Feb 8, 2007

Episode 3 - "Darkened Soil"

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2 Days Ago

The Alliance Galor class vessel, the Vetar, trucked through space toward an unyeilding target. A smaller alien vessel had wandered into the edge of both Alliance and Terran territory's, engaging in hostile skirmeshes with anyone who'd cross their paths... the Tosk had enough of being pushed around, and they had encountered the Vetar every single time.

Gul Dolak wiped his scaly hand along his sweaty face-- the moisture stinging his palm. He gazed out his viewscreen as his crew worked around him at various control panels. It'd been a year since the Tosk and their Hunters had entered Alliance territory in Barzan space through a one-time-appreance wormhole; forcing both the Klingons and the Cardassians to focus their fleets at running the bastards out their territory. It had only been recently that these Hunter's had been minimalized... Even with the use of our power-infused vessels, they were a pain... No, more like pests. And we were the exterminators.

He couldn't help but notice that the Alliance's constant strike at the Hunter's had made the Hunter's weak and vulnerable to their prey, the Tosk. The Tosk took their places as leaders of the Hunter vessels - perhaps an uncharacteristic move on their part. Dolak wondered what would possess a race of genetically suggested prey to go against their own artifically created instincts. Then again, who cares.

The Gul had his own agenda.

"Indeed..." it echoed.

He was told that everything he lived for was building up to a final encounter with a Tosk ship.

"You will fall to them," it continued.

Of course, the Gul was the only one who could hear her. She echoed in his thoughts, constantly. Always. Driving him... Leading him... until she was nothing more than pure desire: Dolak's ultimate and unrelentling desire. You command me.

"Everything has led to this. Don't fail now."

One of his nervous crewmen turned from their computer console. "Gul Dolak! The Intendant is on long-range transmission and is ordering us to return to the Cardassian fleet!"

They had been chasing Dolak since Felton Prime... ever since he stopped communicating with his superiors. Superiors who only cared that the Vetar was one of their very few power-infused vessels. The fact that it had gone rougue disturbed the Alliance leaders very much. They had barely even begun to concieve the idea that one of the power-infused vessels could turn on them and attempt a mutiny of the Alliance. Unfortunately, since these infused ships were a relatively new occurrence in the fleet, a backup plan had not yet been forged.

The Intendant that led the section of the Cardassian fleet in which Dolak resided was to take over his ship-- as with all Intendant's at this point. But Dolak had other plans... apparently none of which were to challenge the command of the Alliance, but rather to continue his mission of forcing the Tosk Hunter ships out of Alliance territory.

"Dolak - the Hunter ship is altering course and heading straight for us," one of his lackey's exclaimed.

"When it gets into range, lock on torpedoes," Dolak ordered.

The Hunter ship had proven a worthy opponent in the last few times they had fought... It was able to weaken the Vetar's shields with ease, and the Vetar was able to force powerful blows in return-- thanks to the enhanced weaponry of the ship.

"They're closing in, and in range," his lackey stated.

The Bridge of the Vetar seemed hotter this time around. The crew had been having nightmares ever since they disobeyed Command... but were the nightmares due to the disobedience, or instead from the ship itself? A fearful energy surged through the circuts of this vessel: they knew that - but somehow were finally feeling it... The feeling of fear had been building off the bulkheads for the past few days, and increasing in the past few hours. Such a feeling was enhanced everytime the Hunter ship employed its polarity-reversing weapon upon the Vetar's shields.

"Fire a full spread of torpedoes!" Dolak ordered, sweat beading down his Cardassian ridges.

Both vessels closed on each other - the large planet, Delta Vega swinging around in view behind them as they rotated. The Hunter ship blasted its beam onto the Vetar's shields seconds before the Vetar fired.

Two of the Vetar's torpedo spread hit the Hunter ship, knocking them back, and disengaging the polarity beam.

The Vetar's shields blinked and then re-polarized, thanks to the quick operations of its crew. Dolak cringed in his seat, tightening his grasp of the chair's arms - as if the hit had hurt him physically. His eyes remained locked on the vessel on the screen. His life was here for this Hunter ship, and this Hunter ship alone.

The Tosk came around again and blasted their beam onto the Vetar's shields. Dolak remained somehow vigilant in his altered state.

"Sir, do we return fire?" his tactical officer called out.

But Dolak didn't respond. He just continued to peer forward, like a statue awaiting a storm.

"Gul Dolak!" the officer called out once again.

"Everything leads to this," repeated her voice.

The Vetar suddenly lost shields, and the draining beam was moved into contact with the hull. Power and support systems throughout the Vetar began to blink and drain defectively! The crew panicked, frantically scattering to any way they could restore systems or protect themselves from the draining effects.

"Life support is down! Weapons! Engines! Escape pods! They're all down!" yelled one of the operations officers. He continued checking the consoles-- wondering if even that was relevant anymore. Now that all the power was draining, he wondered if that meant the infused power was gone too. He checked. "What the hell... The infused power should have given us more of a fighting chance..." His death was imminent. His life-long goals had shrunk to that of merely wanting to understand why he was going to die.

The lacky looked over to Dolak, as the ship shook violently. The Hunter ship had resorted to pumping torpedoes into the Vetar's hull, causing support beams and bulkhead pieces to fall all over the place - including the Bridge... and Dolak was smiling.

Energy began to flow from the deck-plating, following along the floor and up the command chair. This energy was flowing from all directions: now collecting into Dolak himself... fusing into him.

"Heh, heh... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!"

The man had descended into pure madness.

In fact, his descent prompted the ascent of something else...


It was his last sane thought before he ungripped his seating arrangment and stood before his Bridge. The Vetar had begun to have hull breeches on lower decks.

Dolak, now flowing with an energy that haunted the crew for weeks, turned his head and locked his glowing red eyes for one last second with the ill-fated lackey at operations.


The Gul turned and jumped with a strength beyond his crew's comprehension: right through the bulkheads. Dolak broke through deck after deck after deck, until finally breaking out into space. The Vetar hung in cold space, as the Hunter ship pounded it with torpdoes.

It seemed there was no hope left, until the large planet in their view had suddenly illuminated slightly. The Tosk Hunter ship lost all power and stopped firing.

The Intendant would decide not to investigate.. yet anyway. The Cardassian fool must have lost his ship's favour with the Pah'Wraith. The exterminator had become the exterminated. That must've been it... that fool.

Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent

2 days later, the Descent was ordered to Delta Vega for an investigation of their own. Aeon sat at his command chair aboard his stolen Lokirrim vessel, awaiting for repairs to be completed.

The Descent continued to be connected under the drycock, as final adjustments were underway.

Did they even know how to fix this ship? Aeon wondered. It was quite possible the ignorance of the Terran technicians may have sabotaged the Descent more than an intentional damaging could ever complete. But at least they got the dents out of the hull, Aeon countered in his head with his usual smart-allec response.

"Sir, we are just about to be ready to get under-way," an Ensign turned and notified.

Aeon nodded, "Fine. Let me know when we're clear."

The Captain was anxious to obtain further technology from that downed Hunter ship. After he had lost the infused-power to the Descent, he'd been craving some kind of advantage over the fleet. Sure, the Descent was slightly stronger than the average Terran ship, but he needed more... he wanted what he had once before: the infused-power.

Damn! he cursed to himself. How the hell could I have lost it so easily?

Although he did not like the Pah'Wraith very much, he did enjoy what they gave him. If only those annoying entities would make up their minds.

But I guess they did with the Alliance... he thought.

Just then, there was a violent jolt from beneath the decks! The Descent had blown something below.

"God-damn Terran engineers!" Aeon cursed. He then composed himself immediately, retuning to his usual calm state... or at least the appearance of one.

The Ensign would notify him that it would be another half hour before they leave, as something in Engineering had backfired.

"Fine..." Aeon repeated, but with gritted teeth - holding in his anger. It was just boring into his head: the failure of losing the infused-power. "Why are you still standing here? Get back to work!"

The female Ensign hurried off, as Aeon slumped back into his chair. He wondered if the Captain's of the other alien ships in the fleet had to endure the same ignorance.

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Tom Calaway, ISS Decent. Main Shuttle Bay

Tom just got off a long shift, he devised a new training rotuine to harden the security officer's and crewmen on the ship. The use of this new Holodeck makes training much eiser, and more realistic. He gave his department heads the new list of expectation's. After his shift he wandered down to the main shuttle bay, to work on his ship.

The day before he had taken out the cloaking device from the Romulan Shuttle, and had been attempting to install it on The Abyss. But the power grid wasn't completely compatible. Figured he'd try again today.

"Damnit!!" Tom yelled after receiving a rather large Electrical shock. "Goddamned Romulan technology, always have to be difficult" He had an converter built for him, some engineers ont he Decent built it for him last night. but the Imputs wern't the right size. "Damned engineers don't know their head from a hole in the ground." Realizing he's the only one in the bay and was talking to him self.

After several hours of working on his ship he managed to get the cloak working. Now he planed to over haul his phaser array, giving it an extra 15% of firepower and installing the Romulan's secondary power grid right into his Weapons array giving him a rather large booth in the weapons system.

Tom was able to take out the Secondary power generator out of the Romulan Shuttle, and decided to call it a night.

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Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Ready Room

Aeon tapped his finger against his head in momentary meditation. He knew he could get angry the odd time, but it wasn't something he prided himself on. This sudden burst of anger, linked to his personal regret, bothered him. He knew he would have to put an extra effort into calming himself.

As he did calm himself, he brought down his arm and watched the wall viewscreen he stood before. It displayed Tom in the main shuttle-bay, working on the Abyss. It was the next day, and Tom was working on it yet again.

Hmm. Aeon wondered... That little ship seems to be getting a lot of attention. Not to mention Silentio works on his ship just as much as Tom does.

Before he could continue to mull over it, Aeon recieved a message over the comm system.

- "Captain, we're nearing the galactic barrier," someone said.

Aeon knew that meant they were also entering the system where Delta Vega existed. It always bothered Aeon that there was some omni-present force confining people within the galaxy. There never was an explaination as to what it was.


The Captain entered the Bridge. They had been travelling for quite some time now, after Aeon had ordered the ship to leave Bajor.

"On screen," Aeon ordered.

Tom activated the view-screen, displaying the Cardassian and Hunter ship adrift, with the planet's orbit just an arms reach away.

What the hell happened to them?

"Scans," Aeon asked for.

Tom tapped at the controls. All of a sudden, he found his console blinking off and on defectively. "What the hell??"

"Scans?" Aeon turned, impatiently.

"Hell if I could!" Tom slapped his console in anger, trying to get it to work.

Just then, the lights throughout the ship began to flicker.

Aeon quickly turned, "What's going on?"

"Main and backup systems are going offline-- including main power! The Warp drive just went offline too," Omri was at ops, frantically checking through the computers.

Aeon turned back to think to himself... "Offline... just like the Cardassians." He then looked up to the Helm, "Silentio! Take us into transporter range of the planet."

As the Descent began moving closer, Tom found a nearby console that was actually working. "Transporters just went offline too!"

Aeon clenched his fists in anger. It seemed his attempt at holding it in would fail miserably at this point. "Arrgghh!!!" He twisted and around and punched into the left arm-rest of his chair. The tip of it broke off, trailing blood from his now-cut knuckles.

Breathing heavily as his crew was frantic in the background, Aeon re-clenched his fist. Great... now I've become Tom Calaway. Getting his head back together before everyone died, Aeon went over to the other working arm-rest and tapped the control pad.

"All hands abandon ship!"

He didn't need to repeat himself.

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I.S.S. Descent - Bridge - Henry Silentio

"All hands abandon ship!"

Silentio pounded his fists on the Descent's helm controls. He was able to set a course for the planet, just as the captain ordered, but now he was unable to enter orbit.

"Impulse engines offline. I've lost thrusters!" yelled Silentio. "We're heading straight for the planet surface!"

Silentio turned around, and saw Aeon clenching his bloody fist. Aeon seemed to be concetrating on something while looking at his fist.

A jolt hit the ship, as the Descent entered the gravitational pull of the planet.

Silentio yelled to the remaining bridge crew: "If we can't get thrusters online within 30 seconds, we're gonna crash!"

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Captain Aeon Ryku - I.S.S. Descent, Bridge


"There's got to be power somewhere on this ship! Re-route all available power to the thrusters!" Aeon ordered ops.

Omri tapped at the controls, taking life-support away from the crew. Aeon could almost feel the air leaving his lungs... but logically, they shouldn't lose air for another ten minutes.

By that time we won't need it, because we'll be dead!

Silentio began to level out the diagonal descent of the Descent. The ship continued to go down, but travelling a further distance through the atmosphere.

"It's no use. We're still gonna crash!" Silentio exclaimed.


The ship had gone from super-power to super-powerless. Aeon knew he had to follow through on his previous orders. The view-screen was already showing Lorkirrim escape pods blasting out into the planet's sky.

"Escape pods, now," Aeon said.

Everyone on the Bridge almost hesitated, but got out of their seats anyway.

In a matter of seconds, the rest of the Descent's escape pods ejected from the ship and began flying through the atmosphere as the others had. The Descent sped off into the distance, with no one onboard... most likely on a course to the ground.

Escape Pod #11

Aeon tapped at the controls frantically. All the other escape pods had two, or even three people in them. But it turned out there were more escape pods than doubled-people, and the Captain had found himself alone on his.

Kijari... did she make it?

Then suddenly, Aeon found the escape pods controls malfunctioning as the Descent's had. His controls began flickering out, and the pod was snatched by the force of gravity.

All the other pods fell like suddenly dead flies, onto a beach next to a jungle. Aeon blacked out.

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Tom Calaway, Shuttle Abyss

Tom was able to make it to the shuttle bay upon the Abondon Ship call. The small ship sped out of the shuttle bay. Tom had the ship at 1/4 impuse before the doors opened all the way. As it lurched out, the shuttle took off one of the Shuttle bay launch doors. The force threw Tom from his seat.

He maganed to get back in his chair when Impulse engines went down.

"Damn! Computer Reroute power from weapons to thrusters, engage Secondary Power core. Power to impuse Systems?"

The computer responded " Impulse Engines Power at 125%, Engine's Offline."

"Computer engage Thruster ona coarse 322 mark 165. Thank God I have old Chemical Thrusters."

The small ship started it's coarse away from the planet's Gravity. The ship was able to get just far enouygh away so it wouldn't get pulled in.

"Thruster Chemical Storage Depleted." The computer said in a dull mechinal voice

"Those reserves should ahve lasted a month!!!" Toms screamed. "Cause of depletion?"

"Thruster Chemical Reserves where damaged upon launch."

"Goddamned Shuttle bay door!"

Thats when the shuttle went dark.

Tom took out his scanner, Main power off line, Back up power offline. Just like the Decent The Romulan Secondary core was still functioning, but at 22%.

"Must be something about romulan Technology." Tom said to him self.

With that small amount of power he was able to get Sensors,a dn life support systems up and running but that was it. He was adrift in the black of space.

After getting those two systems online he did a scan of the surronding area.

The escape pods where able to crash land on the planet below, some landed in the ocean. He couldn't tell how many
people where alive. But he had to get his ship up and running.

Then what? Tom thought Probally should get the hell out of here. The crew was Aeon's responsibility, not his.

After starting repairs, he still thought about what he was going to do. He did rather like the Captain sometimes. Saving them could be worth his time.

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Henry Silentio - I.S.S Descent, Bridge

Silentio looked at the controls. He was able to level the Descent to crash land in a jungle rather than in the middle of the ocean.

Hopefully, it'll soft land on a soft muddy spot

"Escape pods, now," Aeon said.

Goddammit, there's no time to get to the Haufneinsis...

Silentio quickly finished his final modifications to the helm, and he rushed to an escape pod and ejected.

Escape Pod #18

The pod landed in the middle of the jungle. Silentio fell out of the pod, onto the damp and muddy ground, still dazed and reeling from the high force of the fall. It took about ten minutes for Silentio to regain his senses.

He got back into the pod to check out the controls. Damaged beyond repair. Silentio got the phaser, tricorder and rations from the pod and got out. Silentio scanned the area. His tricorder was flickering on and off, probably due to the dampening field around; but it was still working enough to pick up energy signals.

As he was one of the last pods to eject after Aeon's last order, most of the rest were located westward, towards the ocean.

Silentio packed his rations and phaser on his person and headed west.

Escape Pod #17

As Silentio made his way towards the pod, he noticed tracks on the ground under and around the pod.

"Hello!?" yelled Silentio. "Anyone here?"

Silentio noticed the pod's door seemed to have been scratched and crumpled. As Silentio tried to get his tricorder to scan the door, he heard something behind him. Silentio slowly turned around....

"Oh F**K."

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Captain Aeon Ryku - The West Beach

After a moment of waking in total blackness, the hatch to the Captain's escape pod was pryed open from the outside. Two of many surviving crew members had worked to find out who was inside. As Aeon opened his eyes to the blinding sun-light and leaf patterened blue-sky, he came to recognize the two as subordinates.

"Are you alright, Captain?" the Ensign asked.

Aeon nodded warily as they both grabbed his arms and pulled him out. Aeon managed to get standing, "Thanks, Ensign," and managed to get a look around. As his gaze panned, he realized he was within the foliage of a jungle, bordering a beach. Littered throughout the beach were surviving Terran crew from the Descent, and giant escape-pods sunken into the sand.

Injured officer's helped one another, while more rushed out into the water to help those trapped within slowly sinking escape pods that were now badly-working sea-vessels. As the Captain stepped out onto the white-sanded beach, he began to see the type of 'working-together' that he hadn't seen since the Rebellion.

Is it only through the vision of immanent death that we Terrans truely bond?

"Captain! Four escape pods are unaccounted for," a Lieutenant Junior-Grade came running up. He handed Aeon a padd that was blinking defectively - but on long enough during its active spurts to display a tattered and sketchy tri-corder reading of the area and the Lokirrim escape pod statistics.

"Alright," Aeon started, as he glanced over at the group of people pulling in the final survivors from the water - "let's see if we can boost the tri-corder's to pick up the remains of the Descent. Maybe its transmitter is in tact." The tri-corders were a technology as recent as the new Terran shipyards, all based on data collected from the Defiant. Although the technology itself wasn't as perfect as its original schematics intended them to be, current sources of computer-processing chips and circutry had been enough to come close. They were, as most would say, better than the Klingon's and Cardassian's scanning devices on the whole.

The Lieutenant was handed the tri-corder by the nearby Ensign. Aeon and the two watched the lights blink defectively on it, as the padd had been doing in Aeon's hands. "As you can see, sir... scanning is limited. The tri-corder is losing power rapidly."

"But yet, not as rapid as the ship or escape pod's had," Aeon noted in half thought.

The female Ensign arched an eye-brow, "What ever is dampening our power is having a stronger affect outside the orbit of the planet."

"But still having an affect all around," the Lieutenant countered in frustration with the device.

Aeon turned away in his own frustration from the two. Damn! How the hell could this happen? Last week I was on the most powerful ship in the Terran fleet, and now I'm nothing! He then took a deep breath and attempted to calm down. There was no point in dwelling on his current status. No, no. I've got to work this out. He breathed again. We didn't survive the ore processing plants to degenerate into self-absorbed reckless fools.

He glanced around again as his crew were tending to the wounds of more crew. No where did he see Kijari... or Omri... or Silentio... or even Tom.

Were they part of the missing pods? ...Did they not make it off the ship?

He turned back to the crew, who were slowly approaching him.

"Alright, you two--" he pointed at two people, "lead a search team through the jungles for a 2 kilometer radius. See if you can find the other pods. If you find nothing, then report to me with a plan to seach a larger distance." Aeon pointed to two other officer's he recgonized, "You take a team and start building shelter's. If we're stuck here for a night, then we need to be ready." He pointed to another few people, "You find any sources of food."

He turned to a group of approaching engineer's, "Get to work on getting the transmitters on the pod's to work. Any way you can get that technology passed whatever the hell's stoping it from working would be helpful."

They nodded and walked off. Aeon began walking until accidentally running into a few medics.

"I know the Doctor's not here, and supplies are low, but do what you can for those injured. See if the espace pods have any med-kits."

Two medics ran off, but the lead one stayed for a moment, "Captain, Dela K'Vari has been fatally hurt. Her right side has been torn into by the damaged escape pods." He paused. "We need to operate to stop the internal bleeding... and even then, we're not sure if we can sustain the damage to some of her vital organs."

Aeon took a breath and a moment to consider the possibilty of losing an officer. He had lost them before, but still wasn't pleased when he would lose them again. "Do what you can," he insisted.

As the medic ran off, leaving Aeon alone to walk the beach - Aeon began devising a plan to search for the Descent. He would do so soon, even as the engineer's worked on the escape pod technology. Then suddenly the bushes within the jungle began to rustle.

He turned and noticed the disturbance... someone or something was back there...

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Tom Calaway, Shuttle Abyss,

Tom was in an EV suit outside his ship on the port side. He was sealing the leak from the damaged Thruster. The starboard Thruster was damaged pretty badly but he was able to repair it and refill it with the chemical propellant. The port side thruster was is decent shape and had only a small micro fracture.

So far he was able to get weapons partially online, stil no warp or shields. The Romulan power core was only at 66% now, not enough to power everything. just the essentials. Impulse was offline, Transporters at Minimum range. His next task was to boost the range and then get sensors completely up. He finally decided to help the crew. after all is really could be worth his time.

He crawled into the port side's hatch and closed it behind him and repressureize to airlock. He took off his EV suit and began working of boosting the transporters. He drew power from weapons to boost the range. And took power going to the offline warp engines, and transfered them to sensors.

He took a seat in his chair in the cockpit.

"Computer, scan for human biosign's on planet surface."

"Unable to to comply."

He looked at the screen, the sensors weren't abe to locate an exact number, but there was from what it looked like. some survivors setting up base camp. must be at least half the crew.

He bagan loading food rations, and some of his older weapons. (no doubt he'd have the captain reinburse him.) onto the transporter padd. and beamed the supplies to the shore where the large amount of survivors where located. it'd make survival easier. Now he had to find how to land his ship without it loosing power and crashing

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Cardassian shuttle Lubak

A Hideki-class shuttle dropped warp and approached the planet. Chekov eyed the window critically, as the adrift Vetar and Hunter ship hung next to each other in space.

"They're offline..."

All of a sudden, like a wave hitting the bow of his ship, the power was struck off. Systems throughout his shuttle began to weaken defectively. As they did, he began to smirk mischieviously.

The Lubak then lost thrusters and began to drift on momentum toward the planet. It wasn't long before the Abyss came into view.

Chekov's right eye-brow arched interestingly. Despite the circumstances of the Lubak, the Vetar and the Hunter ship, this other vessel seemed to surviving in this technological death-yard. The man then placed his open hand over the external sensor controls.

A slow and steady energy began to flow from his hand into the console. With more concentration he began to transfer power from his body into the computer systems. Chekov glared out his window at the Abyss and scanned it.

The computer explained everything, "Ah," Chekov read, "a Romulan power core." He knew from personal experience that Romulan ships exhibited a powerful source as their... well, power-source. When-ever he neared one, he could feel the forced-quantum singularity through a sixth sense.

"Alien vessel. You are resilient," he said as he continued to feed energy into the computer from his palm. "Your power-core could be useful to me. I want it."

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Kijari was unconscious when the two security officers opened her escape pod. She would have been angry at the way they lifted her limp body from the pod, laying her on the sand. Likely she would have berated them for moving an injured person without first taking any readings to determine the extent of the damage.

But these two were lucky....

They had moved on to helping someone else by the time Kijari's dark eyes fluttered open. The person at her side now was one of her own staff. Ensign Trimone took the readings that the doctor's rescuers had failed to take, determining that the doctor's state had more to do with lack of air than with any permanent injury. "Dr. Beregal...." He breathed in relief when she opened her eyes, snapping his tricorder shut. "...you're awake."

"Apparently." Kijari sat up slowly, then stood with his help, glancing around, noting the lush tropical landscape, the sweet sea breeze. "Sweet goddess...we've died and gone to Reysa."

"Not quite ma'am." The ensign could not take a joke, and Kijari was quickly growing tired of him.

"Then where are we Ensign? And where is everyone else?"

"The captain is not far...just a little ways down the beach. The majority of the crew seems to have made it off the ship."

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Tom Calaway, Shuttle Abyss

The Hideki class, just came into scanning range. And started to scan Tom's ship.

"Oh shit, computer evasave action!" Tom ordered the computer.

"Auto pilot offline." Came the dry voice.

"Shit!" Tom yelled as he hit the consule.

He began evisive action. flying the ship on it's thrusters. He transfered power to his Weapons system. And targeted the Enemy ship. He fired 2 Quantium torpedo's both missed it's target by 200 meters.

"Damn Automatic targeting, computer recalabrate targeting system. Anbd switch to manual."

He targeted the evading ship and fired two more torpedo's. blinding the ships sensor's

When the Hideki-class vessal regained sensors, the small ship was gone.

"Computer whats the statis of the cloak?"

"Cload is operating at normal perameters."
"Warning Secondary power at 25%."

Tom managed to get his ship above the North Pole. using the magnitacally charged feild to block any scan's. This would buy him at least a day or so. To resume repair's.

He disengaged the cloak to save power and allowed the secondary power core to recharge it self. withen a day it shoiuld be at 80%. Enough to get 70& impuse, and possibly warp 2, if a warp bubble could be created. If not it'd go to weapons and sheilds.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Mar 29 2007, 01:30 AM

Lt. Cmdr. Henry Silentio - Deep in the Jungle

"Wake up, Terran."

Silentio managed to look up to see two Cardassian soliders. It was nighttime, the stars sparkled in the sky. A campfire was going in front of Silentio.

"Where am I; who are you?"

"I am Glinn Daro. This is Glinn Tajor. What is your name, Terran?"

"Lt. Cmdr. Silentio," Silentio looked around and saw Crewman Merleau-Ponty tied up, sitting against a tree unconscious.

"What did you do to him?!"

"He was less forthcoming, even with his name. We had to leave the area you and your companion were in. The Delta Vegan sabertooths are quite bloodthirsty."

"What are you doing on this planet? Is your ship the Cardassian Galor that's adrift?"

"Yes. Our Gul went insane and killed some of his crew. We had to abandon ship. Now, Silentio, what are you and the Terrans doing here?"

Silentio shruggd. "I don't even know what we're doing here. I haven't been attending staff meetings."

Glinn Daro's relatively nice demeanour changed violently into one of anger. Daro hit Silentio across the face. "A Lt. Commander. Not privy to the mission plans of your ship?"

Silentio chuckled. "Really guys. I hardly use my rank at all." Daro hit Silentio again.

Silentio, with blood trickling down his lips, spoke, "Daro, I'll tell you one thing." Daro leaned down, with expectancy. Silentio grinned.

"You don't need to hit me to make me suffer.... Hell is -- other people." Silentio laughed, mocking Daro.

Daro hit Silentio once again, while Tajor drank some raktajeno and looked on.

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Cardassian shuttle Lubak

Chekov arched his eye brow once more when he found that the Abyss was gone. It was unfortunate that its occupant didn't want to play. No matter, he thought to himself as he disengaged his hand from flowing the uncharactaristic energy into the console.

The lights blinked off, allowing merely the glow from the planet to illuminate the interior that would soon be trashed. The Lubak drifted toward the planet at a calculated angle and entered the atmosphere.

Captain Aeon Ryku - The West Beach

Aeon stood on the beach, staring at the rustling foliage that divded the two environments, when a Terran crewmen stumbled out. He looked rough, exhausted and injured: what a crash survivor should look like.

The crewmen got his gatherings and noticed Aeon.

"Captain," he stood to attention.

I guess it was too much for me to expect my senior staff, Aeon thought to himself. Not that command structure had proven completely successful within the new Starfleet so far.

The crewmen began to feel awkward for having been forced to stand at attention to a thought-stricken Captain for so long, "Err, shall I join the crew?"

Aeon's eyes drifted for a moment, hardly interested in the officer. He worried more that his situation was a reflection of Imperial Starfleet and the Terran Empire... if both organizations even were worthy of those titles to start with. As far as statistics were concerned, they were merely shadows of what the power they really held in the late 22nd and early 23rd centuries - corruption notwithstanding. The only thing keeping the Terrans together was the Fleet; without those ship's, they wouldn't be where they were.

And now that fleet's fighting at Terok Nor; and I have no idea how they're doing.

The Captain approached the crewmen, "I bet you never expected to be stuck here, eh crewmen? You probably thought you'd be a part of the fleet, waging a war with the Alliance."

He shrugged, "That was one of my hopes, sir."

Aeon nodded and partially smiled to himself, but spoke to the crewmen, "You'll get your chance."

The crewmen, hesitently took that closing statement as an asthetic queue to re-join the crew. As he walked off, Aeon turned to look at the crew the officer was walking toward. The next move was to find the Descent and co-ordinate the engineer's efforts to get the technology online. But as he peered at the group, there was a sudden materialization of objects.

A bunch of people ran over to inspect it, followed by Aeon who took some time to run over.

"It's food rations!" someone said, shocked.

"And weapons!" another began picking them up.

The Captain took the weapon out of his hands and examined it. He exmained all the handheld disrupters and phase-pistols. "Tom..." He glanced at the others. "Survey the rations. It looks like there's just enough for the night, but disperse them to the crew anyway."

Someone began opening the containers. Aeon gripped his disrupter and aimed it at a tree.

He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened.

One of the security officers came over and aimed a pistol at the same tree, as per Aeon's queue. Nothing happened again.

"Like the tri-corders, these are inoperatble. The energy in these weapons have been compromised."

Aeon nodded, quickly understanding. He paused and then re-addressed the security officer. "Gather a team to search for the Descent. Meet me over there in a few minutes."

The security officer acknowledged and ran off. It was then Aeon saw Kijari and one of her medical staff walking with her toward the group, from down the length of the beach. Aeon had to stare at the two figures just to be sure... but it really was Kijari.

The woman's a survivor, he realized, impressed.

He watched her walk over - his mind subconsciously surveying her luscious curves in motion. Without even intending it, he flashed back into scenes of him and the Doctor, with intermingled limbs, in bed the night before. The passion and exploration of the others' body driven in lust. When he flashed back, the Doctor was already standing before him.

"Welcome to Delta Vega," Aeon said without faultering, and snapping out of whatever it was that he was in.

Kijari's eyes glanced around the setting, momentarily, "You never said vacation time came early this year."

"I had to find a way to get close to you again," Aeon smiled and turned his attention to the beach.

Kijari turned her attention to him and placed her hand on his cheek to pull his attention back to her once more, "All you had to do was ask."

They moved in, about to kiss each other without thinking-- when one of the Ensign's, not paying attention, walked over and interrupted. "Sir! The teams have reported ready and standing by." It was too late when the Ensign had realized what he had done. Fear had quickly stuck his features.

Aeon dropped his head in disappointment, but just as quickly brought it back up. "I'll be there in a minute," Aeon said, his mind suddenly re-wrapping around the Descent. The Ensign ran off, as Aeon turned to Kijari.

"The Descent lost all power when we neared this planet for some reason. Apparently, all technology is rendered useless here. The ship's crashed-landed somewhere in this region... or the next; so we're going to look for it. The Engineers are attempting to somehow bypass this planet's dampening field," Aeon explained. "You're welcome to come with, but check up with your medical team first in case they need you. We'll be leaving in a few minutes, or after I hear from you."

He stopped and stared at her.

"That is, unless you have a backup ship in one of your medkits?"


Somewhere, deep within the hot jungle, a quiet buzzing noise, followed by a click sounded. A metallic mechanism, a part of a full bodied being, grazed a large green leaf in passing. Moments later, there was a stop and then long stillness. The quiet buzzing noise sounded again.

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Tom Calaway, Shuttle Abyss

More than a day has past since his evasion from the Caradassian ship. Tom got several more repairs done to his tiny ship. The Romulan Power core is operating at 120%. Shields, and torpedo's are online, his disruptor array was at 70%, and Impulse was operating at 90%.

He was considering landing his ship on the planet's surface, but would he be able to lift off back into orbit. He had to quickly decide what to do before his ship was discovered by the enemy ship. His ship could put up a hell of a fight but he didn't know if that little cardassian ship was power infused or not. In the middle of his thought the computer panel beeped.
"full sensors online" the computer spoke
"Finally I can get a compete scan of the planet." He muttered to himself. "Computer show human Bio-signs."

The computer displayed the number of survivors, most where gathered together. Several seemed to be seperated in small pockets. Some 100km away from the main group, and two bio-sign's on a separate continent.

"Computer, how many people are missing?"
"Fifteen crew members are missing from the ships complete roster." the computer responded.
Then tom noticed several yellowish looking dots on his screen. Registering as Cardassian's. About thirty of them, spread into three groups.
This information he hasd to get to Aeon if he survived. But the communications are still offline.

"Computer, can you locate Captain Ryku?" He asked the computer, hoping it was possible.

After a few seconds the Computer responsed 'affirimitive"

"Lock Transporter and beam him to the Cockpit of the Abyss."

10 seconds later, a Human male appeared in the cramped cockpit.

"Tom!" Aeon yelled with a little excitement.

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Lt. Cmdr. Henry Silentio - Deep in the Jungle

Silentio groggly woke from unconsciousness. His hands were tied behind a tree. It was dawn. ...AHHH the memories of the tortuous night surfaced to the fore of his mind. Damn them.

"Good morning." quipped Glinn Daro. Glinn Tajor was across the campfire ashes from Silentio, packing supplies into a bag. It seemed they were preparing to leave.

As Silentio regained his senses, he looked over to his left and saw Crewman Merleau-Ponty dead.

"Why did you kill him?"

"He left us with no other options. And frankly, we're not going to waste much more time with you. We discovered the crash-site of your ship not too far away from here. We're going there next." Daro lifted his disruptor.

Silentio was desperate to stall for time. "Wait. Before you kill me, just humor me. What's this all about. What is happening in the galaxy?"

Daro smiled. "It's about the destiny of the Cardassian people. The Pah'Wraiths will show us the way."

"The Pah'Wraiths?"

"The True Gods. Long ago, the Pah'Wraiths had always won their battles -- why? Because rigorousness helped them, helped them to fear that which was worse than death and therefore helped to be victorious. There was a time when the Pah'Wraiths, with divine authority, exercised dominion over people, when it addressed each person briefly, tersely, commanding authoritatively with "You shall obey". It shocked everyone with a fear that was never before known: eternal damnation."

"And now?"

"Now, this eternal damnation is accepted as a gift. A fear to be overcome. Why do you think men like Chekov and our Gul choose to be Gods, to wield and incite fear over others, at the expense of their sanity? That a person is God-like is indeed fear in an eminent sense."

With a thought and shudder, a stray thought crossed his mind. ....Paris?... Silentio returned from his stray thought.

"But where are the Pah'Wraiths now? And where is this.. this fear coming from?"

"Why not tell you, you're going to die anyway. It's at... AHHH"

Suddenly shots fired from the trees. Daro was hit several times and he fell on top of Silentio, smoking from the burns. Silentio gagged as he pushed Daro off of him.

Tajor pulled out his weapon, took cover, and fired aimlessly into the trees. To no avail however, as a single head shot to Tajor took him out.

A Terran emerged from the trees and looked over the smoking Cardassian corpse that once was Glinn Tajor. With a seemingly malicious grin, he took his weapon and fired more shots into him.

"Goddammit, of all the -- son of a -- couldn't you have waited a few minutes? He was just about to tell me something about the Pah'Wraiths and their power!"

The Terran suddenly turned towards Silentio as if seeing him for the first time, his weapon aimed at him. His icy cold expression was matched only by his icy cold blue eyes.

"Oh boy...." sighed Silentio.

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Marcus Solem - Deep in the Jungle

Marcus slowly walked towards Silentio, the captured Cardassian disruptor pointed directly at Henry's head.

"Unlike you, I don't converse with Alliance scum, I kill them, you're lucky it was idiotic, pathetic Cardassians who were holding you captive, if it had been Klingons, we wouldn't be having this conversation and you would have been well on your way to wherever we go by now."

"But I guess that's what I should expect from a member of that incompetent crew manning that ship at the moment."

Marcus walked closer to Silentio, his weapon pressed up against Henry's chest.

"You mind telling me who you are? And you'd better hope you're someone of some importance from that crew."

"Lt. Commander Silentio."

"Ah, the helmsman of the ship, I've heard of you, a protege of Thomas Paris, yet I can see by our present situation that you don't come close to your mentor's prowess."

Marcus lowered his weapon, untying Silentio from the tree.

"Guess I should introduce myself, I'm Marcus Solem, I was on Terok Nor when the Jem'Hadar attacked the station, maybe I should be thanking you and the other Descent crew for getting me off the station, but unfortuntely, I can see that the crew that keep the ship running are every bit as useless as the Jem'Hadar were efficient."

"Maybe I can be of use in that department for your ship, I noticed that your ship has a distinct lack of a competant Chief Engineer, let's just say I'm offering my services to the ISS Descent, should we ever find it again."

Marcus walked over to Glinn Daro, searching the body, picking up his disruptor rifle, handing it to Silentio.

"I noticed just before I left the ship, that there a huge power drain the ship's systems, let me guess, you're engineering department couldn't work out the problem? I've seen that happen before when a ship came in the vicinity of a planet's gravity well, I may have a way to fix it, and protect the ship from it happening again."

Marcus then walked over the supply bag that the second Cardassian had been packing before his pathetic life was ended, and found an Alliance datapad with one order on it, (Glinns Daro & Talor, crashed Terran ship located 10 KM north of your position, make you're way there immediately.)

"Well, it looks like we've found your ship's location, although I doubt those two Cardassians are the only Alliance troops in this jungle who received that order,
we'd better get to the ship now before they do, if any other crew have survived, we can find them once we get the ship up and running."

Although Marcus wasn't sure if these were merely words he was spouting, he didn't know the extent of the damage to the Descent, there might not be much ship left to repair...

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Captain Aeon Ryku - Shuttle Abyss

"I wondered if you survived," Tom said, neither indicating whether he was impressed nor unimpressed.

Aeon was still in shock and stepped forward, while looking around, "I had a feeling you were in a position of power. After you beamed down those weapons, it was obvious."

"I thought it was best to talk to you first," Tom said. "Surprised I came back for you?"

Aeon considered this for a moment. He arched his eyebrows to himself, "I am, actually. How are you able to withstand the planetary technology suppressant?"

"Romulan power-core," Tom replied.

The Captain looked to the side in thought, "Of course. It must operate outside the boundaries of whatever's ceasing the other technologies to run."

"Whatever it is, it didn't stop the Cardassian shuttle I encountered."

Aeon looked at him inquisitively.

"You're Russian friend almost took me out."

Then Aeon turned to the computer consoles and view-screens in his own personal reaction, "You mean Chekov's alive?" He quickly began looking at the controls, "We have to find him."

"That's not going to be easy," Tom went to his controls and began the sensors of the planet.

Aeon came over his shoulder, "The Descent too," he suggested just before the lights on all the control panels began to flicker defectively. "What is that?"

"Shit! Someone's tapping into the main computer!" Tom flew his fingers over the controls as quick as he could, trying to stop the intruder. "They're using complicated access codes and advanced lock-out algorhythms!"

Aeon leaned in, "Where the hell is it coming from?"

"Uh," Tom shook his head trying to process all the chaotic information the computer was giving him, "the surface! Source unknown!"

The Captain reclined, "That's impossible!" Just then, the whole ship started shaking. The view of the planet before them began to move closer.

"Dammit I'm locked-out! Shields are diminishing! God-dammit!" he cursed and slammed his fists into the console. The Abyss began to decay in orbit! All of a sudden, he realized he still could influence partial helm controls.

As the Abyss went into the planet's atmosphere, Tom tried everything he could to avoid being burned up. He struggled against a direction the ship was headed in as the ship sped through the sky and leveled through the jungle trees. Branches and leaves went scattering off the ship as it flew through the foliage.

"Brace for impact!!" Aeon yelled!

The ship hit a large tree with full force, knocking it in half, and breeching the forward hull of the shuttle. The Abyss continued on, descending through tree after tree, denting and trashing the forward hull until they hit ground. The ship dragged through shrubs and plants for a good while before coming to a stop in an open area within the jungle.

Aeon was under a computer console, barely conscious. Tom was under some fallen bulkheads, also barely conscious. After a few moments to take in the pain, Aeon pushed his way through some debris and out of the shuttle.

He stumbled out of the ship and fell to his hands and knees in the soft dirt. Captain Aeon's body ached.

Tom was also able to escape his trap and struggled out the shuttle too. He stepped off the hull of the side-flipped shuttle and fell to one knee, processing the pain aswell.

"How many times do I have to crash into this planet?" Aeon managed to say without lifting his head.

All of a sudden the two of them heard the 'snap!' of a branch within the jungle somewhere. They both knew someone was coming.

There was another 'snap!' from the right of them, and they suddenly knew they were surrounded.

Aeon and Tom's heads were both in full awareness now, peering around the foliage, when Aeon suddenly caught glimpse of the first of their new guests...

With buzzing noises for each leg movement, a gray-skinned humanoid dressed in black leather and mechanical devices all over his body stepped out from the bushes. This being was joined by seven more of his somewhat-identical friends, stepping out from other sides of the clearing until they all faced Tom and Aeon in a half circle.

A red laser from the alien's mechanical eye-piece momentarily blinded Aeon in his own eye. All the aliens then proceeded to the two, in a near drone-like, dead, movement.

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Henry Silentio - Even Deeper in the Jungle

The two men, Silentio and Solem, were making their way through the jungle. Aside from the occasional talk, such as "careful" and "watch yourself", they didn't really say much. Silentio for the most part was too tired to talk, as he felt like he's been making his way through the jungle for a month, even though it was probably only several hours. It was nearing dusk and Silentio couldn't wait for the heat to die down.

"Shh. SHUT UP." half-yelled, half-whispered Solem as he halted Silentio in his tracks. "We're here and look," Solem pushed aside some of the thick brush and Silentio peered through.

The Descent had made quite a skidmark on the surface. Silentio saw the Descent about a kilometre away. Solem took out the binoculars and scanned the area around the Descent. "Damn dirty Cardies."

Solem handed the binoculars to Silentio and he looked out. Several Cardassian soldiers were apparently patrolling the perimeter of the Descent. A few scientist-looking types were scanning the hull.

"We need a plan," mused Silentio.

A click of the rifle was Solem's answer. "That's our plan."

Silentio sighed. I was thinking of a stealth plan, but if Solem is nuts for Cardassian blood......

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Captain Aeon Ryku - Crashed shuttle Abyss, within the Jungle

Aeon hesitently got to his feet, watching the staggering soldiers slowly surround the two. It wasn't until one of the drones, and its buzzing, mechanical arm, uplifted for Aeon, that the Captain knew they were in for it. The drone approached him and launched a hand, gripping Aeon's neck.


The drone threw Aeon down onto the ground, on his back, and lunged a fist into a hover over his face. The drone held Aeon down with a knee to Aeon's abdomen while the neck-grip was loosened. Two thin, gray, tubules were suddenly launched from the drone's fisted forearm into Aeon's neck.

Meanwhile, Tom was resorting to physical fighting with each drone, successfully knocking down one into another.

The tubules began to suction and re-suction in various sections along the skin, dancing and popping in anticipation. The drone gritted his teeth, trying to apply his efforts, but finding that those efforts were getting him nowhere.

"Your biological distinctiveness will adapt to serve the collective," one of the drones standing in the background with the group said.

Aeon got angry and pushed the drone off of him. While in close range, Aeon forced his feet into the drone and kicked it to the side. The Captain got to his feet to address two more drones, approaching him. He dodged the incoming arm of one and grabbed it. He spun the drone around and kicked it into the second.

As those two fell, a third neared from behind. Aeon lept into the air and kicked the drone to the ground. The amount of force needed against each drone was enough to tire him out. It was obvious that each of these alien's maintained superior strength.

A fourth drone unexpectedly lunged a 'clothes-line' arm attack from Aeon's 3/4-behind angle, knocking Aeon to the ground again. The Captain used this and spun himself to around and on his back, so that his feet would attack an incoming fifth drone from in front of him. He placed both his feet onto crossing angles, outside both the drone's shins and pushed - the drone lost balance and fell backward.

The fourth, a sixth and a seventh drone grabbed for Aeon. An eighth, a ninth and a tenth had assisted in bringing Aeon to his feet. Aeon began to loose count as he was immediately apprehended by the drones. Tubules attempted to jab at his neck until more and more realized attempts at whatever they hoped would happen became futile.

"Tom!" Aeon called out. But Tom was also surrounded by a legion of drones. They had brought Tom to his feet as well.

The drones, momentarily glancing at each other, all began to retreat back into the jungle. The two groups, holding each human, dragged their captured into the jungles with them.

Now being pulled into the jungle, all attempts at struggling prooved useless. "UGH!! ARGH!!" Tom spat and cursed at the creatures, enough for the both of them. They soon found themselves being dragged along side-by-side.

"What the hell were they doing with those tubes on my neck?" Tom asked. "What are these things?"

Aeon looked on, at the jungle foliage passing them by. A faint and distant story drifted passed his recollection. Something he was told in a bar at Pelios station once. "These can't be..."

"What, Aeon? What are they?"

The Captain continued, partially in deep thought, "...the Berg? The Borg? These are actually them?"

"How do you know who they are?"

Aeon swallowed in uncertainty. "They supposedly launched an attack against Cardassia Prime a decade ago. At least those are the rumours... They were defeated. I remember having to bribe a merchant with a considerable amount of money to continue his tale about these drones. I always thought I wasted my latinum."

"What are they?"

Aeon glanced at Tom, momentarily, "They're an advanced species... far more powerful than the Alliance or even the Romulan Empire."

"Heh. I like them already."

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Henry Silentio - I.S.S. Descent

Silentio had seen years of space battle, firefights, and even a few bloody fistfights. But never in all his years had he seen, much less participated in, such a massacre of humanoid life. The Cardassians guarding the Descent never saw it coming. It wasn't all him though. Actually, most of it was done by Solem, who was busy polishing his disruptor rifle as if it were a trophy.

Solem looked up and saw Silentio studying him.

"Silentio, what are you gawking at? Did you find the access hatch yet?"

"Yes, but we should be careful. Cardassians may be inside the Descent."

Solem grinned, "No problem at all."

The trip to Engineering was uneventful. It's too damned easy, thought Silentio. Arriving at Engineering, Solem dispatched the two Cardassian scientists working at a engineering computer console. After securing the place, Silentio examined the PADD the scientists were working on.

"According to the Cardassians' PADD, the dampening field is operating at a subspace modulation of 47.74. If I can raise the shields with that modulation frequency, power should be restored to the main systems!"

The system had enough power to accept a few vocal commands. After unlocking system controls, Silentio raised the shields. Engineering then lighted up and the warp core pulsed with energy once again.

Suddenly transporter beams materialized ten Cardassian soldiers into the engineering room. Silentio and Solem were surrounded.

"Thank you gentlemen for unlocking the computer. We'll take it from here."

Solem looked surprised as hell. He raised his weapon as fast he could, but a Cardassian shot him before he could fire. "AHHH..." cried Solem as he slumped to the floor. Silentio looked over his wound, it wasn't too bad. If it was closer to his chest, he would've died instantly. Silentio got up and faced the Cardassians.

"Who the hell are you? What are you going to do with the Descent?"

"Ah, we're taking this ship to the eastern continent. Our master is waiting for us."

"Who's that?"

"Our master wields the Pah'Wraiths, commands cybernetic beings, and will conquer the Alpha Quadrant. And we will follow."

"Why can't someone just give me a proper name?!" exclaimed Silentio.

One of the Cardassians hit Silentio in the face. Silentio landed face flat on the control panel.

Another Cardassian went towards a control panel and transferred helm to Engineering.

"Take us up." said the lead Cardassian. The Descent jolted a bit as it lifted up from the ground...


As Aeon and Tom were being dragged along the jungle path by the cybernetic creatures, a thunderous explosion was heard. Aeon looked up and saw the Descent heading up into the sky.

"Hey they got the ship working again."


I hope it's not me going soft, thought Silentio, but if what the Cardassians claim are for real, I can't let this "Master" have this ship...

As Silentio slowly got up, he realized he was only a few centimeters away from shield control. In a swift move, Silentio jammed his fist to deactivate the shields. Dampening field kicked in and jolted the ship, disabling the structural integrity field and gravity plating for a moment, which made a few Cardassians stumble and fall. Silentio grabbed a rifle of a fallen Cardassian and fired at the warp core reactor chamber. Heated coolant began spilling out of the core, filling Engineering with smoke.

"Warning. Antimatter containment has been compromised. Warp core breach imminent." stated the computer in a calmly fashion. But the situation in Engineering was hardly calm.

"Damn you! Damn you Terrans all to hell!!" half coughed half screamed the Cardassian leader, as they transported off the ship.

Silentio tried to regain transporter control, but the Cardassians had locked it as soon as Silentio released computer control. They had to get to the shuttlebay or eject from a pod if any were left.

The Descent rocked and control panels were exploding. Ship debris littered the corridor. Silentio dragged Solem with him, but it was clear they can't reach the shuttlebays in time. Silentio found three escape pods left, and hurried to them. He placed Solem in an escape pod and ejected him.

Silentio started to stumble to the next escape pod when suddenly an explosion threw jagged shards of glass and metal debris towards Silentio. He turned away only to have the debris cut and sever his vocal cords. Henry Silentio was now truly silent.

Falling down in pain, grasping his bleeding neck, unable to crawl to the nearest escape pod, unable to cry out for his mentor, the Almighty, or even the only woman he ever truly loved, and the ship rocking and losing its structural integrity, there seems to be no hope for Silentio's chances for survival.

As Silentio lay down, losing consciousness from the pain, he could have sworn he saw a man, dressed in an old formal wear suit, narrating off into the nothingness: "Dialogue from a play, Hamlet: To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream. Lt. Commander Henry Silentio. Dreamer. Lately left a place far in the future, far in another life, far in another world. But was it really? For a dream can be as real as reality and reality nothing more than a dream. The life of Henry Silentio is a case in point, in the Twilig--"

Silentio couldn't hear him anymore.


"What the f---", exclaimed Aeon as he saw fire spewing from the Descent. He saw a single escape pod eject from the ship, when suddenly the Descent exploded in mid-air. Aeon turned away from the momentary blinding light, the vibration and sound of explosion reaching Aeon and the party a split second later.

Aeon looked up and saw only smoke where the Descent once was. Debris of what was left of the Descent fell towards the planet surface.

"I hate this goddamn planet."

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Captain Aeon Ryku - Edge of Jungle

Both Aeon and Tom were thrown to their knees by the drones, out at the edge of the jungle, facing some rocky land. Their hands had been tied behind their back by tubules. In the sky, the sun was slowly rising, as a silouetted, mechanical figure approached from the distance. This drone seemed more conscious than the others, as if he was their leader. "Greetings," he said. "My name is Hugh."

"Hugh?" Aeon repeated critically.

The drone looked at him confused, "One of Gul Dolak's human slaves named me that."

"Let me guess. You're the people responsible for making this planet into an Engineer's nightmare?" Aeon asked.

Hugh stepped closer, "Gul Dolak's responsible. He has a vision for us all."

"You're following a Cardassian? You're a #%@ing idiot!" Tom said in anger. "Don't you realize they're just using you!?"

The drone nodded, "Indeed. We are helping each other. As the time draws near, the Borg will be that much closer to regaining the strength they once had. We will become one again."

"The Borg, huh? Yeah, I've heard of you. You launched an invasion of the Alliance ten years ago. It was always something they intended to keep secret. But I don't get it... Why are you working with them now? How are they helping you?"

Hugh came closer and grabbed Aeon by the throat. He lifted Aeon's head slightly, to get a closer look at his facial features. "Once you are assimilated, you will know the answers to all those questions. Soon, we will all be as one... and then the Quadrant..." The drone then glanced over at the other drones, wishing once more for the inter-connectivity they all had at one time. He let Aeon go and walked up to one of his drones, staring at it, expecting that the something should happen sooner - giving in to an obvious need; an obvious want.

"I have a theory," Aeon started quizically. He lifted his knees in an attempt to change his positioning toward Hugh's direction. "I seem to remember a little more about the story of when you were defeated at Cardassia; that you were defeated by some advanced alien probe."

Hugh turned, recalling the events, "It transmitted a virus..." he said to himself.

"Yeah, well, I think that after your large ship was destroyed, some of the Cardassian scientists decided on a little salvage operation. That's where you come in. You and your friends here were brought back to life, and when the Cardassians had a chance, they allied up with you."

Hugh stared away at nothingness, "No longer was I one..."

"Then the Cardassians promised you power, didn't they? Listen to me, Hugh. If you're capable of claiming your own power, then why don't you turn on Gul Dolak? He's nothing compared to you. You're a cybernetic being! ...I assume."

"Don't be a fool, Aeon. You don't know anything about these things," Tom turned to the Captain. But Aeon just ignored him.

Hugh just continued to stare away, "I am Borg... No. We... we are Borg... We are..." Then Hugh walked away on impulse. The encountering of such feelings and conflict was too much for him.

With him, the drones all around followed. They all walked away, leaving both Aeon and Tom on their knees, with hands tied behind their backs.

"It looks like logic does work against machines," Tom said as they both got to their feet.

Aeon stared off into the jungle until he couldn't see anymore drones. "I have to admit... I wasn't expecting that."

"We weren't expecting to see the Descent destroyed either. So I'd place today as one of those days where anything can happen."

But all Aeon could do was stare off into the jungle. Only this time, his intention was that of detection; for further on through, he could have sworn he heard something. "Wait here," Aeon ordered, and ran off.

Tom didn't listen and ran off after him.


Even with foliage whipping by, Aeon could hear the person in the distance change their footing. Then the footing stopped, and it was now apparent the other man had gone into hiding.

Aeon stopped aswell.

"Greetings Keptin," Chekov said as he dropped from a tree. He stood a few meters away from Aeon, as Tom had finally caught up and took position next to the Captain.

"You!" Aeon exclaimed, taking a stance. "Alright, Chekov. Now it's just you and me. Come on. Let's finish this!"

Chekov bursted out in laughter. "Hahaha! I hardly think you're in the position to challenge me. You seem to be two arms too short!" He then began articulating an energy within his palm. "No matter... Soon you'll be just too nothing..."

He then blasted a small pulse of energy at the two. Aeon quickly kicked Tom to the side, forcing himself to the other as the pulse blasted passed and between them into a tree stump. POOF! The stump exploded.

Aeon then rolled onto his feet and sprinted for Chekov. He leapt and kicked for Chekov's chest, knocking Chekov back into a tree. When Aeon landed on his feet, he swung another foot around, high, at Chekov's head - but the Russian quickly grabbed the foot in mid-air and held it there.

"Don't bother, Keptin. You're just vay-sting your energy. You see, the closer I get to the avatar of the Pah'Wraith, the more powerful I get."

"The avatar?" Aeon repeated. "So that's what is cursing this planet... At least that's what better be, because my Borg theory was shot down by Hugh."

"That's right. I could sense the avatar a lightyear away. When I was certain who it was, I returned to that other alien planet to retrieve this..." He opened his other plam, as a small blue probe emerged from his articulated energy. "The only way to defeat a Borg... and oh yes, I knew the Borg were involved. I know everything that goes on within the Alliance."

"You mean, even you're not powerful enough to defeat a Borg?" Aeon reiterated, mockingly.

"I didn't want to take any chances!"

"What is it?" Tom's voice could be heard in the background, in the distance.

"An Iconian virus," Chekov said, throwing the Captain's leg away, causing Aeon to fall onto his back. Chekov stepped forward, sucking the blue probe back into his body. "It attacks machines, and it is what was used ten years ago."

"So... this is all about some internal war between you and the Borg," Aeon speculated.

"Wrong Keptin! That is what always annoyed me about you; that you were always ten steps behind!"

"It's better than being ten steps into dementia!"

All of a sudden, the ground shook, and a large wave of energy flew passed above them in the morning sky. The energy continued on, encompassing the planet, and disappearing.

Tom heard a beeping noise as he had just finished cutting through his restraints with a knife. He curiously took out a hidden side-arm from his inner boot, and checked it. The lights on it were all activated. He then aimed it and blasted a disrupter pulse into Chekov's chest. Chekov then went flying back onto the ground!

"Urgh!! It's beginning... the Avatar has begun his link with the Wraith. Lucky for you I do not have time for this..." Chekov then got up and ran off into the jungle.

Tom ran up to Aeon, un-tying the Captain, and then holding his weapon up. "Now I'm ready for the Borg."

"It looks like whatever that wave was, diffused the dampening field around the planet. Too bad the Descent is... well, I don't want to talk about it."

Tom just looked at him.

"Er, anyway. I'm going to find that avatar. If you're with me; you're with me. Or if you have some score to settle with the Borg for taking down your ship like that, then, well... I understand." Without another word, Aeon ran off in Chekov's direction.

Posted by: Mr Stewart Dorn Aug 19 2007, 10:29 PM

Marcus Solem - Inside crashed Escape Pod

Marcus slowly came to and tried to stand up inside what was left of his escape pod, but quickly crumpled back down due to the pain of the disruptor wound near his chest, lucky for him he could see that tihs wound wouldn't threaten his life, as long as it was treated eventually.

He then pulled himself to his feet to be able to access his situation, spurred on by the disgust he had for himself for letting a Cardie get the better of him, looked out the pods window to see burning debris which he hoped was from that Cardie's ship, but sense told him that it what was left of the Descent that was falling towards the planet surface.

Marcus also couldn't help but notice that he was the only one inside the escape pod, and that there were no other pod in the vicnity of his own from what he could see and two possibilities ran through his head, either Silentio managed to get to another pod and landed a far distance away, or Captain Ryku's already limited crew just got one more limited.

His situation accessed, bleak as it obviously was, Marcus knew that he had to find the other Descent crew members if there were any and find a way off this rock, after all he now had another reason to accomplish that goal, revenge on the son-of-a-b**ch Cardie that shot him.

Looking out the pod window again, he could see that he was in a fairly bit of clearing, there didn't seem to be much foliege outside which was strange, considering what he had seen elsewhere on this planet, but what he did know was that he needed some type of weapon if he went outside as this place was still likely crawling with Alliance troops, and with not much type of cover, he wouldn't last long in a firefight or if he was discovered.

It was just then that Marcus remembered about the Alliance datapad that he had discovered on the Cardie he killed that were holding Silentio earlier, to his relief it was still attached to his belt, while a small mercy, it was some semblance of technology and would have it's uses.

Looking at the datapad more thoroughly, he noticed that it simply didn't just have orders on it, but a set of co-ordinates that weren't the same as the Descent's were, so it could mean something else, maybe it could be where he was now, as he doubted that the Alliance wouldn't have noticed a sizable clearing in the middle of a jungle world.

But the fact still remained that Marcus was on his own, and was not armed with any type of gun, so he had to resort to picking up a piece on conduite that had broken off during the crash, while not a phaser, maybe he could surprise a Cardie and steal his gun, while not much of a plan, it was better that staying here in the pod and waiting for a Cardie to find him.

But the soft sound of footsteps outside soon deturred Marcus from rushing outside, instead he decided to hide by the pod's escape hatch and wait for what was most likely a Cardie to open the pod, this time he wouldn't be surprised, and if he's was going down here, he would give the Cardie a few scars to brag about to his Cardie b**ch wife...

The pod door began to be burned open, obviously by a particle weapon, but there was something strange about it, it didn't look or sound like a Cardie disruptor, but there was no time to worry about that.

The door came open, and Marcus swang the conduit at the person opening the door, but his arm was caught by this person and Marcus was thrown to the ground, he then saw a phaser pointed at him, and he could now get a decent look at this person, it didn't seem like he was a Cardie after all, but Marcus was in no position to trust anybody...

Posted by: Hawku Sep 3 2007, 04:00 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Inside Jungle

The Captain continued to run through the forest, trying to catch up to Chekov, but was having no luck. Before he knew it, he was running out of breath. Aeon slowed and took a second or two. He then looked down and noticed one of Tom's disrupters.

What the? Heh. Must've been dropped at some point.

He picked it up and blasted a particle beam into a tree. It was working. Satisfied, Aeon continued on, only this time he started walking.

"Almost there. Just need to conserve some energy," he said to himself.

Then he saw a brownish metal through some forest. He made his way around some trees and found that there was an escape pod sitting there... or what was left of one.

Someone could be trapped inside.

He began cutting a beam into the door's edges, in hopes of opening it. But all of a sudden, a man burst out from the side of the pod and swung a conduit at Aeon. The Captain quickly registered what was happening and grabbed the swinging arm. He then threw the man to the ground, aiming his disrupter at the fallen foe.

"Who are you?" the man, a human, asked.

"Captain Aeon, of the Descent," Aeon said. "You must be one of my crew?"

"Right. I'm not falling for that," the man replied.

Aeon looked left and then right and then back at him again, "Are you saying you don't recognize me?"

"Puh," the man looked away, "Do you ever remember meeting me? Which reminds me, I wanted to tell you that your crew is incompetent. They couldn't survive a gravity malfunction."

Aeon put his distrupter away and turned to the side. "Well, great."

"But I also wanted to offer my services. If you're to have a competent crew, you should start with me... That, and we're going to have to work together to get off this planet."

Aeon nodded in agreement. This was a smart man. "What's your name?"

"Marcus Solem. Engineering is my expertise."

The Captain nodded again, "Very well. I'm heading north to beyond the jungle. I'm not sure what I'll find there, but I know that's where the source of the whole dampening field is."

Marcus prepared himself and the two began walking through the jungle. Before they knew it, they had reached the edge and before them was rocky land. In the distance was an Alliance ship, sitting, parked - and there was also a giant generator a few hundred kilometers away. All around were Cardassian crew, holding weapons. Aeon and Marcus hid behind a large rock and could hear voices coming from the Cardassian generator.

"Well the generator isn't working anymore!"

"What about the other four, located around the planet?"

"As far as we know they're fine. But without this one working, any ship approaching the planet won't be neutralized."

"My disrupter is working too!"

"Yeah, well, some of the disrupters were working even when the generator was on. I'm telling you, it's whatever Dolak is doing that's interfering with all the technology. That large explosion that emanated from him and engulfed the sky didn't seem to help either."

All of a sudden, a group of Borg emerged from the jungle, surprising the Cardassians.

"What the!? Oh... phew. It's only the Berg."

"The Borg!"


"Where is Dolak..." Hugh asked the group of Cardassians in more of a demanding tone.

The two forefront Cardassians glanced at each other and then turned to the wide-open barren land. They looked at Dolak, who was walking-- no, more, wandering the open land, glowing and flowing with energy. He was on his own.

"It's weird," one of the Cardassian's commented. "But we trust him. We didn't wait four months on this planet for his arrival for nothing, anyway."

Hugh didn't say another word, and began walking toward Dolak. It would take Hugh a good fifteen minutes to a half an hour to reach him. The other Borg stayed with the Cardassians, next to the generator and the ship.

Back, behind the rock, Aeon dropped down and leaned against it.

"If we can somehow get that ship going under our control, we can fly it out of here," Aeon said.

Marcus looked at him, "Do you know how to fly an Alliance ship?"

"No. But I'm sure I could figure it out..." Aeon said, unsure of himself. "Forget that. Our first move is to survey how many Cardies are even on the ship. If there aren't that many, I think we should take it over." He suddenly caught Marcus staring at his disrupter. "You're not some trigger happy Cardassian-hater, are you?"

Marcus didn't reply.

"Stealth is the key," Aeon re-instated. Marcus looked back up at him. "Marcus, see if you can find out how many Cardies are on the ship, and if possible, come up with a plan to take it over. Board it if you think it's do-able... You may need those Engineering skills of yours."

Aeon took a quick look over the rock and then returned.

"What are you going to do?" Marcus asked.

Aeon took a breath, "I'm going to confront Dolak. Something is telling me he is on some supernatural trip that is making him the avatar... and I refuse to continue to be 'ten steps behind'..." Marcus had no idea what he was talking about, but didn't care. Aeon then looked back at Marcus, "You'll know where I am," he was planning on heading off in the other direction, behind the row of giant rocks that boarded the barren land and the jungle.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Sep 7 2007, 05:22 AM

Henry Silentio - Location ???????

Silentio suddenly realized that he was aware. He didn't know why. He didn't wake up from anything. He didn't remember going to sleep.

Wait... there was something...?


"....Watch me. This is how you execute the Bosanquet Loop..."

"....We're going to investigate this Ion Storm thing that is threatening our empire...."

"Impulse engines offline. I've lost thrusters! .... We're heading straight for the planet surface!"

"F*** Solem. He's so damn heavy..."


Silentio grunted in pain. It's coming back to me now...is this death?


Silentio tried to speak but found that he couldn't.

There's no need to talk, just think.

Silentio closed his eyes and thought, Who are you? What is this place?

You can call me Rod. And as for this place, some people call it purgatory, others call it a celestial temple... let's just say it's a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.

Rod... did you bring me here?

Yes. I stopped your entry into the afterlife in order to bring you here. You still have much to accomplish in your previous life.

I need to find my friend, Tom Paris; is that what you mean?

There's that. But there also something else that needs your attention. Open your eyes and look.

Silentio opened his eyes and saw several images at once

* Aeon running after Dolak
* Tom looking dumbfounded as Aeon left him
* Borg drones marching
* Marcus hiding behind a rock
* Dolak walking, glowing, and laughing
* Terok Nor orbiting Bajor
* New Terran vessels orbiting Earth
* Hirogen ships hunting prey in System J25
* Kazon troops invading Ocampa city
* The implosion of the Andromeda Galaxy
* The Yptrians exploring Galaxy M35
*...... Everything in existence .......

*AHH* grunted Silentio as the influx of infinte images from infinite perspectives dazed him.

Try to focus on the first few images

Silentio struggled, yet opened his eyes. He pushed the other images into the background in order to focus on one where Aeon, Hugh, and Dolak were together on a non-descript arid field. After some kind of heated arguing, Dolak, glowing and filled with energy, laughed and discharged an energy blast at Aeon. As the energy beam was about to hit Aeon, Hugh pushed him aside and took the blast. Aeon looked to see Hugh disintegrate into nothingness. Dolak laughed and turned towards Aeon. Aeon lunged towards him, but Dolak was faster; he discharged another blast, and Aeon disintegrated in mid-leap. Dolak laughed heartily again and he proceed to discharge energy into the ground, destabilizing the planetary core. The images faded from Silentio's mind.

I'm sending you back to undo these events. You have to stop Dolak from accomplishing his goal. Saving Aeon and Hugh are secondary. When you return, you won't remember me or this place or how you got back; you'll just know what to do.

One question, why me? Why can't you do this?

Because, this week, you're the star of the show.

Posted by: Mr Stewart Dorn Sep 19 2007, 11:28 PM

Marcus Solem - In the Jungle, near Alliance Ship

Marcus didn't know what the hell Captain Ryku was talking about before he decided to run off into the jungle alone, something about someone named Dolak, supernatural trip and an avatar? Marcus thought, "Meh, maybe there's more Vulcan in that kid that he lets on, it was that type of believing in outside forces crap that caused the Terran Empire to collapse in the first place..."

What Marcus did know, was that there was a route off this piece of crap world a few yards away, problem was that it was surrounded by several Cardies and Borg, and Marcus was going to have to work out some sort of plan, as going in all guns blazing like usual wasn't going to work, not without help anyway.

Although Aeon did say one thing that made sense among all the babble he spouted, stealth was the key here, getting the lay of the land would be the first...

All of a sudden Marcus heard something moving behind him, although he tried not to visibly react to it, but the sounds seemed to get closer to him, as well as slowing down, Marcus now knew he had to react, although a weird sense of deja-vu came over him at the same time...

Marcus then turned and dived low, grabbing the legs of whoever it was creeping up behind him, but this person suddenly pulled a small disruptor, but Marcus was able to wrestle it away and point it as this person, who seemed to be another Terran...

"Who the hell are you?"

"I was about to ask you the same question."

"Well I'm the one holding the disruptor pistol, so I guess the first answer goes to you..." Marcus then pushed the pistol closer to the person...

"Tom Calaway."

"Calaway? Aren't you the Tactical officer of the Descent, what the hell is it with that damn crew, have you all forgot that Terrans are the good guys here?"

"You still haven't said who you are."

"I'm Marcus Solem, not that'll you'll know me, and it doesn't really matter right now, I'm on your side idiot, now you can either help me take over that Alliance ship over there and get off this pathetic piece of rock, or you can stay here asking dumb questions, you're choice."


Marcus held out a hand to help Tom up.

"What are you doing out here anyway?"

"I'm following Captain Ryku, he disappeared out of my sight into the jungle, but I managed to follow his tracks somewhat."

"That makes two of us, I met you're Captain Ryku, he spouted some crap about someone called Dolak and an avatar and ran off that direction."

"Dammit! He's going to get himself killed, he's going to need help to take on Dolak!"

"Look Calaway, I don't know what the hell what he was talking about, and right now I don't care, but one thing I do know is that we need a way to get off this rock, a way sits over there, but it's going to at least take both of us to take it, maybe then we can worry about Ryku after we've got a ship."

"Fine, have you come up with a plan?

"The only way I can see is if some kind of a diversion is made to draw away some of those Alliance troops away from the ship, maybe then someone else can try to sneak into the ship and try to take it over".

"How the hell can we make a good enough diversion?"

"I thought you were a tactical officer Calaway, one of us will have to take this pistol, maybe shoot and kill one of the Cardies with a hit and run attack, and we both know how stupidly aggressive they are, they'll overconfidently commit several troops to chasing that person down, causing a good enough diversion".

"But that still leaves the Borg, from what I've seen and experienced of them, they won't be easy to get past".

"That's a chance we'll have to take, besides I'm willing to bet that the Cardies have set their disruptors to a setting that the Borg will have problems with, just in case things go wrong in their alliance with them".

"So which of us is going to make the diversion"?

"That'll have to be you".


"Do you know the inside of an Alliance ship Calaway?"

"Well enough".

"I've spent most of my life inside them as a slave, I'd be willing to bet I know them better than you".

"Also, you'll have less risk to yourself, not being the bait".

"Use you're head, the person making the diversion will likely have about two or three troops after them, the person infiltraiting the ship will have all the ones left, as well as a few no doubt left inside the ship, something tells me that's more of a risk".

"This plan's a bit of a long shot Solem".

"You got a better one"?

"Just give me the damn pistol..."

Marcus knew damn well that this plan had little chance of succeeding, and even if he did get in the ship, there was an even smaller chance that he would get the ship in space-worthy order with Cardassian and Borg troops all around him, but although he had little, if any faith in the mystical babble Captain Ryku was talking about, a little supernatural help could be what helps them all get off this rock...

Posted by: Hawku Oct 14 2007, 11:22 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Nondescript Arid Field

Aeon was walking toward Dolak, as was Hugh, but Hugh was coming from another direction. As the Captain's watchful interest went from the Borg to the energy-flowing Cardassian, he began to calculate just what the hell was going on.

Hugh was here because the Cardassian's were using them... those survivors of some Borg attack that happened years ago.

Dolak was here for some completely different reason. He was harnessing a power that transcended the physical world... a power that interested Chekov. Since Chekov had in his possession, a similar power, it could only mean one thing: "The Pah'Wraith," Aeon said aloud as he approached Dolak.

The Cardassian's wandering focus looked up at Aeon in a mild surprise. "...the Human fool."

"Good to see you too. Now, mind explaining who you think you are for doing this?"

Dolak's voice was echoed by a haunting and deep voice from beyond. His eyes burned red behind the layer of fluctuating energy pouring from his being, "We do not explain ourselves to those who consort with the Prophets."

"Yeah. I remember you draining the power from the Descent quite clearly. If I recall... I seemed to have lost Terok Nor to the Jem'Hadar thanks to you."

Dolak pointed an accusing finger at Aeon, "The closer you got to the Wormhole, the more accurate your choices within the space-time continuum became. You waivered from our expectations... that of your kind to be the rulers of this Quadrant!"

Aeon looked away for a moment. He never wanted to believe that was the truth, because that would have broken through his stubborn barrier's and allowed for the admittance there were higher beings in control of his destiny over himself.

Then Aeon looked back up, "I doubt your sincerity on that. You let the Alliance keep their power-infused ships and wanted us to go to war with them to see who would dominate! It's like we're nothing but chess pieces to you!"

Behind them, in the background, Hugh's slow approaching pace was bringing him closer. But the voice of Chekov had caught them off-guard, as he had joined the two instead.

"We're going to war with you anyway, Keptin. The truth is that you had your chance to prove yourself to the Wraith, but you failed. Now it is the Alliance who will rule," Chekov said.

Dolak interrupted, "Wrong. You failed as well. The Alliance continues to squabble within its political powers, causing no action to be taken. Your conflicts with smaller neighboring rebelling species bring nothing but wasted time. The Alliance is an unorganized structure."

As Dolak spoke, Chekov's generous mood was unfazed.

"That is why the Borg will be the new rulers of this Quadrant. The Pah'Wraith will take the necessary actions to ensure this becomes reality," Dolak ensured.

Aeon watched Chekov's gaze closely, understanding something Chekov had corrected him about earlier: that Chekov's purpose for being here wasn't for the Alliance at all... It was for his own selfish reasons.

"Fine, but..." Aeon said, "what does that have to do with the fact you've raped this planet with your power?"

Chekov smiled, impressed at the actions being taken by the being possessing Dolak, "Because they're trying to release the Pah'Wraith trapped within the Ion Storm."

"The planet holds a dormant power in the space-time continuum. It focuses our power so that we may open the Ion Storm and release our brethren."

"Something about this planet having an omnipotent source in another universe... That's all I could decipher with my attempts at telepathic reading of their minds," Chekov admitted.

Aeon arched his head, "Oh, so you're doing two things at once. How multi-tasky of you."

"Now if you'll excuse me, Keptin. I intend on taking Dolak's place and becoming the new Avatar."

Suddenly Dolak from within his possession fumed up, causing him to cause the Wraith to become involuntarily angry. "No you won't!" The being, nearly overpowered by the mortal, Dolak, blasted an energy pulse that threw Chekov into the sky.

Chekov was flung away for miles, until crashing into the distant jungle.

Just then, Hugh approached, eyeing both Aeon and Dolak. "We Borg have had enough of this. We wait for your promised return to the collective mind, but get nothing. Our alliance with the Alliance is broken."

"Nice of you to join us," Aeon said.

Dolak gritted his teeth, and spoke with more of the Wraith dominating this time, "You have no say in your destiny, Borg. You will be given what you were promised, but first we must execute this Human fool; one who consorts with Prophets."

An energy started building up Dolak's palm. Hugh began to urge toward Aeon, deciding that helping the Captain avoid death may better the Borg's chances at survival now.

"Better make that two who consort with Prophets," a fourth voice said from beyond everyone's attention. Dolak, Aeon and Hugh turned to see Silentio standing before them. It was like he appeared out of nowhere.

Posted by: Emerald Knight Nov 16 2007, 05:06 AM

"Just who the hell are you?" muttered Dolak.

"He's Henry Silentio," smirked Aeon, but then paused, "but uh... you do have a plan, eh, Silentio?"

Dolak turned toward Silentio and shot an energy blast. Almost instinctively, Silentio raised his hand and absorbed the energy. Silentio eyes glowed blue and a kind of blue aura glowed about him.

"Holy S***!" gasped Aeon. Hugh was equally dumbfounded, but Dolak continued to fire blasts.

Silentio effortlessly absorbed them, and then unleashed a big blue ball of energy towards Dolak. As he was not expecting an offensive attack with his own energy, Dolak was hit by the energy ball and lost his balance.

Silentio quickly took advantage of Dolak's momentary disorientation and rushed him. Grappling and struggling for the upper hand, both Silentio and Dolak unleashed random bolts of electricity in any direction.

"Get down!!" yelled Aeon as he took both Hugh and himself and fell to the ground. From the ground, Aeon turned around and looked up. The struggling forms of Silentio and Dolak were getting brighter and Aeon had to squint to even see.

A big burst of energy suddenly broke loose, rocking the ground, sending electricity bolts in all directions. Aeon waited a minute beforing looking up again, and saw two streams of blue and red energy leave both Silentio and Dolak respectively. Silentio and Dolak were still at it, though obviously tired and fatigued. Aeon picked himself and Hugh up just in time to see Silentio finally knock Dolak out. Silentio himself fell to his knees, breathing hard.

Aeon ran towards Silentio to grab him before he hit ground. Silentio whispered, "Dolak's free," before losing consciousness.

Posted by: Hawku Dec 19 2007, 11:46 PM

Captain Aeon Ryku - Nondescript Arid Field

Hugh took Silentio from Aeon's arms and carried him. "What just happened?" Hugh asked.

"It looks like Silentio has been in contact with the Prophets. One of them must've shared their power with him," Aeon replied as he tried to comprehend the situation himself. "What I wonder is if Dolak was successful in releasing any of the Pah'Wraith from the ion storm?"

The Borg looked away in lost thought for a moment. "That power... I now see. It was that power that Dolak was going to use to return us Borg to a collective consciousness."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but consorting with the Cardassians is a very bad idea. You were doing the right thing by turning on them."

Hugh dropped Silentio to the ground to focus his attention at Aeon. "No! Dolak was right. He was going to follow through with his word! This is all your fault. You told me to betray him. You said we could over-power him!"

"You can! Your cybernetic abilities are obviously allowing you additional strength. The only thing I don't get is how a small increase in your physical abilities classifies you as a top priority threat to the Alliance - not to mention a Pah'Wraith heir to the Quadrant." Aeon pointed at him. "Look at you! You're so over cyberneticized that you can barely move! I think I'm about to start laughing now. The Borg? What the hell is so threating about them?"

He then looked up in thought in consideration of actually laughing-- when all of a sudden the engines of the Alliance starship, in the distance, powered up. The men on the ground near it turned their heads in shock. The waiting drones began to get upset and started fighting with the Cardassians.

"You know, Captain, your cockiness is going to cost you your life. You'd better watch your back if you knew what was good for you!" Hugh pointed back. He began to experience more and more emotions.

Aeon went over to Silentio and lifted his upper body off the dirt. "Fine, whatever, Hugh. Be that way if you want. But I'm going to leave this planet on that starship, and I'm going to leave you and your drones behind with the Cardassians. You can kill each other for all I care." He started dragging Silentio, walking backwards, toward the starship in the distance. He planned to approach the starship from its other side, away from the drones and Cardassians, in order to board it. The fighting was enough of a decoy to get by them.

"Uggh!" Hugh gritted his teeth in uncontrollable anger... not just due to Aeon, but also in an involuntary response to his newly experienced emotions. Now the emotions had begun to affect him even further and he was forced to grab his head in pain. "AAauuggh!"

Hugh fell to his knees in a flood of emotions, completely unaware of the outside world anymore... and it was all thanks to Aeon's arrogant and over-self-confident personality. Hugh's fate that day had been sealed. "AAUUGGHH!!!!"

Meanwhile, Aeon continued to ignore him. He was dragging Silentio back to the Cardassian ship, pretty certain that it had been taken control of by Marcus. How could one man do it? Then again, how couldn't one man do it? After all, Marcus was a member of his crew, and Aeon only employed the best.

As he neared the Galor class starship in the distance, the fighting Cardassians and Borg were too preoccupied to notice him, nor care. Aeon was home free - and as far as he knew, the Pah'Wraith had been dealt with. It was a successful getting-off-this-planet mission after all, Descent-loss and everything.


Deep in the jungle

Chekov sat up in a jolt, surrounded by bushes. Leaves and twigs were caught in his hair and all over him. He had fallen unconscious from that pulse blast.

Looking up into the sky, he immediately discovered that the beam of energy had disappeared. It would seem that Dolak was defeated somehow. Aeon must be more resourceful, more steps ahead, than I thought. He won't be under-estimated again, Chekov thought to himself. Until next time, Keptin.