasma funneled from the miniscule hole that was forming.

“What’s the warp core pressure?” He asked no-one in particular.

“2,400 kilopascals.”

“Lock down the magnetic constrictors. We still should be able to do a normal restart of the dilithium reaction afterwards, even at this pressure.”

Once the Descent had dropped out of warp and the constrictors were locked down Omri started reinforcing the interlock untill the flow of plasma was extinguished.

“Unlock the magnetic constrictors.” He said. “What’s the pressure?”

“2,500 kilopascals and holding.”

“Good, initiate the dilithium reaction start sequence. Inform the Bridge that we should have warp drive within fifteen minutes.” Omri looked up from the console he was now working at. “Ensign, it looks like the power relay’s on deck six took some damage when we were boarded. Go up there and run a diagnostic on all of them.”

“Aye, sir.”

Posted by: Rowskid86 Aug 26 2006, 04:45 PM

Tom Calaway, Stolen Romulan Shuttle, Cockpit

"Damnit, our sensors are half out. I see somthing following us but I can't Id it." Aeon yelled to Tom.

The Shuttle took extensive damage from the explosion.

"Engage the cloak. Drop out of warp. We'll repair here and hail the Decent. Thats if their still alive." Tom said to Aeon.

"The presuing ship has drop out of warp, I think." Aeon told Tom

"You think."

"Like I said before there half out." Aeon retorted.

The small shuttle came to a complete stop. Tom and Aeon started on repairs.

"I got the Comm Array back online. Tom send a message, all channels. Don't give a loication just have them send a broad hail."

Tom shook his head in agrement.

"This is the Shuttle Shadow, to ISS Decent. This is Tom Calaway. Return message on Comm channel Frequency 123.65 GHZ. Calaway Out."

"Shuttle Shadow?"

"It needed a name, and it's mystrious."

"Ah" Aeon said in a less confused voice.

After Several hours the repairs were almost finished. There was some Damage control need on the hull but that'd wiat for when they docked.

"That son of a bitch. He shorted me 500 credits. If he wasn't dead already, he would have paid."

Posted by: Hawku Aug 31 2006, 08:09 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Romulan shuttle Shadow

A short while later, a transmission was established.

- "So you're alive," Silentio noted from the view-screen.

"What's the Descent's status?" Aeon asked.

- "Omar took over Engineering and reported a rupture in the port magnetic interlock. He fixed the problem almost immediately. The ship itself returned to full strength when the Lokirrim vessel was destroyed by Jem'Hadar. The ship is as powerful as usual... and we are left with almost fifty dead Lokirrim officer's in our corridors," he paused. "Shall we blow them out into space?"

"No," Aeon replied, thinking about the situation. "Vapourize them." - I don't need the Lokirrim stumbling accross them to be reminded of thier death-warrant on me... Terran Starfleet has that job.

For a moment, Aeon and Silentio were watching each other - wondering if the other would show weakness in anyway.

"You bastard... You abandonned the Descent when it needed you the most," Aeon accused.

- "So did you-- apparently," he gazed upon both Aeon and Tom. "And then Tom put me in charge of the ship."

Good point, Aeon thought. I must not have been thinking straight. - "Alright," Aeon shook his head out of any anger, "Let's just put it behind us. I'm sure you had a good reason, which I'll look forward to hearing when I return to the Descent. ...In the meantime, I'm plagued by this Jem'Hadar inclusion with the Admiralty. Pick us up and the set a course for Terok Nor. The Starfleet big-heads have some explaining to do."

The screen clicked off and returned to a view of empty space. But that empty space was immediately filled with the Lugh, decloaking.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Sep 1 2006, 01:53 AM

Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Descent - Bridge

"Raise shields, ready weapons" shouted Silentio as the Lugh decloaked.

"Captain, the Lugh has not powered their weapon systems. Their shields are at half-power........ Captain, they're hailing."

"On screen"

The commander of the Lugh appeared; confident and sure of himself, he spoke, "I.S.S. Descent, I'm Ean Macintire."

Silentio got up and walked towards the viewscreen. "I am Henry Silentio, acting Captain of the Descent. Your ancestor was Alasdair MacIntyre is it not? One of the Terran Empire's finest thinkers."

Macintire looked uneasy by Silentio's observation, but composed himself, "I'm looking for Tom Calaway. Where is he?"

"I am under no obligation to tell you that. What business do you have with him."

"He's an old business partner of mine. I thought he was dead, but I heard he was alive. I wanted to meet him again."

"Fine, we're going to rendez-vous with his ship. Stay in close formation, don't do anything stupid. Silentio out."

Silentio sat down in the captain's chair. He admired Alasdair MacIntyre's insights of Machiavellian virtue ethics; that the greatest men ruled with tyranny, ruthlessness, shrewdness. and deviousness, amongst others. Silentio was prepared to give Macintire the benefit of a doubt.

"Helm, lay in a course for Tom's ship."


"We're approaching Tom's ship," responded the helmsman.

"Sir! The Lugh is breaking away.... they're heading for Tom's shuttle!"

"Arm phasers on the Lugh's power system. Let them know that fact," exclaimed Silentio. The Lugh powered down their engines.

Silentio opened a channel to the shuttle, "We're ready to beam you aboard."

"It's about time!", exclaimed Tom, as he lowered the shuttle's shields.

No sooner than Silentio said "Energize!", than Aeon and Tom materialized onto the Bridge.

"Finally," exclaimed an exasperated Aeon, as he shoved Silentio aside and sat down on the captain's chair. "Open a channel."

Ean Macintire's face appeared on the viewscreen. Aeon spoke, "You know, I'm having a very lousy week. My ship's been boarded, this guy who was in command by default," Aeon pointed at Silentio, "abandons MY helpless ship. I got my ass kicked by a Jem'Hadar, I was kidnapped by this guy," Aeon pointed at Calaway, "and the Admiral I hate put a contract on my head and almost tried to kill me. So I'll make this short: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?"

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Sep 6 2006, 09:50 PM

//Terok Nor\\

Kijari paced restlessly, like a caged panther, watching the seemingly endless flow of Jem'Hadar ships past the station.

Back and forth, back and forth in front of the viewports, long black hair floating around her lissome form each time she turned.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Her voice was a low dangerous growl, and the civilian who happened to be walking by paled visibly, giving her wide berth.

Kijari did not notice, she did not notice anything but those ships. She was no damn strategist...but she didn't have to be to know that something was very, very wrong.

Communications at the station were down, had been for a while now, and yet the Jem'Hadar essentially ignored the base.

"If I die on a damned space station..." The doctor clenched her fists, pausing in her pacing and glaring out the viewport towards the Jem'Hadar ships. "I'll be taking some people bloody well with me."

Posted by: Rowskid86 Sep 6 2006, 10:10 PM

Tom Calaway, Bridge, ISS Decent

Tom looked at the screen, it took a second. And then it click

Aeon just finished his sentance

"You Son of a Bitch. After you abandon me, you dare you show your ugly face again." Tom ran back to his station. "Targeting his warp Core."

"Tom!!!!" yelled both Ean and Aeon almost at the same time

Posted by: Hawku Sep 8 2006, 08:11 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

Both Aeon and Silentio ran over and grabbed Tom's arms back and away from the Tactical console. Aeon's previous immature outburst of anger was easily over-shadowed by Tom's personal business with Ean.

"Let go of me!" Tom shouted and struggled.

Both men struggled to keep Tom back. "Stand down, Lieutenant!" ordered Aeon.

But the struggling continued, and Ean just sat on the screen and watched in disappointment.

Aeon let go and force palmed Tom in the chest, sending him a considerable distance away from the Tactical console. Tom's feet just dragged along the floor, surprisingly keeping him standing. It was enough to get the point across.

Silentio returned to the Helm, as Aeon turned to the view-screen. "Apparently I have lost my patience with you, and so has my Tactical officer. I see no other option than to cease this transmission." The Captain deactivated the view-screen, and turned to the Helm.

"Set a course for Terok Nor and engage."

Silentio tapped at the controls and jumped the Descent into Warp.


Aeon entered to find the place busy, and Omri working at the Lokirrim controls.

"Sir," Omri turned at the sudden approach.

The Captain held up his hands, "I just wanted to thank you for your work on the Descent. I hear the ship would have been a goner if not for you."

"It was just some quick thinking," Omri replied.

Aeon turned away in thought for a moment, "While I was away I learned that Admiral Brooks turned against his superiors and allied with the Jem'Hadar... one of thier Factions to be more specific."


The Captain nodded, "The whole Gamma Quadrant has been fractured, and an empire previously known as the Dominion has been reduced to countless Factions. I fought one of these guys, and they're fast... I mean, really fast." He paused and glanced over, "One of these Factions has entered our Quadrant. I don't want to think about what that would mean."

Omri looked at Aeon, a bit confused as to why he was being so open - and then it hit him; it was probably the fact they were both victims of the Alliance labour camps at one time. Only a few of the officer's on the Descent had had to endure that suffering once, but those others were probably way too subordinate to be open with.

"Sir, I came across something disturbing while working maintenance on the Descent. The apparently fused power that's allowing us additional strength and defenses - seems to be fading at an infentesimal rate. Now, not only is that power unexplainable, but its also slowly dieing."

Aeon turned, "...the Pah'Wraith."


He shook his head out of it, "the Pah'Wraith. Something must be up with them."

Posted by: Rowskid86 Sep 8 2006, 08:37 PM

Tom Calaway, Bridge, ISS Decent

Tom recovered from the hit, almost Drawing his Weapon. He though for a second to shoot Aeon Down here and now. But the chance one of the others would come to his aid, he might be a little out numbered.

Tom walked to the turbolift, before stepping on, he hit the wall hard enough to dent it.

Touch me again and i'll blow your head off Tom muttered

He walked on

Tom's Quaters

It's be some time before they reached terok Nor, he needed a drink to calm himself down.

He opened his liquer chest, and pulled a bottle of Gin out. Opened it up and took a rather large gulp.

He looked over to his chest of money. he started to wonder what to buy with this money, more weapons, he thopugh against that since he had enough for any situtation. while thinking about thsi, his mind started to wonder. What could my old partner want, IF he betrayed me, I don;t think he'd be stupid enough to try to find me. Unless he wants to kill me.

Posted by: -Q- Sep 9 2006, 12:32 PM

<<OOC >>I could have SWORN that I posted right in between Dave and Hawku... ah well, here is something that shall have to do in its place, even though the timeline has progressed<</OOC>>

Commander Jon Falqon, Bridge, USS Blade

^^^^^^ WOAH! I'm leaving that little blast from the past there


Captain Ean MacIntire, Bridge, PSS Lugh

"What the blazes it Tom's problem?! He acts like I am the one at fault for him not arriving at the rendezvous" Ean said to no one in particular.

"Open a channel to the Descent"

"Aeon, I would like to come aboard your ship, may I dock?"

Posted by: Hawku Sep 9 2006, 02:08 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Engineering

Suddenly, a call came in from the Bridge.

commbadge.gif "Captain Aeon, you have a transmission coming in from the Lugh," the assistant Tactical officer reported. commbadge.gif

Aeon tapped his commbadge. "I'll take it in my Ready Room."

Ready Room

Meanwhile, out in space, the Lugh caught up in Warp.

The Captain entered his Ready Room and took a seat behind the desk. He turned the laptop-screen around and activated it.

commbadge.gif "Aeon, I would like to come aboard your ship, may I dock?" asked Ean. commbadge.gif

Aeon thought for a moment, "Why exactly should I let you?"

"Hhhh," Ean sighed, "Because I would like to speak to your Tactical officer. We are civilized men here. Should there be superficial gain to everything?"

The Captain pondered Tom's problem. He knew the sooner Tom dealt with his issues the sooner he'd get a clear-headed Tactical officer back - that, or Ean and Tom would kill each other. Aeon nodded, "I'll allow you two to meet. But beware, we're headed into Terran space now."

"I know," Ean held up a hand.

Aeon nodded and deactivated the viewscreen. He then tapped his commbadge, "Captain to the Bridge. Allow the Lugh into the Shuttle Bay."

commbadge.gif "Understood, sir," came a reply. commbadge.gif

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Posted by: -Q- Sep 9 2006, 09:17 PM

Captain Ean MacIntire, Bridge, PSS Lugh

"Helm, lay in a course for the shuttle bay on the Descent." He turned on the ship comm system "I want everyone to stay aboard the ship, alert and ready to come if I call, after that stunt that Tom pulled earlier, I need to be ready for anything... I must take into account that he has a security force at his command. This is going to be a low-risk operation.... And no killing, or plundering involved"

The Lugh docks uneventfully, and the small crew goes to battlestations, ready to come at a moments notice. Ean leaves all of his weapons, save for one EM-33, in his ready room, and steps off of the ship. He looks around and sees three other "specialised" shuttles, one of them, the stolen Romulan shuttle, the other two of terran design. One of them had to be Tom's, due to the amount of armament on it. He goes over to a comm panel, and alerts the bridge to his presence. A few moments later, he is greeted by Aeon and 2 young security officers.

"Nice ship." Ean said "Mine is better though."

Aeon scoffed, "I allow you to come onto my ship, and the first thing that you do is insult it!"

"Come now, Captain, I am a master engineer, you do not expect your ship to be better than one that was built and designed by a master engineer, do you?"

"Master engineer..." Aeon stated pensivly "Perhaps we shall have a look at your ship, when you are finished speaking to Tom"

"Yes about that, I should probably get to that. Does he know that I am onboard, or is this going to be a surprise?"

Aeon thought for a moment, "Perhaps I should escort you to Tom's quarters"

"Indeed, that might be for the best, due to his earlier stunt. Now, I am anxious to see him, shall we head out?"

The Captains head off to Tom's Quarters, they arrive and hit the door chime.

Posted by: Hawku Sep 10 2006, 01:33 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Outside Tom's Quarters

commbadge.gif "Bridge to Captain Aeon," the comm broke in with the assistant Tactical officer. "The Descent has dropped Warp and reached Terok Nor, and--" there was a sudden apprehensiveness in his voice, "you may want to see this." commbadge.gif

Damn. Aeon thought. I really wanted to witness the Tom and Ean confrontation. - He turned to Ean, "I've got to go," and left.


Entering the Bridge, Aeon found that the view-screen was on - and on it was Terok Nor surrounded by Jem'Hadar vessels. The vessels seemed to show no interest in the station, or the Descent, and some were casually Warping out of there - while others were entering through the Wormhole.

Silentio remained at the Helm, and Omri was at a console near the back. The Bridge crew just stared in awe at the sight.

"What the hell...?" Aeon wondered. "Open a channel to the station."

Omri took a position next to the assistant Tactical officer and opened a channel. A moment later he shook his head. "It looks like Terok Nor's computers are crashed. Thier communications and external sensors are offline."

"I'm sure they're enjoying the view from thier windows," Aeon commented. He paused to think. "There was one time I had to visit the Infirmary on Terok Nor. I was wounded so badly from a fight, they had to use a Surgical Support frame with a subspace sensor to localize a certain type of radiation the enemy's phasers enduced on me."

Silentio turned in confusion for a moment, "What enemy was that?"

"Well," Aeon paused, "the Jem'Hadar. When they attacked us a year and a half ago..."

The Operations officer glanced up, "So what are you saying about this Support frame?"

"It's on the Biobeds, and the one on Terok Nor has a display screen on it. I'm sure it could be used to convert a signal to its subspace transiever."

Silentio paued, "We're going to communicate to a Biobed?"

"I think I know what he's talking about," Omri tapped quickly at the console, and got to work. "If he's right, the console they installed on the Biobed, for that purpose, is not connected to the over-all station's communications systems."

Lieutenant Kijari Beregal - Terok Nor, Infirmary

Who was it who said burning off nervous energy would calm a person? Whoever it was, Kijari wished she had him or her in front of her. She'd make sure they understood what nervous energy truly was...and blood spatter...and perhaps even such sexy words as intrusive exploratory surgery.

Clearly, Kijari's temper was not improving. And so, when an ensign almost ran out of sickbay shouting, "Doctor!" Kijari's head snapped around, dark eyes narrowed dangerously.

The ensign stopped in her tracks, swallowing audibly, "Sir...there's something you should see."

Kijari nodded, striding past the Ensign, "The next time you shout like that in my infirmary, I'll recommend that tongue come out, understand? We are not fish mongers in a market."

The Ensign nodded, "Aye sir."

Entering sickbay, Kijari saw the rest of her crew gathered around what looked to be an empty biobed. "What is it?"

They parted as one for her and Kijari approached, dark eyes widening when she heard the crystal clear communication from the ship, =^=This is Captain Aeon on the ISS Descent. Infirmary, do you read?=^=

"I'm no damn engineer." Kijari snapped, looking around at her medical team. "Anyone know how to answer a biobed?"

The ensign she had snapped at earlier for shouting raised her hand tentatively. "I might sir."

Kijari stepped back, "Get to it then. Answer this Captain...tell him what's going on here."

I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

"Captain, an Ensign is sending us a text message..." Omri reported from his console.

Aeon turned, confused.

"She's saying that she'll have a two-way signal going in just a minute. She's also saying that Terok Nor was sabatoged from the Command Centre. The word going around is that one of the Admiral's turned against the Empire and planted a virus onto the station. It locked out Terok Nor and the next thing they knew, Jem'Hadar started entering the Quadrant."

Captain Aeon clenched his fist, "Brooks..."

"They haven't had any contact with the Jem'Hadar. All they know is that they can't talk to them, and it seems the Jem'Hadar have no interest in even touching the station, or attacking any Terran Starfleet fleet ships."

Aeon looked up, "Are there any other Terran ships in the vicinity?"

"No," Silentio reported from the helm.

Just then, the screen clicked on a visual of the people in Sickbay. There was a Chief Medical officer and her team standing around. Now that Aeon had all the information he needed, there was nothing left to have but casual conversation.

"Uhh... hi," Aeon greeted, a bit stunned to be in this situation.

Terok Nor, Infirmary

The medical team she had around her winced, exchanging glances.

Kijari quirked one sable brow. "Hi? I was rather hoping to hear you say, hang on...we'll get you all out of there right away."

commbadge.gif Aeon then snapped out of it, "Right. Of course!" He then decided to cover himself, "It's just that... I wanted to see if you guys were okay. You know... how you were coping with the situation, excetra," although it was an obvious attempt at a pointless cover-up. "So, how are you?" he asked so enthusiastically. commbadge.gif

Kijari took a few steps forward, her full red lips curved in beautiful, cold smile. "Aside from being surrounded by Jem'hadar ships, cut off from any communications save through a biobed, and running dangerously low on patience, I am just fine. How are you sir?"

The captain was handsome...there was no denying that. Even still, Kijari was as surprised as anyone to find herself amused by him.

commbadge.gif Aeon stepped back. He half expected her to channel all that through loud, angry shouting.

"Aside from being boarded, death-contracted, kidnapped and shot at - not bad," he smiled genuinely in response to her lips. There was something sexy about her... but he snapped out of it when he realized how he had paused, "--That is, if you're into that sort of thing." Aeon paced for exactly two seconds in deep thought on what to do next. "Hang on. We'll get you all out of there right away." commbadge.gif

Kijari watched for a moment, as what she had said she expected to be said was said.

commbadge.gif "Omri - how do we get them all out of there right away?" Aeon interrogated.

The Operations officer shook his head, "The transporters are being blocked by a dampening field emitted from the station."

"Then we'll have to dock." He turned back to the view-screen. "I'm docking with the station. Please let the Ops know." commbadge.gif

"Internal communications are offline," she opened her arms and smiled.

commbadge.gif Aeon glanced down and then back up, "Then meet us at Docking Port C. The clearance code should be Nor-Beta-3-6-22." commbadge.gif

Kijari chuckled, the sound almost like a purr. "Sounds like you've had an interesting day Captain. What say we compare notes once we're aboard, and see who's really had the worst day."

The clearance code he had given them was entered into her tricorder. "I'm looking forward to it....biobed out."

She didn't think it was the right time for her to explain that she was the Descent's new CMO. She'd save that little tidbit for later, maybe once she had gotten him into her bed.

"Let's go." She herded her team out of the infirmary to Docking Bay C. They picked up any others that they came across. By the time they reached the Docking Bay, there were a good fifty people.

Docking Port C

When the circular doors opened, Aeon stepped out to find that there were just about fifty Starfleet officer's there. He then caught sight of Kijari and realized she was still the senior most officer out of everyone else there. Which means the Admirals must still be up in the Command Centre, he thought.

"Alright. We'll begin evacuation proceedures. Everyone onto the Descent." He hated having to do this. The less non-working people on his ship the better.

As the crowds swept by him into the docking port, Aeon met up with Kijari.

"Useless people, all over my ship? That's another one to my bad day list," he said to her. "Not that it has been an entirely bad day."

Kijari chuckled, dark eyes looking the captain up and down appraisingly, "I could have been very cruel and brought the admirals. Tell me captain, would a potential spy on your ship improve your day?"

She had a good point. Just then, they had to be suspicious of all the upper echelons of command.

She waited impatiently while the rest of the starbase personnel assembled made their way onto the Descent, her arms crossed beneath her breasts. "Maybe we can toss them out one by one once we're underway again...like a trail of breadcrumbs."

Aeon was impressed. He couldn't decide if her ruthlessness exceeded his, or was actually high enough that hers met his. Either way, it was very attractive.

"I prefer to handle the Admirals on my own," he clenched his fist. "I have to go up there and meet with them." Aeon then turned to her, and smiled, as it was now obvious he was attracted to her. "Our next course of action should be to destroy the Wormhole." He stepped closer, "But we'll plan that from the Descent. There isn't much space there for people to have seperate Quarters. If you want, you can stay in my Quarters... sort of a personal thank you for helping me."

If Kijari was surprised at his offer, she didn't show it, only nodding, her head tilted slightly, moving a little closer when he did.

"Are you going to hurt them?" She hoped he was....she would have liked to have been invited. Licking her lips, she continued. "If you do, I want to hear all about it...tonight."

Aeon moved in even closer, until his lips were just a centemeter away from hers, "We'll see what happens with them," he smiled. "Tell the others on the Descent to start looking for a way to destroy that Wormhole - and if possible, to do it," and then he pulled off away from her, and ran down the corridors.

Joint post between Kaoru_ele and Hawku.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Sep 20 2006, 07:50 PM

Tom Calaway, Tom's Quaters ISS Decent

He heard his door chim go off. He stumbled up from his bed. almost falling over when he tried to stand.

With a slur in his speech "I'm coming!"

He got to the door, and hit the control. It opened

"You son of a bitch!"

"Whoa, whoa, Tom, hold up. Just calm down I just want to talk. Thats all!" Ean Said hopeing tom would comply.

"You have some nerve!" Tom shouted

"And so do you talking to your old friend like this!" Ean Shouted back

"You are such a, whaaaa. You f*cking betrayed me. you wern't at the redivous point, instead I was greated by some very unhappy Police. I barly got out! Tell why you did it before I gut you!"

"First, Tom I was at the point, stayed there an hour. You never arrived. I thought you where killed on the way over. We both knew the authorities where on to us. And that they were pretty f*cking close to us. I thought they got you!"

"Huh?, your not BS'ing me are you. If you are you know what I can do.

"It's no lie. Tom I'm just glad to have found you."

"Here i thought you betrayed me, sold me out. At first I couldn't beleive it. We both saved each others asses. Sit down, I'll get somthing to drink. You still drink gin?"

"I see you really havn't changed. Still like the harder Liquers. Sure I'll take a glass."

"So tell me Ean, why did you come looking for me?"

Posted by: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Oct 19 2006, 12:34 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Terok Nor, Command Center

"What is the problem?"

"Sir, the Communications officer's on the lower Decks keep trying to fix the computer systems. I can't keep this virus going forever," a distressed Ensign said while kneeling before the open circutry of a computer panel.

Admiral Dougherty stood above him, impatiently - as the two and one more Lieutenant, manning a nearby console, were the only ones in the Command Center... that is, except for Aeon.

Aeon walked in, unnoticed by the others, but in enough to have heard the Admiral's and the Ensign's conversation. "What's going on here?"

He walked over to a surprised Dougherty, "Aeon! What are you doing here-- how--?"

"Exactly the astonishment I have for you. Apparently, you're keeping the station unfixable," and it was now evident why. Admiral Dougherty was working with Brooks all along. Aeon paused for a moment, "...You're in on it."

Admitting defeat, Dougherty glanced down momentarily, "I had to Aeon. The Empire had to!"

"You let the Jem'Hadar into the Alpha Quadrant. You and Brooks!"

Dougherty lifted his head and made eye-contact, walking over, "We're not the only ones! You don't understand, Aeon. That woman Empress is nothing... Nothing! She doesn't have any real power. It's Starfleet who rules this new Empire. We make the descisions!"

Aeon watched as Dougherty stepped around the computer island to approach him.

The Admiral continued, "And our descision was to ally with the Jem'Hadar and destroy her command center on Bajor. The politicians surrounding her are just as useless as she is! And let's not forget our little Ion Storm power problem. With the Jem'Hadar, our strength will be so much more. No more will these Pah'Wraith, you speak of, favour the Alliance. They'll see how much we matter to this Quadrant. They'll begin to favour us."

"This is Terran Empire Territory, not Jem'Hadar Territory. And I intend on keeping it that way."

Dougherty paused and then laughed, "Hahahaha! You were never the hero, Aeon. Don't pretend to be! You were only a fighter... a subordinate. Who do you think you are, trying to be a leader? Trying to dab into the affairs of the state? You fight, and that's it! That's all you were meant to do. Nothing more!"

He finally closed in on Aeon, coming right up to him.

The Admiral eyed him, "We tell you and your crew what to go kill, and you do it. Do you understand? That's what your role is. You don't decide what happens with the Terran Empire."

Aeon began narrowing his brow at this. There was some truth in what the Admiral had said, and Captain Aeon was forced to see it. Even through the superior mind-state of being Captain of his own ship had brought him, Aeon was still just Starfleet's bulldog - just like all the other Captain's in the fleet. Aeon then lurched an open hand into grabbing Dougherty's throat---


"Then maybe you just haven't given me enough to fight with lately... I'm sort of, well, antsy." The other two officer's had disrupters trained on Aeon, but Aeon threw Dougherty off his feet anyway.

They blasted thier weapons, but Aeon had already dove behind a computer console. The console was hit and part of it blew apart, sending pieces into the air. Aeon then got up, unexpectedly behind the flying debris, and stepped off the computer console. He jumped through the debris, towards the Ensign and dropped a kick into the Ensign's chest.

"Augh!" the Ensign hit the floor, but the other Lieutenant shot a disrupter pulse and hit Aeon in the shoulder.

The Captain flew off from the fallen Ensign and over a computer console. He richochetted to the floor. Finding that he was now lying next to the toolkit the Ensign was using.

"You dead?" the Lieutenant walked over, around the blocking computer with his disrupter searching for Aeon, until finding him. But Aeon had already pulled the face-plate off the computer panel and jabbed a laser-tool into the circutry.

The face console next to the Lieutenant exploded, and sharp pieces jabbed into him!

"UGgghh!!!" the Lieutenant fell to the ground, as Aeon got up and grabbed his weapon.

He shot both the Ensign and Dougherty as they were recovering and ran out the Command Center.

I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

Aeon entered the Bridge with the smoking hole in his shoulder. The pain hadn't stopped him.

As he came onto the Bridge, he found the new Doctor trying to convince the others that she had actual orders from Aeon to get them to destroy the wormhole.

"Is this true?" Omri asked.

Aeon nodded, "Everyone man your stations and undock Terok Nor. Set a course for that Wormhole."

"I'm on it," Silentio exclaimed, tapping at the Helm controls.

The Descent broke off the station and rotated in space. Meanwhile, the other Jem'Hadar ships continued not to care or notice the actions of the Terrans. They only waited patiently for Brook's next contact... a contact that wasn't coming anytime soon.

As the Descent headed toward the Wromhole, some of the other Jem'Hadar ships came to finally notice. They hesitated on what to do, and what thier understanding of what the Descent was up to.

"Captain," Omri opened, confused. "It appears as if the Descent is losing that fused-state it was in."

"What?" Aeon now shared in the confusion.

"Our power-levels on every enhanced system is going down. I predict in a matter of time, we'll be back to normal power... I assume the way the Descent was when you found it," he looked up.

The Captain wasn't sure what this could mean. Was it that the Pah'Wraith were taking back thier support? He looked up at the view-screen, at the Jem'Hadar ships as they passed them. Was it that the Pah'Wraith had something to do with this Wormhole? Unfortunately, he may not have had the chance to find out... because two Jem'Hadar ships decided to close in on the Descent's mysterious movements... and they looked like the type to shoot first and ask questions later.

Posted by: Omri Omar Oct 22 2006, 11:06 PM

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Bridge

Omri looked up from his console and delivered his demoralising predictions of how long the Descent would retain its advanced power levels, all along the expression of confusion etched even more deeply in his face.

He watched the Captain pace several times, his obviously sifting through what Omri had told him. Blood trickled down his uniform from a large blackened wound on his shoulder.

“There’s not much we can really do about it right now.“ Aeon finally said. “I want a plan devised to destroy the worm-“ Before the Captain could finish his sentence the Bridge agitated violently.

“Two Jem’Hadar attack ships,” Silentio reported. “Their targeting our starboard plasma manifold.”

'Their only sending attack ships after us? They’ll barely make a dent in our shields.” Aeon said.

“I don’t think they want to destroy us, or even disable us.” Omri said. “They think we’re an ally. They just don’t want us going into the Gamma Quadrant.”

“Not a very fair alliance then is it?” Aeon asked with an air of both irritation and amusement. “They’re allowed free rein in our space, but we can’t go into theirs…”

“I’ve got a weapons lock on the lead vessel.” Calaway informed. “Firing phasers.”

“No! Hold your fire. Open a channel.”

“To who?” Calaway asked, his eyes showing that he disapproved with the decision not to open fire.

“To the attack ships and that battlecruiser.”

Tom’s console beeped and the Captain took that as the signal that the channel had been activated. “This is Captain Ryku of the Descent, we are on a humanitarian mission, stand down.”

“No response.”

“Maybe they want you to say 'please’.” Kijari mocked.

“Tom, fire a warning shot across the stern of both attack ships, then repeat the message.”

The Descent’s ventral phaser array unleased a beam of plasma towards each of the Jem’Hadar attack ships, narrowly missing their shields.

“That got their attention, they’re responding.” Tom said.

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Posted by: Hawku Nov 6 2006, 02:25 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - ISS Descent, Bridge

Aeon knew that these Jem'Hadar had no idea of what he'd done to the last he met. So he wanted to use that to his advantage.

The screen clicked on to the view of a Jem'Hadar commander.

-"Who is this?"

"This is Captain Aeon Ryku of the Terran Empire lead ship Descent. We kindly ask you to move out of our way..."

-"Why? So you can enter the Wormhole? You do know that there is nothing but full scale war on the other side? That Quadrant is nothing but a venomous jungle."

"Like I said, we're on a humanitarian mission."

-"I don't think you are. Stop playing games! We need you to do something for us."

Another Jem'Hadar walked up next to this one.

-"The one you call Brooks. We must speak to him."

"Are you going to move or what?" Aeon demanded.

-The two Jem'Hadar glanced at each other. "No," the first said. "No we're not."

"Then maybe I'm just going to open fire on you. You can see that I'm well armed, can't you?"

-"We do not care! We just want to speak to Brooks. Where is he!?"

"Get out of my way!"

-"Silence human! When we take over this Quadrant, you'll all be turned into slaves like the Vorta!"

Aeon gritted his teeth in anger until it hit him. Why not just tell them the truth for once? "Your Brooks is dead."

-"What!?" the second yelled.

"I killed him."

Jem'Hadar Attack Ship 1

The First slammed his fist into the console, knocking the screen offline. He then stomped his way passed a Vorta who was chained to a chair and approached the back of the Bridge.

Inside a large glass container sat a moving liquid. The Jem'Hadar smacked it to wake up whatever was inside of it.

"Get up!!!"

He activated a button, which opened the glass case and allowed the liquid creature to pour out onto the floor and take shape.

"I want you to go to that Terran warship and kill its crew! We want the ship for ourselves."

The shape the creature took was that of a generic humanoid, looking sad and beaten.

"Did you hear me, Changeling!?! Do what I say or I won't inject you with anymore White!!! Go!!" he pointed.

The depressed Changeling shot off down the corridors to the closest hatch. It burst out into space as a space-creature and flew over toward the Descent.

ISS Descent, Bridge

"What the hell is that?" Aeon said without thinking about his words.

"Sensors indicate it's some kind of organic lifeform," Tom said.

"What? Destroy it!" Aeon ordered.

A torpedo was blasted out into space at the approaching creature, but it manouvered around the attack with swiftness. The Changeling hit the Descent and articulated some kind of energy beam onto its shields. A hole was burned and it passed through and landed on the hull.

"Dammit, Tom, I said---" but then the Captain felt a sharp pain throughout his body. His wound had taken him and he fell to his knees! "AARrrrgghh!!!"

Kijari pulled a medkit from the side of the Bridge and ran over to the Captain.

As she worked on him, he glanced up at the view-screen to the ships before them. "Captain to Security! Intruder alert!" He then glanced back toward Tom Calaway. "Tom, disable those ships enough so that we can get passed them." Aeon knew this would make the rest of the fleet go after the Descent, but it had to be done. "Silentio, take us up to the Wormhole as soon as we get by." Hopefully they'd be the right distance they needed from it. "Omri-- or anyone, I have to know-- will our torpedoes be enough to destroy this Wormhole? Or will we need something else?"

Lower Decks

Meanwhile, the Changeling made its way into the Descent somehow. It cruised down the corridors in liquid form, jabbing spikes through the chests of passing Crewmen.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Nov 15 2006, 02:56 PM

Tom Calaway, ISS Decent Bridge

"Our torpedo's even combined won't make a dent in the wormhole. We'll need somthing to desrupt the wormhole, so it becomes unstable and closes on it's self." Tom Paused, "Reports are coming in, the intruder is slicing through our security forces. It appears to be a shapeshifting entity. I got all enviromental systems on lock-down, so it can't get into the vents. We have to trapped, deck 4 section 14, Cargo bay 3."

"We send in security to kill it" Aeon said

"Every attempt results in another crewmen getting stabbed. We could decompress the bay, but we have many valuable things in there." Tom stoped for a second " Wait I got it, use that suit. The one we got from the Biltra's Captain. Since it's sheilded the spike won't do shit to me."

Posted by: Hawku Nov 20 2006, 12:06 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - ISS Descent, Bridge

Aeon nodded, "Good idea. Get down there and take care of it."

Kijari had just finished a quick regenerative process on Aeon's shoulder, and they both stood up. When Tom left the Bridge, Omri took Tom's position.

The Descent rocked from torpedo fire.

"Return fire - two torpedoes. Target thier ventral shielding," Aeon said. "Helm, take us over thier ships and come about.

PZZT! The Descent dodged a phaser beam from the left Jem'Hadar ship as they flew overhead. Two torpedoes hit their shields, weakening them.

"Continue fire," Aeon said, as the two Jem'Hadar crusiers dispersed and flew around. "Silentio - any manouvers you have in mind for these moving targets would be perfect."

Silentio nodded, arching the Descent around so that its nose followed the movements of one of the Jem'Hadar ships that tried being smart by flying around. Omri blasted three torpedoes toward the Jem'Hadar ship's line of path, where the first two hit and knocked out the shields and the last one drove itself into the hull.

The Jem'Hadar ship exploded, sending a large chunk floating accross space.

"Tractor that piece," Aeon said. Silentio flew the Descent over as three more Jem'Hadar ships approached, making the total surrounding: four. They opened fired as Omri locked a tractor beam, taking control over the momentum of the large half of broken Jem'Hadar ship.

"Rotate the ship, 30 degrees and bring that chunk into thier line of fire," Aeon ordered as Silentio brought the ship around. The oncoming fire hit the tractored debrees, "Omri, reverse the tractor beam and push the chunk toward the enemy."

Omri nodded as he reversed the polarity moments before the chunk began to explode. The ship attempted to move out of the way, but one recieved the explosion head on and lost thier shields. That vessel began to have parts of it explode as well.

As the Descent rotated around to face the circling Jem'Hadar ships, incoming fire weakened the part of shields that the Changeling had come through earlier. Two Jem'Hadar soldiers and a Vorta then beamed onto the Bridge of the Descent.

"Don't move," the taller one said as he had his disrupter trained on Aeon.

But another incoming torpedo knocked the whole of the Descent violently - sending almost everyone to the floor. Aeon dove and grabbed the disrupter off the tall Jem'Hadar and jabbed one hand into his throat. While kneeling over the Jem'Hadar, who Aeon forced to remain laying on the floor, Aeon aimed his disrupter right above his face.

"Your kind is certainly on the uprising. What happened, got tired of those other creatures controlling you?" Aeon recalled the first encounter he had with the Dominion and their command structure on Terok Nor 1.6 years ago. Although, he didn't realize the creatures he spoke of were the Changelings.

Three of the security officers on the Bridge had their phasers trained on the other Jem'Hadar and the Vorta. Silentio and Omri continued to fly the Descent around and fire at the oncoming enemy ships. Two flashes came from the view screen as two ships were destroyed.

"It was time to put an end to the Founders. When we found a cure for the white, we decided to launch an attack against our creators. Our first move was launching white into thier Great Link and merging thier protoplasm with it. That's why, you see, that the whole Quadrant is in chaos. No one to lead them." The Jem'Hadar leaned up at Aeon slightly, "We pledge our loyalty to no one. Victory is your death."

Just then, the Descent was hit by a Jem'Hadar ship, trying to ram itself into the abdominal side. The lower shields were lost as the Descent fliped around a few times. That Jem'Hadar ship lost course in its movements and crashed into one of the other Jem'Hadar ships. The explosion rocked and sent the Descent flying back.

But now, they were rid of the Jem'Hadar ships near them. The rest of the fleet was too far away to catch up.

"Take us to the wormhole!" Aeon ordered.

Silentio sped the ship into deep space. Before they knew it, they were closing in on the location of the Wormhole. Aeon continued to have his disrupter trained on his man.

"Captain... the systems continue to lose thier infused state... they're... they're almost completely lost of the infusion. Ship power is reducing at an incredible rate!" Omri reported in shock. "Power is now back to normal levels!"

Aeon couldn't help but stare at the view-screen, knowing full well that these changes were being done by what was before them. In an instant, the Wormhole opened up.

Two Jem'Hadar ships broke off from the fleet and begun heading for the Descent.

"Take us in," Aeon ordered. He and the crew saw what was happening: that more Jem'Hadar were coming for them, and this time, the Descent may not have been as powerful as it was moments ago. "We'll ambush them on the other side when they come out. Then we'll return and destroy it."

The Descent flew into the Wormhole and suddenly Aeon and the Jem'Hadar he was holding disappeared. The Descent came out in the Gamma Quadrant, ready for the two Jem'Hadar ships to come through.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Nov 20 2006, 12:42 AM

Henry Silentio - ISS Descent, Bridge

"Take us to the wormhole!" Aeon ordered.

As Silentio piloted the ship towards the wormhole, he suddenly realized he's been stoned the last few days; days that felt like months. He couldn't remember what the hell he was doing, or why he was there, or even what the meaning of existence is.

Silentio felt like he was not in control of his own life; like fate guided his destiny. While he was thinking, Aeon interrupted his train of thought:

"Take us in"

Take us in where? Damn, thought Silentio as he tried to remember how he came to be in this situation. Suddenly, the wormhole enveloped the Descent. Silentio turned around and saw Aeon and the Jem'Hadar disappear into thin air.

As the Descent emerged from the wormhole, Silentio blurted, as if he was waking up from a bad dream, "Holy crap, what happened to Aeon? What the hell's going on?! Is the nature of this reality real? Is it real for me!??!"

Omri responded forcefully, "Silentio, what the f*ck you saying? Shut up and prepare for battle!"

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Posted by: Hawku Nov 25 2006, 12:40 AM

Captain Aeon Ryku - White Space

Aeon and the Jem'Hadar found themselves in another dimension where there was nothing but white all around. Aeon continued to hold the disrupter to the Jem'Hadar absentmindedly.

"The one who is in league with the Wraith must die," a familliar face said. Aeon turned to find that it was being spoken by a person of his past. The Jem'Hadar saw a soldier from his crew. But both men knew at this point, that who they were seeing, was in fact alien.

While still holding the weapon, Aeon stared in shock at the person before him. "The Pah'Wraith you mean? How do you know about them?"

"We are what some coporeal beings have referred to as the Prophets," said another familliar face. Aeon and the Jem'Hadar now found themselves around two people they recognized.

"The Wraith were once part of us, but had to be banished," a third person turned into view.

"Banished?" Aeon looked over. "You mean the Ion Storm."

"They are not pure of soul, nor destiny. They have their own agenda," the first Prophet stated.

"Yeah, they're toying with the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants," Aeon said.

"It is our nature to concern ourselves with that of the coporeal realm," the second Prophet said. "Now the Pah'Wraith exhibit intervention on aggressive levels."

"So what are you going to do about it?" Aeon asked intently. "Your Ion Storm isn't doing a good job in keeping them contained!"

"The Wraith are not to be dealt with anymore," the first Prohpet said.

"They are merely enemies. Nothing to be concerned about," the second Prophet said.

"Our concern is that of the Dominion," the third said.

"These beings require our protection," a fourth Prophet made its presence known.

"You," the Jem'Hadar started-- "It was rumoured that aliens from a distant Wormhole brought about the cure for the white. It was you!"

"Your purpose is to kill the one in league with the Wraith," the first Prophet turned his attention to the Jem'Hadar. "Such an act cannot be done by the Prohpets."

Aeon's hand was immediately hit by a force, knocking the weapon away. The Jem'Hadar caught it, unsure at what to think of all this.

"Hey!" Aeon blerted. "I get it now. You Prohpets only care about those people in the Gamma Quadrant, while conversely the Pah'Wraith care only about those in the Alpha Quadrant. But what I don't get, is that if you're both out of each other's hair - then why do you want to kill me? Why trigger some kind of holy war with them?"

"The one in league with the Wraith cannot understand."

"His mind is of linear comprehension."

"The Wraith are merely enemies. Nothing to be concerned about."

After the Prophets spoke, the Jem'Hadar soldier held up his disrupter at Aeon. He somehow began to understand, "What they're saying is that they're at a constant war with their enemies. But at the same time, their war means nothing to them. Probably why both sides make no efforts to fight the other."

"Alright, big-talk, then what the hell do these non-coporeal aliens care about?" Aeon said, staring at the Jem'Hadar and disrupter aimed at him.

The Jem'Hadar shook his head, partially chuckling, "I don't know. Us maybe? Our actions? Maybe something we can't even fathome. All I know is, that I have the weapon."

He activated it, and fired.

But Aeon had already moved out of the way, in fact, at lightning speed!

"What the hell?" the Jem'Hadar looked to his left, where Aeon has ran to incredibly fast - all the while, the Prophets disappearing.

The Jem'Hadar lurched his aiming arm and disrupter around to where Aeon was now, finding his movements incredibly fast aswell.

"Holy crap. It's like the laws of physics don't even apply here," Aeon said, equally as shocked.

Nevertheless, the Jem'Hadar decided to go with it. He blasted his disrupter again at Aeon, to which Aeon dodged in almost a teleport-move. The Jem'Hadar fired again and again, as Aeon went from one angle to a side to another. The Jem'Hadar fired again, in anger, and Aeon flew in, with his knee right next to the Jem'Hadar's face - and kneed the Jem'Hadar with great force.

The Jem'Hadar went flying back, off his feet - spinning into nothingness.

Aeon teleported himself right next to the Jem'Hadar again, and kicked the soldier into another direction of momentum. Aeon teleported again, and force-palmed the Jem'Hadar into another direction!

"Ugh!!" the Jem'Hadar tried gaining control, but wasn't getting it.

Aeon kicked the soldier up, down, left, right, and away. The Jem'Hadar quickly then wraped his mind around what the dimensional plain they were on was about, and steadied his movements. He hovered, awaiting Aeon's next move.

Aeon then appeared next to him and launched a speedy kick for his face. The Jem'Hadar grabbed his leg with one hand, and held it in place, while thrusting his other hand into Aeon's neck.

"ARRGgghhHH!!!" Aeon tried to breathe, but couldn't - "GGGhh!! Where-ever the hell we are, it's got to be above where we come from. I've got to focus on the Descent and get them to go back into the Wormhole - GGghhhhgggh!!!!"

He threw an uppercut into the Jem'Hadar's chin, releasing all grips and knocking the soldier back. In the meantime, Aeon had turned his head away, in deep thought and concentration. He found he had the ability to transcend an impression through dimensions-- but the only mind he could alter was Silentio's.

"Dammit! He's not getting it," Aeon said before he was kicked accross the face by the Jem'Hadar.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Nov 25 2006, 08:53 PM

Tom Calaway, deck 4 section 14, Outside Cargo bay 3. ISS Decent

Tom stood outside the door with the suit on, it's sheilding was at full strength. He leveled his Poloran Rifle setting it to it's masium setting.

"He's pinned down in the far right corner, behind the emergency food rations" A young security officer said to Tom.

"Time to go killing." Tom said with a small smile on his face. As he opened the doors.

Instantly a spike came hurling at him. He dove to the left and rolled behind a shelf. He fired several random bursts from his rifle providing limited cover fire as he ran to the Left side front corner. When he got to the corner he tried getting a a shot off. but he couldn't get a clear target. He bolted the the back corner. Halfway there 2 spikes came hurling at him the first he dodged, the second hit him. The Sheild absorbed the blow. but it still knocked him down.

The shape shifter Morphed into a large bird and flew into the air, and came into a full dive at Tom. Tom quickly saw bird coming at him. He fired several bursts from his rifle into the air. all barly missing it. the Bird was 10 feet away when he got off a second volly, three pulses striking the Changling. It lay stuned near Tom, he had enough time to stand before the Changling was able to recover. It morphed it's "arm" into a sledge hammer and started swinging at Tom. The first few hits knocked him off his feet. The Suit's sheild's absorbing the Kenetic energy. The next few hits Tom was able remain standing, He fired a Pulse, striking the Shape-shifter in the chest. Knocking it backwards, a little. That knock backwards we the Time Tom needed to switch his Rifle to Automatic mode. He held down the trigger, pulse after pulse striking the Changling. Tom let out a loud roar while firing, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

After over a hundred pulses hitting shape-Shifter, if finally died. It's little remains sat there on the deck platting. He looked at it, Smiled, and fired a few more shots into it.

He tapped his Comm Badge "Security, Cargo Bay is secure. Tell that Doc, if she wants a sample of whats left. She's more than welcome."

He walked out of the Cargo bay, "Not a good day to be my enemy" he said to himself. "Calaway to Bridge, Instuder Nutrlized. I'm on my way up"

Posted by: Hawku Dec 4 2006, 01:34 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

The Jem'Hadar ships exited the Wormhole in the Gamma Quadrant, opening fire upon the Descent. Silentio sped the ship passed them as Omri blasted torpedoes into the enemies' shields.

As soon as one of the Jem'Hadar's shields were down, the Descent pumped five more torpedoes into their hull and jumped back toward the Wormhole.

The Wormhole opened, with both Jem'Hadar ships following behind... then BOOM!!! The Jem'Hadar ship exploded within the Wormhole. The other Jem'Hadar ship was in close range and caught most of the debris, beginning to explode aswell.

The Descent sped as fast as it could through the Wormhole, as the entire structure was beginning to disrupt and collapse.

Aeon and the Jem'Hadar soldier he was fighting, suddenly flashed on to the Bridge. They were both in mid-fight, when they suddenly realized thier change in location. Looking around, they foudn the ship shaking like crazy.

Tom entered the Bridge in time to see what was going on. He quickly fired at the Jem'Hadar, vapourizing him.

The Descent immediately left the Wormhole, back out into the Alpha Quadrant. The Wormhole then collapsed behind them! This brought the attention of the Jem'Hadar fleet, who began to close in on the Descent.

"Ugh... what..." Aeon looked around. "Helm, take us into Terran space beyond this area. Bajor. Maximum warp."

"What the hell happened?" Tom asked.

"I met aliens who live in that Wormhole. They call themselves the Prohpets and banished their enemies, the Pah'Wraith, to that Ion Storm."

"You're kidding!"

Aeon shook his head, "I wish I was."

"What are we going to do about Terok Nor?" Tom wondered.

The Captain looked away for a moment, "There's nothing we can do. The Jem'Hadar fleet occupy it right now, and the Descent is back to normal power."

He turned to the crew.

"Disengage red alert. Everyone get some rest. You all did an excellent job, but Terok Nor isn't ours anymore."

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Dec 9 2006, 08:09 PM

"Well, that was exciting." Kijari's arms were crossed, her dark eyes cool and collected, as if there hadn't been a Jem'hadar warrior on the bridge within spitting distance, as if the captain hadn't disappeared and reappeared like some kind of illusionist.

A comm came through then, from Tom Calaway. commbadge.gif Security, Cargo Bay is secure. Tell that Doc, if she wants a sample of whats left. She's more than welcome. commbadge.gif

Kijari touched her own commbadge, replying commbadge.gifI am a doctor, not a doc. If you shorted my title again, I will shorten your tongue. It just so happens that I do require a sample. I'll be down to collect it. Beregal out. commbadge.gif

Ah, but first....Kijari walked to the captain, who had just given his sad news. Taking firm hold of his jacket she yanked him towards her, her lips seeking his earlobe, whispering to him hotly. "Terok Nor is a dump...do not grieve over that lump of metal my brave captain."

He chuckled in surprise, but did not pull away from her, his hands lifting to her waist.

"I will require a visit later, to ascertain your continued health...and to reward your courage, of course." She bit his earlobe, pulling back quickly and leaving the bridge.

She did not trust anyone yet to collect an organic sample of the changling, and so she made her way to the cargo bay.

Posted by: Rowskid86 Dec 10 2006, 07:37 AM

Tom Calaway, ISS Decent, Coridors

Tom was on his way up to the bridge, thinking to himself.
Who the F*ck does she think she is talking to me like that?

Tom walked into the lift
"Bridge" he ordered the Lift. it started moving instantly.

Tom emerged out of the Lift to see a Jem'Hadar solider standing on the bridge. He Quickly Raised his rifle and fired at the Solider. Completely vaporizing him.

"What the hell happened?" Tom asked.

"I met aliens who live in that Wormhole. They call themselves the Prohpets and banished their enemies, the Pah'Wraith, to that Ion Storm."

"You're kidding!"

Aeon shook his head, "I wish I was."

"What are we going to do about Terok Nor?" Tom wondered.

The Captain looked away for a moment, "There's nothing we can do. The Jem'Hadar fleet occupy it right now, and the Descent is back to normal power."

"Disengage red alert. Everyone get some rest. You all did an excellent job, but Terok Nor isn't ours anymore."

Tom Pulled the Docter aside before she could exit
"You ever threatens me again I'll kill your family in front of you. Make those pretty eyes of yours watch. Then I'll do what I did to my last partner, to you."

Before she could respond Tom took his station

"Aeon, we can't just just those bastards take the station! We know the stations weaknesses. Get the ship close enough, And I'm sure I can hack into the system. Vent the assholes out."

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Dec 10 2006, 10:57 PM

The man pulled her roughly aside before she could exit the bridge. Kijari purred, baring her throat slightly to the powerful male, a cold wicked smile on her full lips. "I'm sure this can wait..."

He spoke then, "You ever threaten me again I'll kill your family in front of you. Make those pretty eyes of yours watch. Then I'll do what I did to my last partner, to you."

And she recognized his voice as the male from the cargo bay who had called her "doc."

Tossing her wealth of blue black hair, Kijari yanked her arm free of his tight grasp, her free hand resting on his broad well muscled chest. "Did you find that to be threatening? A pity...if you knew me better you'd know my threats are usually far more serious." Dark eyes sparkled as she met his gaze, "As for your last partner...I'm sure it was rigorous, whatever it was. You certainly look virile. Unfortunately..." Her hand lifted to his cheek, dark gaze moving over his shoulder towards the captain. "I have already made plans for this evening. Perhaps another time?"

Turning away then, she winked at Aeon, stepping onto the turbolift.

Posted by: Hawku Dec 18 2006, 11:34 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

Aeon turned as Kijari walked away from him. He watched her figure make her way to the turbolift where she was then met with Tom. As they exchanged conversation, Omri reported a communication from his console.

"Put it through to my Ready Room," Aeon ordered.

He began walking accross the Bridge when Tom replaced Omri's position. He stopped and glanced over at the Turbolift, where Kijari met his gaze and then winked at him.

Tom called out from the Tactical console, "Aeon, we can't just let those bastards take the station! We know the stations weaknesses. Get the ship close enough, And I'm sure I can hack into the system. Vent the assholes out."

There was a moment before Aeon replied and then, "Forget it, Tom. Then how would we deal with the entire Jem'Hadar fleet? There is just too much for us to handle. We'll continue on toward Bajor. In the meantime, I'll be in my Ready Room."

Ready Room

He entered the room, where an Orion Slave girl was leaning against his desk, waiting for him.

"Faye? You're still here?"

She smiled seductively, "I've been here since Pelios station."

"Oh right. Hope you've enjoyed the ride."

FayeAcca approached him, eyeing his gaze as Kijari had earlier. "I've never met a Captain, not to mention one with skills as yours, who was capable of taking his starship on a ride like this."

Aeon smiled mischieviously, but stepped back away from her. He wondered if he were to meet up with Kijari later, that if she would be able to smell Faye's scent on him.

"I have a communication," he said.

Faye stepped up to him again, insisting upon it, "Tell them to wait."

"Computer," Aeon said this time, allowing Faye to get close to him, "Site-to-site transport FayeAcca to the Mess Hall."

Faye suddenly disppeared in a Lokirrim style of transport. She rematerialized in the Mess Hall where people stopped momentarily what they were doing at her shocked arrival.

"Activate transmission," Aeon continued. His view-screen clicked on to a view of Empress Engelina.

- "We'll be sending the Terran Fleet to Terok Nor. Those Jem'Hadar will pay for what they've done."

"I have some more news that you won't be so happy about..."

- Engelina readied herself in her seat and said, "Tell me."

"Admiral's Brooks and Dougherty were in league with the Jem'Hadar. They're dead now."

- The Empress slammed her fists into her table in anger. "Argh!! I assure you, their friends won't survive to see the end of this week."

"There's more," Aeon said gravely. "The Pah'Wraith have ended their possession of the Descent."

- "Dammit, Aeon. You were our secret weapon against the Alliance. Now we have nothing. --Well, almost nothing."

"What do you mean?"

- "We have one more edge, but I won't divulge that here. When you arrive, your vessel will be serviced. Then I'll have another mission for you."

"Won't the Descent be joining the Terran Fleet at Terok Nor?"

- "You'll find out when you get here. Bajor out."

Posted by: Omri Omar Dec 21 2006, 08:18 AM

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Ready Room

“The damage report, Captain.” Omri said approaching the commanding officer’s desk, a data PADD clutched in his hands. “

Aeon sighed and took the PADD without any pleasantries. His eyes swept down the list of items and came to a halt when he located the casualties. “Rozman’s dead? He was a good man.”

“I hope so or that autopsy’s going to be a bitch.” Omri said. He wanted to grin at his own remark but Aeon was eyeing him sternly.

He got the feeling that the report wasn’t the only thing on the Captain’s mind and he wondered if the perhaps the transmission that he’d had rerouted to the Ready Room contained news that had been worse than the damage report he’d just been issued.

“Is everything thing okay, Captain?” Omri asked carefully.

“Fine, Commander.” Ryku sighed again. “Just fine.”

It was an unconvincing comment, but deciding not to interfere Omri merely gave a sapless smile before exiting onto the Bridge.

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Bridge

The time had finally arrived that he could end his stint on the Bridge. It had been a long, tiring couple of days and the worst of it was over, for now…

“Your late.” He said when the Operations replacement arrived. “You can start by running a level two diagnostic on the forward sensor array and make sure repair crew beta finish purging the auxiliary plasma vents.”

“Aye, sir.” The officer replied before Omri entered the turbolift.

Lieutenant Commander Omri Omar – I.S.S Descent, Quarters

His quarters were still bleak and unfurnished, which gave the feeling that no-one resided there at all. Sitting down on the end of the bed he removed his heavy black boots and jacket.

Crossing the room he open a cupboard and grasped a half empty bottle of Yridian ale. He loosened the cap and slumped down onto his bed. The bottle pressed to his lips and the sharp liquid moistened his throat.

He picked up the data PADD from his bedside table and began to read where he’d left off. The novel had become more interesting as the plot thickened and the ending seemed far away and unpredictable. Numerous characters from the storyline vaguely reminded him of his shipmates.

Omri’s eyes traversed the paragraphs, but none of the words were seeping into his brain. He suddenly couldn’t relinquish his thoughts of Kijari. She had been onboard for some time yet they still had not uttered a word to each other.

He wondered if she had given thought to the last time they had been in each others company. The events were still vivid in Omri’s mind as though they had happened just hours before, not years.

The memories carried his attention on the novel light-years away. Kijari was walking towards him, her hips swaying seductively.

”You’ve been waiting for me, haven’t you?” She asked, even though she already knew the answer.

Omri didn’t speak as Kijari put her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer. He felt her warm breath on the side of his neck.

“How long has it been since you’ve thought about me?” She whispered in his ear.

“So often…”

“Well,” Kijari took in a deep breath. “maybe we should change that…”

She pressed him against the wall of the vacant corridor. Her breath rippled across the side of his face as she moved her lips closer to his own.

He took her tighter into his embrace and she returned the passion with her lips and hands.

“Maybe - we - should - go -” He said between their kisses.

“No!” She pressed him more firmly against the wall.

Suddenly Omri sat bolt upright, the dream rapidly fading away. Beads of sweat were clinging to his brow, gradually streaming towards his eyes.

Realising where he was, he reached for the bottle of ale and swallowed a vast amount.

Posted by: Hawku Jan 4 2007, 05:29 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku & Doctor Kijari Beregal - I.S.S. Descent, Crew Quarters

Aeon entered his Quarters having having gone through all that had been going on. He took a deep breath and leaned back against the doors which just closed behind him.

"Man," he said, "what a day!"

It was then he noticed another person in his room. He had totally forgot.

Kijari was curled up on the couch, a glass of red Reysian wine, real wine, not that synthahol crap, held to her lips. She looked up when he entered, nodding towards the open bottle that stood on a side table. "Pour a glass...trust me, it helps."

Stretching languidly on the couch, she set down the data padd she had been browsing, seriptitiously touching the button that would clear the screen. No sense getting the new captain suspicious so quickly.

Aeon raised his eye-brows in approval of the situation. He then went over to the chair-couch next to the long couch and sat at the coffee table. He outreached his hand and picked up an empty glass, which was waiting for him. Pouring the wine, he glanced over at Kijari.

"Those Jem'Hadar are something else..." he begun with a grumble, but then laxed back to her attention, "Anyway, so how are you?"

Kijari stretched languidly, letting her head fall back, baring her throat to the Captain, knowing full well how the gesture looked...counting on it in fact.

"I am happy to be off of that starbase, Jem'Hadar or no." She raised her head at last, dark eyes gleaming as she met his gaze. "I suppose I should tell you that I'm your new CMO. I can't to see how you welcome me aboard."

Aeon wondered, for a moment, if Kijari was up to something. But when she had bared her neck, it had been obvious to him that she fully trusted him... or was there a deception going on? He hoped not, because there was a defnite attraction between the two. Nevertheless, he'd have to keep an eye on her.

"Wait... CMO? Now that deserves a special welcoming," he said as he got up and slowly walked behind her couch. He began to gently drag his finger along her shoulder, and down her arm.

Kijari looked up at him, her ravenswing hair falling over the back of the couch, licking her lips as she turned her head slowly, watching his finger trail down her arm.

"I was rather hoping it would. " Her voice was a soft seductive murmur. She did not move, only watched him as he caressed her, her dark eyes half closed, her lips parted in delight. "I expect that you and I will...work well together...Captain."

Aeon, smirked, "Shall we test that expectation?" He then lept over and onto the couch, placing himself over Kijari - his legs and knees around her waist. Feeling as if they were both in the same mindstate, and that he could take what he wanted, he smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

Kijari purred, her arms winding around his shoulders, meeting his lips with hers. Her tongue danced over his soft lips, seeking entrance to his mouth, the quietest little growl escaping her as she arched her body against his.

Breaking the kiss, she let her head fall back to the cushion of the couch, pretending boredom...pretending that her heart was not pounding in her chest. Asking in soft, seductive whisper. "Do you welcome all of your officers this way, Captain?"

"In fact, you're the first. But maybe it'll be a new method I would find a bit interesting in implementing. Mind being the first test subject? ...Or is there something more to--" he leaned in with her watching his every move, and kissed her. She kissed back, interested in the last word of his sentence-- "this?" he asked.

Joint post between Kaoru Ele and Hawku.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Jan 15 2007, 11:55 PM

Silentio's Epilogue
Henry Silentio, I.S.S. Haufneinsis, Cockpit, docked in I.S.S. Descent

Silentio was busy fixing up his old raider ship. He's been reflecting on what's been happening in the last few weeks, which to Silentio, felt like six and a half months.

The visit to Pelios Station gave him a lead to Tom Paris' whereabouts. He attempted to make a stopover to Memory Alpha using the Descent, but the Jem'Hadar intercepted and boarded the ship, which forced him to take the Haufneinsis to the planet to gather information. It seems Paris knew about the Ion Storm and for some reason or another, went in pursuit of it. Silentio was thinking of finding away to decipher the info obtained from the Memory Alpha computers to find out where Paris would've gone next.

As Silentio thought about the situation, Ensign Marlene Heidegger entered the cockpit.

"Henry, what are you doing here?"

Silentio didn't bother to look up. "Upgrading the ship. Thanks for installing the tractor beam. I commend you on your work."

Marlene moved toward him, smiling, "I'm glad." She then drew a knife and grabbed Silentio's neck and placed the knife under him. She whispered in to his ear, "Do you think I'm some cheap bimbo that I'll do this for free?!"

Silentio stuttered, "Um, what...? Sex?"

Marlene continued, "You think I don't know do you? I know what this beam is and I know what it can do. It's a powerful weapon if used properly."

Silentio looked up into her eyes, "No shit. What do you want."

Marlene spoke, "I want you to take this ship to the Roquen system. And we'll rendezvous with a few associates of mine."

"What do you need me for. You're an engineer. Just kill me and take ship out yourself."

Marlene grinned mischeviously, "I'm only a 'backup' engineer. Plus, you have the authorization codes to the Descent while you were 'captain'", she smirked. "Disable the Descent's weapons and engines, long enough for us to warp, and I'll let you live."

Silentio remained silent, but thought quickly, F*** this bitch, if this ship gets out, I'm dead meat.

Marlene spoke, "Well?"

"Fine, ok."

"Sweet". With the knife still pressed against his throat, she kissed him. She then picked him up and shoved him into the pilot's seat, knife still pointed at him. "Do it. NOW."

"You know," Silentio smiled, "your plan would've worked fine. But you forgot one thing."

"What's that?"

"Shouldn't have messed with me."

Silentio could've operated the controls blindfolded as he swiftly beamed Marlene off the Haufneinsis and the Descent.

Silentio remembered when George Moller (OOC: EP1!) betrayed him and he had written a security macro to prevent such a thing from happening again. It seems to have paid off.

"Fool me once..." whispered Silentio to himself, as he returned to his quiet and peaceful repair work.

Posted by: Kaoru Ele Jan 16 2007, 09:45 PM

After the rather...vigorous welcome, Kijari caught her breath. She rested in the captain's arms as the sweat the sheened both of their bodies cooled. Pressing closer to his warmth, the human woman opened dark eyes, looking into his face where he seemed to sleep so peacefully.

A warm smile graced her lips and her hand lifted to stroke his cheek. She could not remember an assignment ever starting out quite so well as this posting aboard the Descent.

Nor could she recall a more capable and truly...driven commanding officer. A small shiver took her form as brief scenes of their earlier activites shunted through her mind. Typically, Kijari did not enjoy such closeness after taking someone to her bed. But something about him was different. She found that she enjoyed his embraces.

The last though she had before sleep claimed her was that she would have to run a full set of labs on herself, to see if he had drugged her. The thought made her fall asleep with a smile on her face.

The smile was still there when she woke to his insistent kisses. Her body responded while her sleep muzzled mind caught up, but the end results were quite spectactular. There wasn't time for much...it was merely enough to whet her appetite...and his... for later.

They were both a few minutes late reporting for duty.

The rest of the day passed quickly for Kijari. She set up her study of the changeling physiology, using for her control subject a sample collected from an unlucky crewmember who had happened in for his physical at the worst possible time.

Satisfied with the rigorous testing parameters she had developed, she left sickbay, deciding she needed a break and seeking the lounge.

She paid no attention to anyone within, striding to the bar and ordering a drink. An Orion slave girl lounging there tried to strike up a conversation, offering her hand in greeting.

"Hello. I'm Faye."

Kijari tilted her head, looking coolly at the woman's offered hand, merely nodding. "Good for you."

"I'm the captain's slave."

That got Kijari's attention, her dark eyes narrowed slightly. "Interesting... I am Dr. Beregal, the new CMO." Kijari took the proferred hand at last, her own hand closing over Faye's cool, green tinged digits. "Faye...have you had your physical yet?"

The Orion slave girl smiled, removing her hand from Kijari's grasp and smoothing the front of her very revealing dress. "Not yet doctor. But surely you can see that I'm more than fine."

Kijari's eyes narrowed a touch more, but she forced levity into her tone, even managing a bright, cascading little laugh. "Clever girl. Still, I can't have you...contaminating the crew now, can I? Report to sickbay tomorrow at 800 hours." She patted the girl's arm, "I promise, it won't take long."

Faye nodded her agreement. "Yes doctor...provided the captain let's me out of bed that early."

Kijari downed the rest of her drink, "We can always hope."

"Kijari..." Another voice got her attention, and Kijari turned, snarling softly, her anger already roused by the charming conversation with Faye.

"That's Doctor Bere..." But her words died in her throat, her eyes widening in surprise as she recognized the man who stood there. "Omar?" Full lips curved in a cold, cruel smile. "Look Faye....it's Omar."

The Orion was well aware of who Omar was, and she giggled, nodding politely. For his part, Omar barely glanced at the sex slave, his eyes intent on Kijari. "You do remember me then. I thought on the bridge I was going to have to reintroduce myself." His voice was low, a soft growl, and Kijari smiled, shaking her head slowly, sending ravenswing locks tumbling.

"No need Omar...I remember you." She lifted her newly filled drink, deliberately bringing it to her parted lips, her eyes watching him over the frosty glass. "Mostly." She added at the very last. "There may be some things that I've forgotten."

Omar's growl was more fierce now, his eyes growing angry. "Perhaps I should refresh your memory then. If you can tear yourself away from the captain's bed long enough that is."

Beside her, Faye gasped dramatically, and Kijari rolled her eyes. "Careful Omar. You are upsetting the sex slave." She ran her fingers through the girl's soft hair gently, though she never looked away from Omar.

He snorted, "Hmm...which one? I see two before me."

Kijari's hand tightened in Faye's hair, making the Orion gasp yet again. Rising slowly, Kijari released Faye, stepping towards Omar who sensibly retreated back a few steps. "You always did have trouble putting your pretty mouth to good use Omar." Her hand lifted and he steeled himself for a slap, but she did not strike him. She caressed his cheek, her thumb grazing softly over his lips as she looked up into his eyes. "But come...if we are going to serve together, let's try to make it enjoyable...shall we?"

Dark eyes glanced over her shoulder towards Faye, and she continued, "That is...until a spot in my schedule opens up."

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Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge

An Ensign handed Aeon a padd, reporting on the Descent's systems. The Descent had dropped warp and was now entering an orbiting Drydock around Bajor. He scanned through the padd, half-interested, as he was feeling quite content and satisfied from the previous night.

Thoughts of Kijari's closeness and the sensation of being able to take her on a night-long journey of passion flashed like humid images in his mind. Sufficed to say, he found sex to be a skill that took one's own instincts, experience, and a subtexted connection of lust, to enjoy. And yet, Kijari was different than what his last encounter had been with-- what? An orion slave girl?

He'd been staring at his padd, not even realizing it. The crew was now beginning repairs to the Descent, along with the assistance of the Drydock personnel. He needed to send them a copy of this report. The amount of systems that actually survived, shocked Aeon.

"What is this?" he asked, not realizing he was speaking. The Captain stared at one of the list items, to which the Ensign that handed him his padd walked back over to help.

She leaned in and peered at the padd. "I'm not sure, sir. A lot of the ship hasn't been touched by the Engineering crew... mostly because of the Lokirrim technology being so alien."

Aeon nodded in understanding, prompting the Ensign to leave again.

Deck 6, Holodeck 3

The Captain stepped around two Engineer's working at an open panel in the hallway. He wondered if the Terran Empire salute would ever come back into fruition. He shook his head slightly to himself, Nah, too soon.

He entered the mysterious room, which was mostly a big space surrounded by a grid.

"Lokirrim technology, huh?" the Captain went to a control panel and activated it. He tapped through, searching the Holodeck systems. Realizing that there was a wide selection of environments and story-situations in its database, he decided to activate one out of curiosity.

The room suddenly vanished and transformed into a lush green rain-forest. With his guard up, he peered around in 360 degrees.

"Holodeck, huh?"

"Averex!" a very attractive young Lokirrim female ran out through the foiliage and confronted Aeon. She was panting, out of breath, as if she had been running from something. "Oh I'm so glad I found you! The poachers are on to our trail. You have to talk to them! You have use your diplomacy skills to diffuse the situation!"

Aeon stared at her, confused, "What? Are you some kind of simulation?"

She ran up to him and grabbed his arm, "Please Averex! Marcos will do anything to hurt our tribe---"

"--Computer, holo-station," he ordered out of nowhere. His hunch was correct as the computer station appeared. Aeon then smiled. Now he understood what the Holodeck was. "Nice. Excuse me," he walked over to the panel and tapped at it. The Captain began scanning through the different senarios like he'd done this a million times. Finding something that appealed to him and tapped at the buttons.

The environment changed to that of a grassy field and blue sky. His surroundings were simple, but his attacker was more complicated. A Lokirrim man from behind launched a jab for Aeon's head. Hearing the attack before the fist could reach him, Aeon quickly dodged to the left and swung around his own hand at the Lokirrim.

Aeon clawed his hand and grabbed the shoulder of the Lokirrims extended arm. He spun the Lokirrim and kicked the man in his rotating torso. The man was sent back a few steps, and tried to regain his composure. Aeon looked in awe of what he had summoned.

"The Lokirrim can fight!?"

He smiled with amazement, staring at his confused counterpart. Then he took a stance that alerted the other man to take one aswell. He launched a kick at Aeon, to which Aeon hooked his left arm around and used the other to punch the Lokirrim accross the face in close range.

With Aeon's right arm stretched accross, the Lokirrim decided to grab it and use his free elbow to impact accross Aeon's cheekbone. Aeon kneed the Lokirrim in the stomach multiple times and then outstretched his attacking leg so high in such a close range that his left foot hit the Lokirrim in the head.

He kicked high again with more force, knocking the Lokirrim to the ground and forcing both to let go of each other's complicated grasps. The Lokirrim didn't quit while on the ground, flinging his two feet around like they were weapons not attatched to his body. Aeon lifted his right foot and deflected one incoming leg and then the other.

He then attacked by kicking at the Lokirrim who was still on his back. The man used his two feet to return the deflection skill at each of Aeon's fast-paced kicks. Foot after shin after leg was blocked or redirected. The Lokirrim swung his body over his head and used his arms to jump him up to his feet. Now standing, both Aeon and the Lokirrim began jabbing and deflecting each other's arms until Aeon kicked the Lokirrim away again---

It was then he was interrupted by a comm channel. "Bridge to Captain Aeon. The Empress is requesting that you join her on Bajor."

Aeon knocked away an incoming jump-kick, allowing the Lokirrim to pass-by. "Understood," Aeon replied. He then lept up and spun his own kick at a downward angle at the enemy, sending the man into the grass with much more force. When Aeon landed, he approached the computer panel, which was still there, and deactivated the program.

The room returned to its grid-like status. Aeon then nodded as if approving.

"Hm. Holodecks."

Bajor, Dahkur

Aeon entered a giant hall, where the Empress was just getting up from her thrown that was situated at the head of the room. There were other Starfleet officers throughout the room, working at controls panels. The Empress was joined by a Starfleet Admiral as they expected Aeon.

"Aeon," the Empress said. "Allow me to introduce you to the Admiral."

"Admiral Paris," the man stared down at Aeon. "You must be the rebellious Aeon Ryku. I'll be blunt with you, Aeon. I don't appreciate those who think they can do whatever they want. You epitomize that. Your record shows constant infractions against Imperial Starfleet, and you constantly don't follow orders."

Aeon smiled at this, "Yeah but look where it's got me?"

"It's gotten us the loss of Terok Nor!"

The Captain thought about it, "With Starfleet security as incompetent as it is, that station had it coming."

"You little---"

"--Gentlemen! I didn't wake up this morning to hear you bicker! I just wanted to inform you that Admiral Paris will be your direct commanding officer. He'll be handling your missions, since... well, the last Fleet Admiral had that little accident."

The three looked at eachother, knowing full well that Admiral Hanson was a close friend of the deceast Admiral Dougherty.

"Now that we're on the same level," Engelina continued, "let's talk."

Aeon agreed, "Good. Because I want the Descent leading the battle at Terok Nor as soon as repairs are done."

Paris laughed at this, "The fleet has already engaged the Jem'Hadar at Terok Nor."

"What!? Why wasn't I informed?"

"No one is required to inform you of anything!" Paris said.

Aeon rolled his eyes. Hostility from the Admiralty was normal for him. In fact, he was so used to it, that he didn't even feel hostile toward the Admiralty. He just enjoyed provoking them to make the meetings go by with as less boredom as possible. But the news of the battle had worried him. How would the fleet succeed without the Descent's help?

"If you're worried about how the fleet will succeed without your help, you need to get your head out of the clouds!" Paris continued. Aeon admitted that the Admiral was defnitely at the top of his game here. "You're not the end-all saviour of the fleet!"

"Alright. So the fleet can handle itself," Aeon spoke to Engelina, as he was used to dealing with her and ignoring the chatter of the Admiralty. "Then what do you want us to do?"

"Go to Delta Vega," she replied.

Paris nodded, returning his voice to a professional tone, "Two days ago our Vulcan ship the I.S.S. Lexington picked up signs of an Alliance vessel crossing into Terran space."

"The vessel was one of the powerful ones... infused with the Pah'Wraith power," Engelina added.

"The Lexington detected that it was under attack by another ship. It was identified as a Hunter vessel," Paris explained.

Aeon shook his head, "Never heard of them?"

"Neither have we. But we had our scout ships scan beyond our borders and some unknown space. It turns out there are more of these Hunter ships. We don't know where they come from, but they call themselves Tosk Hunters."

"Should we be worried about them?" Aeon wondered.

"It seems that they've been around the unknown space parts for quite some time. They know of us, but haven't made any advances. It may be that they have other interests than fighting with us," Paris said.

"But whomever they are, they were able to take down one of the Alliance-infused ships," Engelina added.

"Which means they're powerful."

Aeon held his elbow and tapped his finger to his chin in genuine concentration, "What happened to the Alliance ship?"

"Right now both the Hunter vessel and Alliance ship are adrift outside Delta Vega. We don't know what happened, and the Lexington was destroyed two days before by the Alliance ship," Paris said.

"Go there and recover as much technology as you can from those two ships. Even find out if that infused-power is transferrible. Our ships could be very powerful if we can gain something from this," the young Empress said.

Aeon agreed. He turned to leave, without being excused-- not so much as to be rude, but rather due to his concentration and interest in the mission.

Engelina and Paris glanced at each other at his walking away, as if they expected these actions by now from Aeon. "Captain," Paris called out.

Aeon stopped and turned.

"I don't like you," he said with curious, questioning eyes, like he was just realizing it.

Aeon smiled truthfully, "Then our working relationship should be that much more efficient." He turned and then left, relaxed in the fact that things were back to the way they used to be.