Dec 30, 2013

Star Trek: Shattered Universe

Brace yourself for frenetic, adrenaline pumping space combat in the dark mirror universe. Adapt to a new reality where everything once familiar is now a dark reflection, and the noble Federation is now a rising Empire of evil.

90 Years ago, a heroic expelled Terran led a rebellion of Klingon and Romulan soldiers into the heart of the Empire that once turned its back on him. From one man, came an uprising of revenge and loathing - to a people so foolish enough to adopt disarmament programs, and reforming practices.

Over decades of time, this Alliance of alien’s grew and changed in power. The Cardassians became leading members, pushing out all Romulan support. When the time came, the Terran Empire was no more... leaving all those in place to become slave races.

In 2371, the Terrans of this utterly damned universe started a small Rebellion. This movement would eventually grow to become a united cause against the almighty Alliance, using what moves necessary to retake power.

It’s only been until recently, that the Terran Rebellion has been showing true success. With the capture of the Alliance’s leader, and subsequent warship, there has been no stopping the Terrans from retaking power-- that is, except for a super-natural Ion Storm that has found its way into Terran and Alliance space. This unexplained, self-sustaining cluster of magnetic energy has somehow been providing random ships with baffling superior powers; even when such vessels are light-years away.

Will the Alliance prevail - will the new Terran Empire fall into corruption? Only time can tell.